Wengie’s Unicorn Hair Hacks For Lazy People

Come join the party! I just watched Wengie’s super fun Hair Hack video for Lazy People on YouTube. It was totally awesome and worth it!


Wengie’s personality is really bubbly and she is super friendly. It’s like you just get to hang out and have fun together in her totally adorable bedroom. It’s very girlie and filled with flowers and a lot of pink and white things. She also has some really funny video mashups, music and acting bits that keep the topic really interesting.


Her self described “unicorn color hair” is really cool to look at. She demonstrates her hacks in her own hair with little effort which makes it feel like you can really do these things yourself. She has ten things listed but I definitely had some favorite standouts.


In one part of the video, she has her cute cat with her. She keeps trying to put bobby pins in her hair but they keep disappearing. She figures out a simple solution by placing the pins in an empty tic tac case so they will be easier to find next time.


Talk about a lazy hair hack, this one was perfect…Wengie wanted to do her makeup or play on her phone but her hair was wet and she needed to blow dry it. She comes up with a clever solution we can all copy. She takes her hair dryer and places the handle in the top drawer of her dresser and then shuts it as far as she can. Then she turns on the dryer and sits on the floor and gets her hair dried hands free!


Wengie keeps showing us ways to save money and time with everyday household items throughout the video. She even takes out a pink sock and scissors. Guess what? She uses them to create a 5-minute messy bun!

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