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Attorney Ricardo Tosto’s Career

Brazil takes pride of having many lawyers this has been made possible due to a significant number of law schools that are well established in the country. Brazil is recognized as a country of lawyers, in 2010, it was ranked the third country with the highest number of lawyers in the globe. The United States took the second position, having more than 1 million professional lawyers. The first place was India that had a slightly high number of lawyers than the U.S.

The reason behind Brazilians’ huge number of lawyers is not just loved for law and that everybody has the passion for becoming a lawyer, but due to the availability of many law schools in the country. It’s estimated that Brazil has more law institutions than that of all the world’s nations put together.

There exist 1,240 graduation courses dealing with law in Brazil contrary to the total amount of the world law schools which click 1,100. This data was released by National Council of Justice (CNJ) in the year 2010. Brazil got more than 8000 lawyers who are registered by the bar association-the lawyers officially allowed by law to stand in for clients in a court of law. Also over three million qualified lawyers from different law schools who are yet to be approved. Those lawyers who have already graduated from the bar have the upper hand to begin teaching law or venture into any relevant law field.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the developer of one of the biggest law companies regarding the representation and human resource base in Brazil. The firm has more than 500 employees.

Ricardo Tost has superior experience in law with almost 2o years of practice. He is the pioneer of the mass litigation model that is mostly harnessed in Brazil. As a successful business lawyer in the country, he is hired by prominent entities and corporates to represent them in their cases. Ricardo’s firm managed to appropriately deal with the way of organizing mass litigation which increased the goodwill to the company from various clients the firm represents. Ricardo Tosto has an indisputable reputation of handling matters of Ricardo lacrosse camp.


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