Spotlight On George Soros Rising Again and Capitalist Threat

George Soros, a renowned billionaire investor made his comeback in the world of funding political parties in 2016. He supported the Democrats in 2016 after a long hiatus since the last time he made huge donations in 2004 in the region of $27 million as he rooted for the removal of George W. Bush. Mr. Soros committed or donated over $25 million towards boosting the candidature of Hillary Clinton as well as other causes and candidates in the Democratic camp. It was expected that the billionaire investor would spend even more as the 2016 election approached.

Why Was Soros More Politically Engaged than Before?

People close to the billionaire stated that he was so much engaged in politics in 2016 than ever before due to a number of factors. The first probable factor was the fear that he had of Hillary Clinton’s opponent for the presidency, Donald Trump. Mr. Soros had stated that Mr. Trump was acting just like ISIS due to stoking fears. The Hungarian-born billionaire also had a lot of faith in Hillary Clinton clinching the presidency. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Michael Vachon, the billionaire’s political adviser stated that his boss had been a consistent donor to a number of democratic causes. However, the stakes in 2016 were much higher due to the hostility that Trump and the Republicans had for things that Soros holds close to his heart. This included criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform. Soros involvement in Hillary Clinton’s campaigns was seen as a massive boost to her chances of clinching the presidency while also acting as a catalyst to more rich activists funding her campaigns.

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Capitalist Threat

George Soros addressed the issue of the threat posed by a capitalist on the society. Mr. Soros believes that the spread of market and laissez-faire capitalism values in all aspects of life poses a huge threat on both the democratic and open society. He opined that the open society is more at threat from the capitalist threat rather than the communist. In his quest to find out the reason why nobody had gotten access to the definitive truth, he realized that the answer was pretty much straight forward. People live in the same world that they try so hard to understand and their perceptions are influenced by the events they take part in. Soros believes that if the thoughts of people would belong to a single universe and their corresponding subject matter to another one altogether, then maybe the truth could be within grasp. These conditions only prevail in natural science as in other parts of human effort; this relationship between facts and statements is usually less clear-cut. Read this story at about George Soros.

Soros believes that there is a feedback mechanism that features a two-way connection i.e events and thinking. Soros refers this to as reflexivity, which he used to come up with a history theory. This theory has proven helpful to him especially in the financial markets.

Billionaire George Soros Sees Hard Times Ahead Under President Trump

George Soros, age 86, a self-made billionaire, expert hedge fund manager, and philanthropist recently summarized his stance on President Donald Trump. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Soros has stated, for a second time, that he believes President Donald Trump to be an imposter, con man, and dictator. He is certain that President Trump will fail. Soros believes Trump’s idea of government to be the opposite of an open society; describing it as a dictatorship or mafia state.

Soros described Trump’s ideas to be “inherently self-contradictory” and emphasized that these contradictions are evident in Trump’s advisors on Forbes. He finds it impossible to predict what President Trump will do because thus far Trump has never shown any thought. Soros added that he believes Trump himself never expected to win and was more interested in promoting his brand.

In a holiday greeting to his friends, George Soros shared his opinion of the coming times stating that business would not be as usual and wished his friends all the best in a troubled world. His studies at the London School of Economics and the influence of Karl Popper led Soros to develop his philosophy. Soros believes that there are two types of political regimes on one where people elect their leaders and the other where rulers manipulate their subjects to serve the desires of the ruler. He denotes the first scenario to be an open society and the second to be closed.

Soros explained that his philosophy, although simple, is useful for clarifying the distinction between societies. George Soros believes the current state of society to be closed, in crisis, and has seen a rise in mafia states that are controlled by a dictator. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Soros explains that the US was the sole superpower committed to spreading democracy and maintaining a free market.

Globalization has been the major development in financial markets and has allowed for an overall increase of wealth on This free market economy is essential as it generates capital on its own allowing for free markets to spread regardless of taxes and regulations.

George Soros is of Hungarian descent and a Holocaust survivor. In 1947, he escaped to England from a Communist-ruled Hungary. Later, Soros immigrated to the United States. Soros supported Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign and donated millions to pro-Clinton PAC. He was also supportive during Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Soros is one of the largest donors to liberal and Democratic causes. He has committed to donate $10 million from his personal funds to combat hate crimes. George Soros’ nonprofit group, the Open Society Foundation, also plans to spend $5 million in grants to communities and civil rights groups combating hate crimes.

George Soros Calls Out Donald Trump for His Hateful Rhetoric

Forbes billionaire George Soros, the most successful hedge-fund manager in history has a lot to say about Donald Trump and his fiery anti-Muslim rhetoric. Mr. Soros the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC recently wrote an op-ed in The Guardian with the title “the terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn’t give in.”Mr. George Soros expresses his belief that the groups involved in extremist Jihad like, Al Qaeda and ISIS are relishing in the fact that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are creating a strong sense of anti-Muslim sentiment. The theory is that by alienating Muslims and treating them in an unjust way the Muslims in the world have no option but joined the Jihad and get involved with terrorism.

George Soros wrote “Through horrific attacks and macabre videos, the publicists of Isis magnify this fear, leading otherwise sensible people in hitherto open societies to abandon their reason.” Mr. Soros also called it an “egregious mistake to do what the terrorists want us to do. That is why, as 2016 gets underway, we must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.”

George Soros held nothing back when calling on voters to “resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz” in a piece that was covered by Politico
Mr. Soros assertion that this kind of hateful rhetoric only serves to strengthen groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS.So why do the work for them? By isolating the Muslim community we only serve ISIS by helping provide a tool for recruitment.

Mr. George Soros has long been a supporter of liberals in the Democratic Party and has donated substantially to their cause and political careers. It is no wonder why George Soros is opposed to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant message. Mr. Soros has always tried to help people and has spent considerable amounts of money building schools and shelters for the Roma as one example. He first began his pathway in philanthropy in 1979 when he sponsored scholarships that helped black students in Cape Town University. This was during apartheid and the South African students were in dire need of assistance provided by Mr. Soros. The Open Society Foundations was created by Mr. Soros to help promote democracy and personal rights in over 110 countries. Open society foundations allocated 837 million dollars in 2011 alone will follow its many endeavors. Promoting freedom in Russia, Hungary and around the globe has made Open Society Foundations a major advocate for democracy.

Over the years Mr. Soros was written 14 bestsellers. As a best-selling author George Soros has tackled subjects like philanthropy, the financial markets in politics. He recently wrote a six point comprehensive plan to help the European Union deal with the Middle Eastern migration crisis of 2016. He called for the building of processing centers in Turkey and other front-line countries to help with the asylum-seekers from war-torn Syria. His plan also calls for global standards to be implemented to ensure the humane treatment of the refugees. Mr. Soros recognizes that these people need to be fully integrated into the society or they will run the risk of radicalize.