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Best EOS Flavors By Scent And Taste

Women love EOS lip balm so much that entire websites are devoted to helping a person select the flavor that smells the nicest, the flavor that feels the smoothest or the flavor that tastes best. Despite the varied opinions, several flavors stand out as being customer favorites.

Pomegranate Raspberry EOS lip balm is very popular with women of all ages, perhaps because it contains real pomegranate seed oil and raspberry leaf extract for an authentic smell and taste. As the weather turns warmer, Summer Fruit, with its superior moisturizing qualities, has the sweet scent that younger women favor in a lip balm. Honeysuckle Honeydew gets rave reviews, with customers mentioning that they prefer the scent to the fruitier versions. Others customers said that they felt that the Honeysuckle Honeydew scent is calming.   Hit on for details.

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On the market since 2009, EOS lip balm quickly rose to household name status, with women instantly recognizing the colorful orb. Celebrities helped popularize the brand; the company went after product placement spots and developed a formidable social media presence as part of their marketing strategy to attract Millennials. With fun packaging and a low price point, EOS has become a favorite, especially since it is, as many women mention in reviews, the lip balm is easy to find in a purse.   Follow EOS on their page

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