Jeunessse Global: Delivering Youthfulness, Inside And Out

Jeunessse Global is a company that has repeatedly delivered the gift of youthfulness to the customers who buy their products. The company first emerged as a wellness and lifestyle company when its founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis embarked on their journey of retired life. They, like so many other people in the world, wanted to regain their youthfulness in every possible way and wanted to be able to find something that would help people who want that similar hope. They decided to put together their expertise in business and entrepreneurship to the test and founded Jeunesse Global, and under it, came out with a wide range of products meant to boost the overall health of the body and mind.


One of the more defining factors that the Jeunesse Global system works on is the Y.E.S formula, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. This was a program designed by the company to deliver a holistic range of products that could help people who wanted to feel younger, inside and out.


One of the first kind of products that Jeunessse Global delivers is their skincare range. Wanting to look younger on the outside is one of the first thoughts that people have as they age, and the Jeunessse Global solution to that is their skincare line called Luminesce. This consists of a unique and comprehensive skincare range that works to deliver healthy and glowing skin. The brand takes this one step further and tries to also incorporate this into the makeup line that they have come forward with known as NV.


Feeling younger on the inside is just as important as looking young on the outside. Jeunessse Global, for that purpose, decided to release a range of supplements and boosters that could work to improve the body’s metabolism and help it stay healthy during this time. Reserve is one such supplement that Jeunessse Global produces that offers customers a unique blend of antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for the body to stay fit and healthy. AM/PM is another product that is meant to work on the body during specific times of the day.


Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime – Bold Colors For Those Obsessed With Unicorns

These days, many girls (and guys!) are obsessed with unicorns, and it’s not hard to see why. These mythical creatures embody everything that is fun, quirky, cute, and feminine. If you’re a little obsessed with unicorns, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Lime Crime has released a new line of hair color that is fantasy-inspired and full of bright, colorful shades. Made from vegan ingredients, and available in either full coverage or tint formula, Lime Wire has been pleased to offer “Unicorn Hair Dye” since April 3, 2017.


What’s so fantastic about Unicorn Hair Dye? As previously mentioned, each color is available as full coverage or as a tint. Full coverage color contains more pigment, creating a bold statement when applied to bleached or very light blonde hair. The color that comes in tint form is a bit more subtle, which is perfect for those who crave a pastel look. If your hair hasn’t been bleached, no problem! Full coverage Unicorn Hair Dye can still be rocked, especially in shades like Gargoyle, Blue Smoke, and Jello, to name a few. And don’t worry about damage to your hair from Lime Crime’s new color for the tresses. Unicorn Hair Dye is a gentle, deposit-only formula that will leave hair healthy and looking fantastic.


Unicorn Hair Dye is currently available in 13 bold and beautiful shades. Since these colors are semi-permanent, you can feel free to try every one and see which hues become your favorites! Lime Crime has planned to expand Unicorn Hair Dye into even more options for jaw-dropping tresses, and at only 16 dollars per jar, you can stock up on shades of pink (Bunny), lime green (Salad), blue (Anime), and much more! So celebrate your love for unicorns with the hot new line of color for hair, Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime. Your bold and bright look is waiting!





Express Yourself With Unicorn Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Lime Crime is known for creating unique products such as Velvetines, Venus Palettes and Chromatic Pop-On Nails. Their newest product is the semi-permanent Unicorn Hair Dye.


It is always fun to dye your hair in colors outside of brown, blonde and auburn, and you can find a variety of shades with the Unicorn Hair Dye. If you are looking to brighten things up, Strawberry Jam and Salad are just the shades for you. Gargoyle and Chocolate Cherry, are perfect if you want a darker look. Stand out from the crowd with shades such as Neon Peach and Anime.


You can order your preferred shade as a tint and full coverage formula. Use the tint formula to create a pastel look on your hair, and use the full coverage formula to create a deeper shade. The Unicorn Hair Dye is designed to last longer and fade beautifully. It is a semi-permanent hair dye, which means you do not have to wait too long to try your next shade.


The hair dye is very easy to apply, and it does not contain any bleach or chemicals that could damage your hair. You want to leave the dye on for 30 minutes for a pastel shade and one to two hours for an intense shade. It is recommended to use the hair dye on medium blonde or lighter hair.


What is it about Lime Crime that interests so many customers? The vibrant shades are perfect for any occasion, from an afternoon of shopping to a night on the town. You can find a variety of makeup products in similar shades to create one look, such as the Strawberry Jam hair dye, Third Eye Perlee lipstick and Black Magic pop-on nails.


The company does more than just offer unique and vibrant shades to customers.Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, encourages her customers to see their true potential. She shares the story of her journey into the fashion world in hopes that others will follow their pwn dreams.


Lime Crime makes it easy to find the right shade of hair dye, whether you want a bubbly pink or a mysterious purple.

Lime Crime Releases Unicorn Hair Dye

Cosmetics company Lime Crime has come out with a new product line called unicorn hair. The latest product is said to have been developed over a period of three years. Lime Crime founder and chief executive officer is said to have been the chief developer and tester of the unicorn hair product. Below are some more in depth details about the newest product from Lime Crime for unicorn fashion fans.


Unicorn hair is a hair dye that is made for unicorn fans. It is a semi-permanent hair dye. The product contains no bleach. It is also made from completely vegan based ingredients such as vegetable glycerin. As with all Lime Crime products, products are never tested on animals are certified to be cruelty free. A single jar of the product costs $16, which is a very affordable price. One jar contains about 700 millimeters of dye and is enough for shorter length hair. Longer and thicker hair may require 2 or more jars to get a full color from unicorn hair.


There are currently 13 different hair colors available under the unicorn hair line. The colors are bright and some of them even have fun and wacky names. Below you will find a list of the colors and a brief description on how some of them look.


You can choose from colors such as sext, neon peach, anime, chocolate cherry, blue smoke, bunny, strawberry jam, leeloo, jello, dirty mermaid, pony and salad. One of the standout colors in the unicorn hair line includes pony. This is a bright and bold purplish hair dye color. It is also the signature shade of CEO Doe Deere who proudly wears it. Another notable color is the jello unicorn hair dye. Imagine green jello and then imagine putting that color in a bottle of hair dye. The result is the green jello unicorn hair product line. It is sure to catch an eye.


Neon peach not only has a cool name, but is a strikingly bright and totally unicorn hair color. If you are adventurous or want some more colors you can try mixing some of the hair dyes in the unicorn hair line. One example is creating a bright turquoise color by mixing in the bluish anime dye with the light greenish salad dye.