Robert Ivy: With Great Consideration For The Built Community

A Quick Glance

Robert Ivy, recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) on June 02, 2018 is the only architect to have received this honor. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), positions he has held since 2011. He is credited as a dedicated professional whose efforts expand the interest in the field. Prior to practicing as an architect, he served honorably in the US Navy immediately after completing his studies. He obtained his Baccalaureate of Arts degree from Sewanee: The University of the South with a concentration in English, graduating with honors. He attained his Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University. He currently resides in Washington, D.C., the home of the headquarters of the AIA.

The Early Years

After graduation and military service, Robert Ivy served as a Principal to his architectural firm Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. He also functioned as a nationally syndicated media critic during that time. Then he transitioned from the entrepreneurial scene to the corporate world. From 1996 through 2010, he successfully attended to the duties of Vice President and Editorial Director of the publication division, McGraw-Hill Construction. He also performed as Editor-In-Chief of printing at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. These roles entailed the oversight of more than 30 publications, requiring prowess in managing traditional print distribution plus digital, online formats.

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More Career Achievements & Awards

Robert Ivy can speak of a professional career teeming with accolades from his colleagues and significant contributions toward them, as well. Relatively early in his career, he received acceptance as a Fellow of the AIA (FAIA), a distinction not easily acquired. Generally speaking, only two percent of the whole membership roll has attained the rewarding status. Since his leadership, the AIA has enjoyed the highest number of active members ever attained in all of its 160 year history. Today, USA licensed architects can appreciate the AIA guidance in a global arena through seven worldwide chapters, including the new locations in China and Canada. As a member in good standing, architects receive guidance through continued education, contract templates, design data, benefits, and many other professional perks. Members provide a collective voice of influence concerning building, access, environmental and sustainability matters.

As part of his role, Robert Ivy speaks in national and international forums concerning these topics. In 1998, McGraw-Hill rewarded him with the Excellence in Management award. In 2001, he published the globally acclaimed ‘Fay Jones: Architect,’ a story of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright protégé. In 2009, his excellent work in business media paid off with an award from G.D. Crain for lifetime editorial contribution. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi made Robert just the eighth person in nearly 100 years to receive the distinction as Master Architect. The American Institute of Architecture consists of hundreds of chapters worldwide and manages a multimillion USD budget.


Robert Ivy An Award Winning Editor In The Architectural Field

Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He is also a famous author, philanthropic and a great investor. His content creation skills are superb and the guy is well known for his expertise when writing content.

Robert Ivy started by studying at the University of South that is located at Sewanee. His quench for education was very high and decided to go back to the University of Tulane to study his master’s degree. He studied his master’s degree in Architecture. At the University of South, he studied a bachelors of arts degree in English.

According to, Robert Ivy has worked for several organizations. His writing skills have been in very high demand and have written for so many organizations. He got his first job at the Architectural Records and became the editor. Things started changing and his dream started coming to reality. He started writing architectural related publications. Robert Ivy is always updated on what is changing and what is new on the architects World. Thousands of architects rely on his publications to learn about the new changes and other great news. He later left for McGraw Hill Construction. He now grew to other great heights and became the company’s senior editorial and the vice president. He has been writing and editing journals and magazines for HQ Magazine, constructor, ENR, Sweets and China. He has also written several journals i.e, Magazine of the Sustainable design and also the SNAP. He is a great editor and during his tenure as the vice president, he achieved a lot of things and he maintained a record of general excellence while performing his duties.

Robert Ivy has also written Fay Jones. The book has been published afterward and has been used by several world Architects. The book was written in the year 2011. Robert Ivy has received several awards under his tenure as an editor and also during his term at McGraw Hill. He was honored with an award by National Magazines during his tenure as an editor at Architectural Records. He was also rewarded Crain Award in 2009 due to his effortless move. He was also Rewarded by Alpha Rho Chi in the year 2010.

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