Amicus Therapeutics Helps Their Patients Living With Rare Diseases To Live A Better Life

Amicus Therapeutics is a public biopharmaceutical corporation located in New Jersey. In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics became public under the trading sign FOLD. Amicus Therapeutics concentrates on diseases that affect a very small population, such as Lysosomal Storage disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa and CDKL5 deficiency. They have developed a strong line of treatments for a large variety of human genetic diseases ( Amicus Therapeutics is present in advanced treatments for destructively rare conditions. Patients, their caregivers, and the families are the primary focus of Amicus Therapeutics. They make sure to treat each and every person involved in the process with compassion and personal care. Unlike many biotech companies, Amicus Therapeutics proves their strong relationships with their patients through visual testimonies. In their offices, patients are showcased through their written accounts concerning their hardships, experiences and who they are.


Through every team meeting and director of boards associations, decisions are made as if the patient was a family of the Amicus Therapeutics staff dealing with the specific disorder. By doing that, Amicus Therapeutics is not just focusing on the patient but are living it along with them. They have a strong dedication to ethics and following the right procedures. It is vital to the company’s success to incorporate those particular morals as they work best together. As a result of using integrity and abiding by the law, Amicus Therapeutics is able to provide their patients with the highest level of professionalism and protection.


Amicus Therapeutics offers a wide range of programs including programs for Fabry Disease and Pompe Disease. Their technologies are meant to preserve proteins with a pharmacological monitor or its own Enzyme Replacement Therapy, combined with a monitor.


At Amicus Therapeutics, they partner with patients, patient organizations, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals through the Amicus Patient & Professional Advocacy program (SeekingAlpha). Its purpose is to make sure the company is doing everything possible to help assist the community for a rare disease. They are able to serve that purpose by listening and learning from patients and their families suffering from the disease. They also seek out new and improved therapies.