Robert Ivy: With Great Consideration For The Built Community

A Quick Glance

Robert Ivy, recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) on June 02, 2018 is the only architect to have received this honor. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), positions he has held since 2011. He is credited as a dedicated professional whose efforts expand the interest in the field. Prior to practicing as an architect, he served honorably in the US Navy immediately after completing his studies. He obtained his Baccalaureate of Arts degree from Sewanee: The University of the South with a concentration in English, graduating with honors. He attained his Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University. He currently resides in Washington, D.C., the home of the headquarters of the AIA.

The Early Years

After graduation and military service, Robert Ivy served as a Principal to his architectural firm Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. He also functioned as a nationally syndicated media critic during that time. Then he transitioned from the entrepreneurial scene to the corporate world. From 1996 through 2010, he successfully attended to the duties of Vice President and Editorial Director of the publication division, McGraw-Hill Construction. He also performed as Editor-In-Chief of printing at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. These roles entailed the oversight of more than 30 publications, requiring prowess in managing traditional print distribution plus digital, online formats.

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More Career Achievements & Awards

Robert Ivy can speak of a professional career teeming with accolades from his colleagues and significant contributions toward them, as well. Relatively early in his career, he received acceptance as a Fellow of the AIA (FAIA), a distinction not easily acquired. Generally speaking, only two percent of the whole membership roll has attained the rewarding status. Since his leadership, the AIA has enjoyed the highest number of active members ever attained in all of its 160 year history. Today, USA licensed architects can appreciate the AIA guidance in a global arena through seven worldwide chapters, including the new locations in China and Canada. As a member in good standing, architects receive guidance through continued education, contract templates, design data, benefits, and many other professional perks. Members provide a collective voice of influence concerning building, access, environmental and sustainability matters.

As part of his role, Robert Ivy speaks in national and international forums concerning these topics. In 1998, McGraw-Hill rewarded him with the Excellence in Management award. In 2001, he published the globally acclaimed ‘Fay Jones: Architect,’ a story of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright protégé. In 2009, his excellent work in business media paid off with an award from G.D. Crain for lifetime editorial contribution. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi made Robert just the eighth person in nearly 100 years to receive the distinction as Master Architect. The American Institute of Architecture consists of hundreds of chapters worldwide and manages a multimillion USD budget.


The Memorable Impact of Luiz Carlos Trabuco in the Insurance Industry

Luiz is known for being an influential leader in the finance and insurance industry. He has worked in various banks. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has appeared on the cover of many business magazines and other business headlines because of inexplicable transformation in the business world. For this reason, his views have left many business people and politicians speechless and informed. His views on business matters have made them abide by his views when it comes to the credit department, and the way business is conducted in Brazil. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Carlos has positively impacted Brazil’s economy. He has helped many companies he has worked for to attain their target. He has lead Bradesco limited to achieving many customers, which has resulted in increased revenue in the business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked for this company for many years now. His promotion to be the president of the company wasn’t fictional. His vast experience in the finance and the banking sector confirmed why he was the best candidate for the top position. Anyone who does something exceptional and beneficial to others is worth a great reward. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

At the time of his appointment, the company had lost most of its clients to its competitor bank. He, therefore, came up with strategies to renew the company’s position in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco together with other staff in the company came up with a lasting solution for the bank. Most of his solutions came from his experience in various companies he worked for in the past. He understood what the banking industry needed at that particular time.

His expertise in the insurance industry is extraordinary, and the people he has worked with can attest to this. Luiz knows how to solve a problem when it arises, and he can relate well with each employee in the company. He works closely with each member to ensure the company meets its mission. He advises people aspiring to join the business industry and the young business people on how to grow their business. Through his marketing strategies, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has attracted investors from around the world who have discovered the need to invest in the banking industry. By so doing, the banking industry and the Brazilian economy has obtained a high boost.



Dr. Saad Saad Uses Perseverance for Children

Dr. Saad Saad knew he had to do something to help kids. He liked doing things for kids and knew there was a chance he could provide them with opportunities others were unable to use. Dr. Saad Saad always wanted people to see him as someone who knew what he was doing and the parents enjoyed working with him to make their children better. Between the work he put in as a surgeon and the things he did to keep giving back to others, Dr. Saad Saad felt good about what he gave people. He also felt there were times when he had to make sure everything got better.


By the time Dr. Saad Saad became a surgeon, the pediatric industry lacked a lot of surgeons. It was growing at a pace the surgeons couldn’t keep up with and Dr. Saad Saad saw that as his chance to help other people with the issues they faced. He always wanted others to realize they received the best benefits from everything they did and that’s what made it special to him. He wanted to work with surgeons who knew how to help others and that’s part of how he was doing everything the right way.


Now that Dr. Saad Saad is a successful surgeon, he sees his chance to help make others successful. He wants to train surgeons in a way that allows them to help more patients than ever. If he has a chance to make a difference for just one child, he knows it will be the best thing in the world. He always felt he could do things that would increase his chances of providing positive experiences for patients and he knew that was a necessary part of everything he did on his own.


While Dr. Saad Saad continues growing his practice and helping more people than ever, he feels confident he can give them what they want. The patients can receive a lot of help and nobody has to worry about what they’re doing to get back to the experiences they have. Dr. Saad Saad feels good about the new direction his surgery practice is taking and feels it’s something he can do for years to come. Even when he had to work to make things better, he showed people they were getting a positive experience on their own. It allowed him the chance to continue giving back.

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Fortress Investment Group is transforming the financial sector

Fortress Investment Group has been running successfully for over twenty years. It began in 1998 when leaders with similar goal met and decided to start a company that would later become a leader in the investment and financial sector. The company has since become an expert in the management of acquisition and mergers, and it is among the best private equity firms in the United States. It offers financial investment services to its clients. Its headquarters are found in New York, and the company has so far employed more than 900 employees.

Who are the people behind the success of Fortress Investment Group? The founders are Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. However, Rob Kauffman who is one of their founders retired in 2012. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens have continued to work for the company, and their services are appreciated by many. Another expert joined them, and he is Peter Briger. He is one of the best financial experts in the globe and through his experience; he has ensured the company is achieving the goals of the founders. Since they are experienced in various fields, they work together so that the company can benefit from their services.

If the company needs any changes, they discuss together so that they can make the right decision when it comes to change. The good thing with Fortress Investment Group is that it works closely with its customers. Clients are happy working with the company because they are given the opportunity to monitor their funds. The goal of the leaders is to ensure assets are transformed from millions to billions so that customers can get what they want with the company. The customers who have been happy with the services they receive from this company have ensured that spread the good news to others and as a result, Fortress Investment Group has attracted various customers.

Before they came together to start a company, Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone were working for various institutions, and this made them acquire the experience they needed to lead the company to success. They continue to work with other professionals to offer the best services.

The Man Behind Visium Asset Management: CIO Jacob Gottlieb

In 2016, there is this announcement that came from Visium Asset management. The organization talked of how it could wind down in business due to the charges that were emanating from mis-marking of the bond. Visium Asset Management is an organization headed by Jacob Gottlieb who acts as the CIO.

Despite the challenges in Visium Asset Management, Jacob is still the principal executive who is still standing firm at Visium. Jacob is described as a captain who doesn’t abandon his sinking ship. It is after Jacob made a significant contribution when establishing the organization in 2005. Even as the organization is winding down, he still plays his role as the CIO.

Visium Asset Management has been focusing on healthcare hedge fund. When starting Visium Asset Management, Jacob had partners who left, and he was the perfect man to establish the organization. The reason behind it is that he had a degree in medical and had experience in finance. Gottlieb attained his degree in medicine from NYU’s Medicine school. When he finished his internship, he became more attracted to the economics and immediately started by searching the Wall Street for a job.

Jacob’s first job landed him at Sanford Company in 1998 where he was the organization’s buy-side analyst. He used to cover global healthcare in his position. After he worked for some years, Jacob left and continued with his career working for Merlin Biomed Group as the healthcare portfolio manager. He worked for a short period then quickly moved to work at BAM. When Jacob was working at BAM, he was building a team. He had a reputation that he created and made him be the top earner of the organization. He was looking to manage more money and together with his team started Visum Asset Management with $300 million as their seed capital.

Some members left, and they no longer work at Visium Asset management. Joshua Brown used to be the portfolio manager and partner at Visium Asset management. He is an Indiana University graduate holding a degree in finance. He spent more than a decade working at Visium, and he works currently at Paulson company as the Senior Vice President. The others who left include Steven Ku, Ron Belldegrun, and Neetu Dhaliwal.

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HCR Wealth Advisors, An Investment Advisory Firm

HCR Wealth Advisors has worked in the wealth management sector for thirty years. The company develops strategies to help clients reach their financial goals. It works with clients from various walks of life and establishes healthy relationships with them. The firm works to help clients meet all of their financial goals. Some clients even surpass their goals with the help of HCR Wealth Advisors.

According to Whale Wisdom, many things can cause concern for a client and lead them to seek help. Providing a personal service to each and every client is a must for this wealth management company. They focus on creating long-term relationships with clients. They strive to always put the customer first.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a RIA firm. The registered investment advisory firm is based in Los Angeles, California. Clients across the country benefit from the company’s financial services. Clients come to this firm seeking help with financial planning and wealth management during times of marriage, divorce, career changes, retirement, and many other major life phases. Regardless of background, HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) can assist clients and help them through these defining life moments. says that when a client first comes to HCR Wealth Advisors, they are assigned an investment adviser. They know about all fees upfront. The firm is very transparent and open about fees. They do not try to upsell clients. The wealth manager then goes over the client’s personal financial goals. Lastly, throughout the longevity of the relationship built between wealth manager and client, a level of understanding is established about what goals the client is wanting. The wealth manager works to make sure financial stability and goals are achieved. The firm offers wealth management education through these relationships and it makes a huge difference to the client. Follow HCR Wealth on Twitter.

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Ted Bauman gives insights on how to protect your wealth

A degree in economics and history has given Ted Bauman a strong foundation in his career. Ted is an editor at Banyan hill publishing; he joined the company in 2013 and has since been writing weekly newsletters on investment strategies with low-risks.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman worked in South Africa in different organizations, for two and a half decades dealing with financial matters. This has helped sharpen his sills, and now understand some of the ways to protect your wealth and some of the signs to look out for before investing.

In one of Ted’s recent articles. Ted Bauman talks about how one can protect their wealth. Ted Bauman has a way of capturing his readers’ attention, writing about finances is not always easy, but Ted has devised a way of ensuring his readers understand the message by using relatable incidences and examples. Follow Ted on Facebook.

Ted recently shared with readers across the globe on how you can safeguard your wealth. Ted recalls a relative who had some cash and precious gems in the house. Ted, however, remembers that all these wealth was in the office and was vulnerable to thieves or even disasters such as fire.

Unfortunately, the relative’s house was destroyed by a fire, and most of this assets were also destroyed. Owing to this experience, Ted gives insights on how to safeguard liquid assets even if the risks seem low. Learn more about Ted on

Invest in a home safe. A home safe ensures that all your valuable possessions are kept safe. Install a waterproof and fireproof safe. Request a customized safe that will suit your needs, for instance; you may want to store your guns; this kind of safe will be different from a person saving cash.

Have a safe deposit box at a bank, one of the secrets to safeguarding your wealth is ensuring it does not stay in one place. Besides, a bank has more security compared to a home when it comes to large amounts of wealth.

Ted, however, advises people, to research about their option well before making a final decision, one of the things to consider before using this method is the insurance. One is required to insure the valuables.


Clayton Hutson Believes in Giving Artists Positive Experiences

Clayton Hutson knows there are things he can do to help people and knows it takes a lot of work to come up with ideas he can use to continue giving back in different situations. He also feels he’s an important part of the industry because of the way he produces music. He is one of the top producers. Even the Chainsmokers know he’s doing a great job and they use him to make sure he can give them a positive experience. They enjoy the sound he brings to the industry and the things he’s doing to their music so he can keep giving others things that will succeed in the future.

For Clayton Hutson, the point of producing music is to make it sound the best it can. He knows music usually sounds good when artists come up with it, but he wants to take it even further. He enjoys giving people a chance to find out what he can do and that’s what he pushes for while he’s working on different musical opportunities. As a producer, he feels good about giving people a positive experience and giving them a chance to do more with the music they created.

Clayton Hutson believes artists deserve the chance to have their music heard in the best way possible. He always wants people to continue seeing the positive opportunities that come from the music and coming from using the music the right way. It’s his goal of helping that allows him the chance to succeed and keep giving people what they’re looking for. It’s also a positive way for him to make things easier on everyone who’s in a different situation because of the music career they have.

While Clayton Hutson knows what he wants to do and continues giving people positive experiences no matter what, he feels confident he can show them they have someone who is going to continue making things better for them. He also believes there’s a chance he can do things right because of the hard work he does with the music. Other producers aspire to be like Clayton Hutson because he knows how to help people and knows what they want to do so they can make things better. He also feels like he can show others there is a positive experience no matter what they want to do or how they want to take advantage of it.

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Vinod Gupta: A Database Technology Venture Capitalist

Vinod Gupta excelled in his studies in India and the United States. He earned a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur). After completing studies at IIT, Vinod Gupta studied in the United States at the University of Nebraska. Gupta excelled in his studies and earned a Master of Science in Engineering and received a Master of Business Administration in 1971.

Currently, Gupta works as the Managing General Partner of Everest Capital. Gupta brought a considerable amount of experience to the Everest Group. The company helps organizations in the database technology industry with funding and consulting. Previously, Gupta was the founder and CEO of a company he sold for $680 million. Gupta believes that it is necessary to have a staff which is capable of working without supervision, demonstrates dedication, and conducts themselves in an ethical manner for him to carry out tasks which allow him to expand his business. Gupta works on projects based upon the insight he receives from colleagues when there are substantial financial investments required. He pays attention to his feelings when making business decisions. Gupta would advise business owners to pursue their visions for their companies. As a believer in preparation, Gupta feels that it is important for business owners to have the technology to grow their businesses in place to anticipate future needs.

A worldwide marketplace creates avenues for Everest Group products to assist customers in more innovative ways. The database technology industry is an area where Vinod Gupta anticipates growth. He feels the growth of artificial intelligence can lead to expansion in the database industry. GPS technology has a great deal to offer in the future, which can assist in the growth of local database technology.


Vinod Gupta On Expanding Markets

Attorney Jeff Herman of Boca Raton

Jeff was born in 1959 and is a well-known lawyer and advocate of rape cases, sexual abuse, and exploitation. Jeff has the great passion of helping prevent child sexual abuse and has therefore dedicated his career to the path of exposing pedophiles and the organizations that act as their protectors. Most of the cases that the lawyer is primarily recognized for is an act of exposure of clergy in the Archdiocese of Miami as well as in dioceses in the states who were involved in the child sexual abuse scandals. In 2011, Jeff got to win a landmark hundred million dollar verdict when he represented a client who had previously been involved in the scene of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy. Herman has recently also been involved in the famous case where he represented various men who had earlier filed lawsuits against the sexual abuse against Kevin Clash, former Elmo puppeteer. Herman has a law firm in Boca Raton known as Herman Law that is merely dedicated to only representing victims of sexual abuse cases in many lawsuits filed across the United States of America. Even when he is not serving clients in the courtroom, Jeff continues to exercise his passion for justice for the victims of the sexual abuse cases. He has also been previously featured in some of the shows on the Television such as CNN, FOX, HLN, and MSNBC and magazines such as The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and New York magazine that have often aired his story and work.

Herman is also known for his excellent skills in the child forensic interviews as well as training professionals from different children welfare groups on proper ways of assisting children involved in the sexual abuse to heal by disclosure. For more than a decade, Jeff has become famous for exposing sexual predators without fear or favor. Herman referred to the way child sexual abusers talk when they want to justify their adverse actions as “pedophile speak” when he was discussing the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal on MSNBC. In his interviews, he revealed that he was always listening to the abuse victims in need to make them heard. He has also been well-known for handling the state’s high-profile sexual abuse cases that other attorneys have not tried in the past.