Akon’s Gift to Africa

Akon is known for his catchy and up-beat dance songs. The pop singer has done collaborations with different artists, and he even went as far as Bollywood. Now the singer has decided to use his resources for a higher purpose.

Thanks to Akon’s initiative, Akon Lightning Africa, he has made it a main goal to bring electricity to the continent. 600 million Africans will receive life giving electricity as a result of his work. In addition, Akon has launched Solar Academy for the African people. This institution trains African engineers and entrepreneurs to develop and work a solar power grid. Africa gets 320 days of sun a year, so harnessing the power of solar energy is bound to be a success.

The academy will open this summer in Mali. The equipment and programs needed have been funded by angel investors according to Kevin Seawright on visualcv.com. The entire continent of Africa will now be able to dance in the light thanks to Akon’s innovation.