Jennifer Walden Enjoys The Challenge Of Being A Mother And A High Profile Surgeon

Everyone loves a doctor who has good bedside manner and is relatable, especially the ones that go above and beyond to ensure their customers are comfortable. This is a big aspect of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s character, which has gone a long way in building her huge reputation as a plastic surgeon. Jennifer Walden not only performs some of the best procedures in the field, she goes the extra mile to make sure all her clients are happy before and after going into a procedure with her.


In order to be closer to her family and to raise her two boys, Jennifer Walden had to make a move back to her hometown in Texas not too long ago. After years of study and practice out of New York City, becoming a reputable name in the industry, Jennifer ultimately wound up right back at home. She has never regretted the decision, as she loves being close to her family and wants her boys to as well, and her career has treated her great since her move back to Austin. Today, Jennifer is one of the leading plastic surgeons open for business out of Texas.


With her strong clientele base still rolling in due to her great work in the industry, Jennifer had plenty of work and was able to open up her own place for practice in Texas. Today, Jennifer has even been featured on television for her incredible portfolio and successful past works. Her level of experience and ability to make all her customers happy under her care makes her highly sought after. She has even managed to earn herself a position as an ASAPS board member.


Jennifer Walden has been honing her skills as a cosmetic surgeon for years, making her one of the most distinguished names in the industry, capable of performing nearly any kind of plastic surgery. With her extensive and successful portfolio, clients from all over seek out Jennifer’s practice in Texas, where she enjoys the challenge of a busy career and family life.