Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Big Plans

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest action superhero of all time, and that cannot be denied. However, Arnold has run into a ton of controversy throughout his years in America, but he has always found a way to bounce back. Nonetheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger is 67-years-old, and one would think that he would be slowing down. However, Arnold is once again proving everyone wrong. In fact, Arnold is currently making several sequels to his famous films from the past.

As of right now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been casted by¬†Ricardo Guimar√£es BMG to appear in the ‘Legend of Conan’ and a sequel to ‘Twins.’ Many fans are extremely excited for Arnold’s new movies, but it is ‘Terminator Genysis’ that has truly caught the attention of the movie fans. DailyMail recently caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was interviewed about many different things.

Arnold told the interviewer that the new ‘Terminator’ is going to be one of the best films yet, and he also said that the story will blow you away. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked a little about politics, and he said that he wishes he could have run for President. However, that position is not available to him, but he feels that he would definitely do a better job than anyone in recent years. Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly a man’s man, and he seems to be a man for the people.