Deirdre Baggot: Bundling Expert

Deirdre Baggot describes herself as a Healthcare Business Strategist and Payment Innovation Expert. She is currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. Baggot holds several degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Masters in Business Administration, and a PhD in Philosophy. Perhaps her biggest area of achievement is being recognized as a prominent and respected national authority on healthcare payment reform, and an expert on payment bundling.

Bundling is most suited to conditions that call for a known set of predictable procedures and treatment. As a pioneer of bundled payment plans, Deirdre Baggot has designed and implemented bundled payment models in over two hundred facilities. Results from the implementation of those plans indicate not only enormous cost savings, but improved quality of care and better patient experiences. Baggot frequently shares information on bundling through articles, conferences, webinars, and presentations. Read more articles by Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

When discussing the benefits of bundling, Deirdre Baggot says lower cost is the main benefit of bundled payments. She points to several real-life examples of this being the case for major health care providers like the Baptist Health System who saw cost declines of more than twenty percent in a specific area while participating in payments through Medicare bundled programs. Moving care after discharge to the home, and standardizing supplies are other cost saving strategies under bundled plans. Overall, Baggot says that bundled plans reduce excessive testing and unnecessary treating.

The cost benefits extend to commercial payers as well. When reporting on spine and joint bundled programs, United Healthcare saw a twenty-two percent reduction in readmission to the hospital, when compared to nonparticipating facilities. Complications for those patients was reduced by seventeen percent. In 2014, New Jersey’s Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shied saw similar results where comparing data from claims. There was a significant lower readmission rate for those who had bundled payment care.

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Ted Bauman and Plan B Club

Ted Bauman is currently working with Banyan Hill Publishing after joining the organization in 2013. He works as the Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert’s editor. He concentrates on strategies to do with low-risk investments, global migration challenges, privacy, and asset protection. Ted Bauman’s life has been dedicated to helping people to get in touch directly with their wealth. Moreover, he always wants to see people free from organizational greed as well as the government oversight. Ted grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. As a young man, he moved to South Africa. While in South Africa, Bauman attended the Cape Town University where he specialized in history and economics. He went ahead to stay in South Africa for more than 25 years and later returned to his Country, United States of America.

Ted worked for various organizations during his time in South Africa. He served in the executive positions in the nonprofit industry and low-cost housing projects’ find manager. With others, they established the Slum Dwellers International that has so far seen 14 million people benefit from in 35 countries.

Ted Bauman’s day stars at around 5 A.M. he wakes up to ensure that everything is ready for his daughter to go to school. After the girl has left, then Ted goes to his office that is in the basement. Because there is no commuting, Ted starts his day immediately. He does much of his day’s work in the morning because his concentration is good in the morning hours. He brings his day to an end at precisely 5 P.M regardless of when he started the day. He concentrates on the current news that focuses on the topics that he would love to write about. Ted only writes about the stuff that his readers want to know or interested in knowing.

According to Ted Bauman, to be a writer, it requires to read more so that you can get in touch with current news and get topics to write about. He ensures that what he writes about adds value to the organization and that it will make more people subscribe and look forward to reading more.

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Charlamagne Tha God Expresses His Views On Eminem’s Latest Controversy

Charlamagne Tha God is an American radio and television host with a few nationally syndicated shows. These include The Breakfast Club, his radio show, and Uncommon Sense which appears on MTV2. He was born in 1978 and came to national attention when he appeared on VH1’s The Wendy Williams Experience program.

On his radio show, Charlamagne Tha God talked about Kamikaze, Eminem’s latest album.


On the song “The Ringer” Eminem included some lines about Charlamagne Tha God that some people took as a diss. He said that he doesn’t actually hate anyone, which the line seems to indicate about him, but he does tell the truth.


He also is a published author with two books under his belt. His first book came out on April 18, 2017, and is called, “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”. In this book, he writes about how he developed a successful career and provides insights into how to live an authentic life. This book rose to being the sixth-ranked book in the nation. He also recently released, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me”. In this book, Charlamagne talks about his struggles with depression and how seeking out therapy changed his life.


While talking about Eminem’s songs, Charlamagne Tha God and the other co-hosts of The Breakfast Club also talked about other people that had been attacked on Kamikaze. This included Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Joe Budden. The comment about Tyler The Creator definitely caught the most attention as Eminem expressed a homophobic slur about him. Charlamagne Tha God claimed that freedom of speech is that you can say what you want in the United States but other people are free to reject it and be offended.


He was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Moncks Corner. He has said that when he was a teenager he turned to selling drugs in order to make money. The police arrested him twice, both times catching him with both cocaine and marijuana he intended to sell. The third time he was arrested he had to stay in jail for almost a month and a half as his father refused to pay his bail. Find More Information Here.



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Brian Torchin: Genius Business

Brian Torchin is a business owner from Philadelphia. He has been to the Universty of Delaware and the New York Chiropractic College. Primarily Brian Torchin is the owner of Health Care Recruitment Counselors. This is the organization that helps provide medical and healthcare industry staffing jobs. This is mostly focused in Philadelphia, PA. Torchin has spent a good portion of his career in school and helping people. He specializes in certain types of healing methods, including recruiting, staffing, career coaching, and others such as career counseling. Find out more about Brian Torchin on Wellness.

Brian Torchin’s main markets that he spends most of his time on are both Healthcare and recruiting. This leaves Torchin with little time for himself on most days. Despite this, co-workers still have nice things to say about his character, such as, “always trying to provide the most comprehensive solutions for all of his clients…”.

However, more than a few times, Brian Torchin was rumored to be, “…a detail-oriented individual…” and he “speaks with various enterprises, groups, and organizations involved in the healthcare world.” These comments help tell us that as a person, while powerful, Brian Torchin was also committed to helping both his customers and himself with their transactions. this is very important to customers, as they were looking for someone who is primarily honest and trustworthy.

On top of being extremely busy, Torchin still makes the time to post on the firm’s blog. He posts on a variety of topics and gives advice on hiring a physician assistant, or online marketing. All this time he is also attempting to make the blog interesting, mentioning how to hire the best employees. He even wrote about making the hiring process even easier and faster than it already was, saying “Staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends is very important…”

In conclusion, Brian Torchin is a very nice and trustworthy man that is very powerful. He truly is a rare find in this business and will be remembered as such.

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Charlamagne Tha God Is A Fearless Advocate Of Equality


Charlamagne Tha God is one individual who critiques anything he feels getting into his nerves, and he does that without fear or favor. To begin with, he is a radio presenter and television personality, positions that place him strategically to speak publicly and represent the views of millions of people regarding crucial issues. Artists do not get spared by his unforgiving sentiments, and Eminem has been his latest victim.


Having released an album titled Kamikaze, the artist mentioned Charlamagne Tha God in one of his songs and his reaction was not as everyone expected. He was calm and appreciated that Eminem mentioned him in his album and on his part, he stated that he did not care if it was in good faith or not as he was already used to being criticized. And to top it all, he happens to love Eminem’s album irrespective of him being involved though not in a good way. Either way, he does not appreciate that some of the songs get directed towards fellow artists which does not send a right message as the targeted audience get involved as well.


On his part, Charlamagne is vocal on issues affecting the society globally, and he uses the platforms at his disposal to address them skillfully. Even though not everyone agrees with him, he does not hold back on what he feels is right to say as long as it is informative and makes sense. In matters related to racism and sexuality, he is in the frontline to make sure people get treated equally irrespective of their origin and life choices.


In regards to racism, Charlamagne Tha God has gone to another level of even publishing a book entitled Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create it. As the book title suggests, it is clear that there are those who have to struggle to survive while others get what they want on a silver platter. In that case, people should not be afraid to create their platforms to thrive other than wait for them to be offered. In that case, he remains to be an influential individual with no regrets in whatever he does in his career and for the society at large. Go To This Page to learn more.



The Endeavors of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner in the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is the founder as well as chairman of one of the most recognized real estate conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates, DAMAC Properties. His entrepreneurial instincts were instilled in him at a young age as his father sometimes allowed him to run the family’s cutlery shop. The opportunity to manage the shop under permitted supervision Hussain to learn and understand the basics of operating a business. Those lessons have significantly shaped him to the entrepreneur he is today.

Hussain Sajwani is an educated character. He attended the University of Washington for his bachelor’s degree in Economics. After college, Hussain plunged right into the corporate world and was employed by the Abu Dhabi National Oil. After a brief stint in employment, Hussain decided to start a catering business. The company grew exponentially over a few years and its customer base including the United States military. More opportunities would soon present themselves after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Dubai was seeing an increase in the number of foreign visitors who needed accommodation; the DAMAC owner grabbed the chance and started building hotels.

At the time, the Government of Dubai did not allow foreigners to own property, but as visitors continued to flock to the city, the law was amended. These provided Hussain Sajwani with the opportunity of a lifetime. In an article from, it says that he created DAMAC Properties, a firm that develops, redevelops, and manages high-end commercial and residential properties. DAMAC was a reprieve to all clients who wanted a piece of the fast-growing city. Its first project sold off all units even before construction began. The firm is known for using extravagant but unique sales and marketing techniques to reach their target clients. Through the stewardship of the DAMAC owner, the firm is now a leading property development leader not only in the Arab Emirates but also in the United Kingdom.

Apart from being the DAMAC owner, Hussain is an avid humanitarian. Through the Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Foundation, he generously donates and supports the One Million Arab Coders initiative. The education program sole objective is to help over one million Arabs gain technical expertise and skills so that they can acquire future jobs and consequently bring about societal changes.

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Healthy Living with Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua wanted to become a doctor when he grew up. Although he fell short of that dream, his accomplishments have not been far off as he helps people lead healthier lives. A citizen of the Philippines, he was the youngest of 14 children. He had his first taste in business through the family business where he acted as the purchasing manager in their garment manufacturing plant. His next step in the corporate staircase was managing a travel agency. His role was to institute programs that saw the agency’s growth in Southeast Asia. Later, Bernardo Chua, or Bernie on Twitter, was approached by a direct selling company which had set up a regional office in the Philippines and they wanted him to manage it. He went on to increase the company’s market share and helped gain recognition in Asia. When the company decided to set up camp in North America, he was the man trusted with managing the Canadian business. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Six years into moving into Canada with his family, he set up his own company, Organo Gold, now known as ORGANO. The company majored in selling varieties of teas, coffees and dietary supplements. The company was stationed at Vancouver, British Columbia and its aim was to popularize the use of Ganoderma, a herb staple that is an ingredient in traditional Asian medicines, to the Western World. It did this by infusing the herb into the Western World’s popular beverages- tea and coffee.

In addition to helping people lead healthy lives, Bernardo ensures that the consumers and distributors are educated on the ganoderma lucidium herb and the health benefits that result from its use. He is also a sponsor in the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation provides mentorship to young men and women so as to grow their leadership skills.

Bernardo Chua has been recognized for his role in business. At an award ceremony held by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in Manila, Philippines, he was the recipient of two Dangal ng Bayan awards and an award for Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.


Peter Briger, Co-Chairperson, and President of the Fortress Credit Corporation

Mr. Peter Briger serves as the principal, president and the head of the real estate and credit business at Fortress Credit Investment Group. He has been the Co-Chairperson of the company’s board of management since 2009 and its director since 2006. Mr Briger has also been an active member of the management committee of the company since 2002.He is a member of the advisory board of spearhead, and he serves as the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company since 2017. Briger is an active member and director of the Princeton University Investment firm and Board of Caliber Schools. He also serves as the Director of the Tipping Point and as a member of the Board of Advisors of the special surgery hospital.

Early Life and Education Background

Peter Briger is a graduate of Princeton University, and he earned an MBA from Pennsylvania University School of Finance and Business. He has been a partner at Goldman Sachs monitoring and managing various businesses. Apart from serving on the companies’ committees such as the Compliance Committee, Global Control Committee and Asian Management Committee, he has maintained his job responsibilities as the organization’s Whole Loan Sales and Fixed Income Principle Investments. He also helped in the management of the divisions which includes the Asian Distressed Debit business and the Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund.

The Philanthropic Courses tha Briger Supports

In addition to his professional career and activities, Peter contributes to various philanthropic and society-driven causes. He is an active member of the Board of Foreign Relations and independent company that strives to improve an understanding of the foreign issues among both elected and citizens. He is also a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the world’s Children Fund.

How Peter Briger Supports Princeton Enterprise

Peter together with other two Princeton alumni who are willing to remain anonymous has a pilot funding program that helps the current University entrepreneurs and their startup organizations. The funding practice is among the top recommendations put forth by the Princeton Advisory Committee to assist in the realization of its vision.Briger’s View about the Wall Street and the bitcoin Business.According to Peter Briger, the bitcoin business was like a gold mine. He said that the business would offer a cheap and secure cash transfer platform for most individuals in the entire world. Peter Briger also said the Fortress and Wells Fargo would together provide the regulated American-based Bitcoin exchange.


Ted Bauman – Tips To Protect Your Wealth

Ted Bauman is a writer as well as an editor at the banyans hills publishing. Currently, he pays close attention to the establishment and implementation of low-risk investment and asset management. When he was young, he worked in various entities including a gas station and a burger shop where he earned significant experience. Having worked under various executives, Ted Bauman has learned the importance of providing wellbeing for all stakeholders in all levels of the working for efficiency, and in all aspects, this has been phenomenal. Ted was born and raised in Washington.

Later on, he enrolled at the Cape Town University in SA where he earned a degree in history and economics. Having spent some quality time with the habitat for humanity, he incepted the slum dwellers international. Currently, this organization operates in more than 35 countries where it serves approximately 14 million people.

Ted has featured in various respected journals worldwide, and he has helped in multiple pieces of research and writings for the SA government as well as European agencies. As an economist, he advocated the keeping of assets and other valuable items away from the financial institutes. This way most of his relatives kept valuable items like gems, cash, collectible and precious metals at their homes. While keeping your asset at home has minimal exposure to risk such as theft, he advocates that using the following security measures is vital.

Home Safe or Lockbox

Investing in a lockbox or the home safe entails using an item that is both water and fireproof. To this end, if you possess large valuables like artwork and guns, Ted Bauman suggest that you purchase an adapted safe that can even be bolted on your floor. Ted further notes that although it humans nature to feel the urge of keeping the most valued items on your eyesight, keeping them in your house is not always advised.

Safe-Deposit Box at the Bank

Bauman says that keep some of your most valued possessions in the bank is more secure when compared to having them in your home. While these items are locked away from your home and out of your site you can always access them anytime you require them. However, the backside of this option is that you will have to cater for its recurrent storage cost.



Charlamagne Tha God Puts His Perspective On Eminem’s Kamikaze Album


Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of the hip-hop iHeartRadio program The Breakfast Club, gives his take On Eminem’s “Kamikaze” album. Eminem’s fans and The Breakfast Club are still decoding the album, lyric by lyric. But Charlamagne Tha God feels having his name mentioned in the rapper’s song “The Ringer” means he must give a response about his reaction to hearing it.


Charlamagne Tha God, a New York Times best-selling author, knows that words make an impact. On the August 31st radio program, he references the line from The Ringer- “Charlamagne gonna hate anyway, doesn’t matter what I say.” Charlamagne talks about how he doesn’t hate but will tell the truth. The truth is he thinks Eminem’s Kamikaze album is dope, which he stated openly in his post to his Instagram followers.


Charlamagne Tha God is famous for his direct and raw interviews that upset some people. Charlamagne won’t apologize for his methods and feels he must be touching a nerve when he gets a mention in a track like “The Ringer.”


Charlamagne Tha God doesn’t feel disrespected for the allusion, even if Eminem believed he was sending a message to Charlamagne for his diss of Revival. He feels Eminem himself felt Revival was wack and that was why Eminem slipped out the Kamikaze album.


Charlamagne and the Power 105.1 club discuss the other artists who caught Eminem’s wrath. Specifically, the homophobic slur used in the mention of Tyler The Creator.


Even if Eminem was quoting from a statement Tyler made about himself, Charlamagne Tha God talks about how it goes further than Tyler and strikes at all the gay people around the world. Whether or not Eminem cares at all about such things remains to be seen.


Raised in a quiet town in South Carolina, Charlamagne Tha God started out as a radio intern and rose quickly to become a star media personality. Along with the nationally syndicated radio show, he also now is executive producer for his own production company, CThaGod World LLC, and co-hosts the podcast, Brilliant Idiots. He enjoys all topics related to hip-hop, as well as politics, race and societal issues. Go Here for related Information.


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