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Anti Aging: A Revolution Support By Jason Hope

During the current world, there has been having health Challenges and diseases that people are facing. They are ranging from small conditions to life-threatening which have a great impact on the community. What many people fail to think is whether there is a medical condition which affects everyone on the planet, without caring about their health, life habits, income, or even their geographical location. There is this condition that can’t be escaped and its aging.

People have been aging because its unavoidable as a natural process where their skins become wrinkled and rigid. The ability to perform some tasks are lost as they age. There has also been an increase in various diseases as people age. They lead to life-threatening and decreased life quality which impacts families and individuals. Many experts are trying to address the conditions and forget about their root causes.

Jason Hope who is an Arizona philanthropist and entrepreneur thinks different about it. He has been seeking the way people will live longer where the aging process can be slowed down or reversed. Jason Hope is know funding healthcare organizations to aim at combating and treating aging effects to people in the world. He has been supporting SENS foundation, a charitable organization for some years.

Jason Hope started funding in December 2010 by donating $500,000 to begin the vital work. The organization has been trying to help people so that they can have access to technology for counteracting aging and controlling the illness. He announced his initial contributions at an event which was about Breakthrough Philanthropy at San Francisco which is the fine arts palace.

SENS foundation among others is dedicated to using technology to be able to treat and prevent diseases so that they can improve human life. They study living organisms and their organic systems so that they can be able to make new products, but they are majored on improving life. The other areas involving biotechnology development include the healthy production of food, improving agricultural methods, and knowing how medicine improves quality life by combating diseases.

It is fortunate that the researchers have recently identified most prevalent glycation kind which is an end product of the human. It is glucosepane that is responsible for promoting aging and other multiple health issues. This is why SENS is working so that it can identify the effective strategy to be able to banish the substance in the skin and veins. Even though in medical history this issue has been ignored, donors who are like Jason Hope are empowering SENS to conduct more research.

Having donations, SENS foundation can know enlist experts, research hours and equipment so that they can know how to banish glycation end-products so that to change the way people age. It is a way to dramatically extend peoples average lifespan.

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