Fortress Investment Group a Leader in Investment

The Fortress investment group is one of the largest investment groups in the country having been founded in 1998 by Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wesley R. Edens its today headquartered in New York. It had remained a privately held firm till it was listed on the NYSE on February 9, 2007. This marked its transition from private to public company. For most companies this is a huge change and with it comes huge responsibilities as its now answerable to far more shareholders. At the time it was the first large private equity firm in the United States to be traded publicly. The firm has since that time experienced tremendous growth and based on the available reported information as of June 30, 2016; it was managing approximately $70.2 billion in alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, private equity, and credit funds.

This is no mean achievement that has only been around for less than twenty years and having been caught up in the economic crisis that almost brought around another depression. Between the years of 1998 and 2010 the group experience phenomenal growth with returns of up to 39 percent for its private equity funds. This meant that it was attracting a lot of attention and capital at the same time. This saw its profile grow and as of 2014, Fortress investment group LLC was named the hedge fund manager of the year by Institutional Investor which came hot on the heels of “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek. These tags would continue to improve investor confidence in the group. Fortress investment group has one of the most diverse portfolios in the industry and its credit to be one of its key success drivers.

They have an interest in Florida East Coast Railway, Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd, AMRESCO, CW Financial Services, Eurocastle Investment Limited, Boxclever, Capstead Mortgage Corporation, Flagler, GAGFAH, GateHouse Media, Inc., Global Signal, Inc., Mapeley Limited, Green Tree Servicing LLC, Holiday Retirement, Italfondiario, Intrawest, Kramer Junction and MBS Holdings among others. This portfolio keeps on growing as they have also invested in gaming and the ski resort industry.The Fortress investment group is in very capable hands led by Co-CEO Peter Briger. He also serves as the Co-Chair of the board of directors, principal and President of the group. Peter has quite the record as a leader, even being featured by Forbes magazine as one of the top 400 business professionals in the country.

Jeunessse Global: Delivering Youthfulness, Inside And Out

Jeunessse Global is a company that has repeatedly delivered the gift of youthfulness to the customers who buy their products. The company first emerged as a wellness and lifestyle company when its founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis embarked on their journey of retired life. They, like so many other people in the world, wanted to regain their youthfulness in every possible way and wanted to be able to find something that would help people who want that similar hope. They decided to put together their expertise in business and entrepreneurship to the test and founded Jeunesse Global, and under it, came out with a wide range of products meant to boost the overall health of the body and mind.


One of the more defining factors that the Jeunesse Global system works on is the Y.E.S formula, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. This was a program designed by the company to deliver a holistic range of products that could help people who wanted to feel younger, inside and out.


One of the first kind of products that Jeunessse Global delivers is their skincare range. Wanting to look younger on the outside is one of the first thoughts that people have as they age, and the Jeunessse Global solution to that is their skincare line called Luminesce. This consists of a unique and comprehensive skincare range that works to deliver healthy and glowing skin. The brand takes this one step further and tries to also incorporate this into the makeup line that they have come forward with known as NV.


Feeling younger on the inside is just as important as looking young on the outside. Jeunessse Global, for that purpose, decided to release a range of supplements and boosters that could work to improve the body’s metabolism and help it stay healthy during this time. Reserve is one such supplement that Jeunessse Global produces that offers customers a unique blend of antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for the body to stay fit and healthy. AM/PM is another product that is meant to work on the body during specific times of the day.


Sertoes Rally Driver And Business Executive Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is known as one of the most skilled rally drivers in Brazil’s annual Sertoes Rally, a multi-state, off-road event that consists of 7 stages and attracts many enthusiastic fans and contestants. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Bull Sertoes team, which also includes his brother Michel and two other partners. The team uses a racing machine called T-Rex, which was named that due to its powerful MEM Motorsport designed V8 engine. It was built to be able to get through all the rough roads that have to be conquered in order to have a chance at winning top rankings in the competition. Thanks to T-Rex, the Bull Sertoes team won the top award in the rally’s 24th edition after powering through stage 2 of it.


In addition to being an expert race car driver, Rodrigo Terpins is a business leader who obtained a degree in Business Administration at Saint Hilaire College. After graduating, he became employed as the CEO of Lojas Marisa, one of the most popular women’s clothing brands in Brazil. He stayed with the company for 15 years, and under his direction it grew to be one of the country’s most successful retail stores. Just like his father Jack Terpins, who was a professional basketball player in the 1960s and 1970s, and later a real estate executive, Rodrigo Terpins learned how to balance his business responsibilities with his sports career. After leaving Lojas Marisa, he went on to lead T5 Participacoes as a Senior Director, a position he has held since 2008. Check out Terra for more.


Rodrigo Terpins and his brother were born in the city of Sao Paulo, and they both became fascinated with cars and speed racing when they were very young. They enjoyed the sport so much that they began to have aspirations to be famous race car drivers one day, a goal that they’ve now accomplished. The Terpins name is well-known and admired in Brazil when it comes to athletics, and over the years, the brothers have gained an even larger fan base, which they try to stay connected with on social media sites. You can visit


Larkin and Lacey on Joe Arpaio pardon

The days behind bars for Joe Arpaio are over. This is after President Donald Trump pardoned the controversial former sheriff convicted in July 2017 with criminal contempt. Arpaio is known for his dislike for the Latino community in Maricopa County, Arizona. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Together with the police officers under his leadership, he led a campaign to remove “illegal immigrants”. In his tenure, Arpaio engaged in racial prejudice and harassing Latinos in exchange for immigration services.

It is these cruel acts of Mr Arpaio that led two men Michael Lacey executive editor of Village Voice Media newspaper and Jim Larkin CEO of the same paper to expose him to the Public. The duo frequently wrote about the injustices that were being perpetrated against the Latino community by Arpaio and his department.

These articles were not received well by Arpaio who felt that Larkin and Lacey were standing in his way. In their effort to expose Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin published an article on the probe of a grand jury.

Later that day, Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents were in their homes in Phoenix, Arizona. The two were arrested and charged with disclosing details about a grand-jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

During their work on publishing that particular article Lacey and Larkin had no idea that that jury was investigating them. On October 2018 the day of their arrest, some men arrived in unlabeled SUVs which had Mexican license plates. They arrested Lacey and Larkin and kept in separate jails managed by Sheriff Arpaio.

Their arrest was criticized by the public as an illegal arrest and violation of human rights. The public was fed up by Arpaio multiple injustices. Previously Arpaio had been reported to courts of his action, but these reports didn’t see the light of day.

In 2011, judge Murray Snow of United States District had warned the sheriff against detaining the immigrants on the basis of mere suspicion and without credible evidence. A lawsuit was filed against Arpaio that showed the conditions faced by inmates in Tent City. It is on this Lawsuit that he was charged with violating the rights of the immigrant community.

The controversial arrest of Lacey and Larkin gained national coverage, and other newspapers released previous articles written by the duo. They were engaged in a lengthy legal battle that resulted to a ruling of a settlement of $3.7 million by Maricopa County.

Lacey and Larkin used the settlement money to form the Frontera fund an organization that supports the Latino and other communities to protect their rights. The organization has earned an excellent reputation in investigative reporting and additional coverage in feature writing and local events.

Larkin and Lacey are also in the process of launching a website called FrontPage Confidential that focuses on Free speech and First Amendment.

Lacey feels that Arpaio pardon comes with the president’s need to please his audience. Arpaio is a supporter of Trump and had endorsed his candidacy in January 2016 when most people did not accept him.

Sportsman and Farmer- Milan Kordestani

He has lived in different places giving him different experiences. Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California, and he reached the age of attending school his parents took him to Phillips Brooks Elementary School. In 2009 together with his family, he had to move to London, England due to his parents divorce and while there he joined Eaton Square School. In 2017 he graduated from High school after attending Sacred Heart Preparatory School located in Atherton. Ever since he was young, he showed his go-getting character. At the age of 10, he began riding horses and even falling from the horse he got the courage to ride back to the horse camp.

The National Horseman interviewed Omid Kordestani and according to him what Milan did was surprising as most children can never go back to an animal that has injured them. According to Betts Corp of the National, Horseman Milan showed dedication, hard work, and that he did not fear challenges, a character that has helped him win the blue ribbons, ride world class horses as well as do well in the sport. Milan began riding horses while in Atherton and gradually he climbed the sports ladder and within a short period, he began riding world class horses. In 2015 he won his first leg, and in 2016 he won the Worlds Championship Show. Milan Kordestani is not only active in sports, but he also loves farming.

Milan Kordestani is the creator and the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms which was founded when he was in his intermediate year in High school. Mr. Milan is also a writer on the Huffington Post and a student in the San Fransisco Bay area. In 2015 the Milan Farms was born with a primary purpose of creating organic as well as discipline system of raising poultry and growing 100% saffron. The Milan farms are founded on honorable values and their aim is to provide honest products to their clients. Currently, the farm is delivering saffron, mint, as well as organic eggs. The Milan Farm operates in an open ground where they do not hide how they raise their poultry, this has helped them to build their brand name when it comes to animal products and especially poultry products.

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Sheldon Lavin:Satisfying Customers From 85 Countries With Unique Foods

When people in many parts of the world buy food from a supermarket or restaurant, they do not realize they owe Sheldon Lavin a debt of thanks. Lavin is the CEO and chairman of the international food processing juggernaut the OSI Group. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has been transformed from only selling quality meats to creating vegetable, dough, poultry and fish products for people in 85 countries. The company has been expanding into new markets around the world for 40 years, ever since Sheldon Lavin assumed the leadership of it. The company now offers foods specially made to please the palettes of people from countless diverse cultures.

Lavin has taken his company into Asia where not only is it China’s largest poultry producer, it has also established food processing facilities in India, Japan and Hong Kong. He has also expanded the company’s presence in Europe by building food processing plants in Spain, Hungary and Poland. Lavin and the OSI Group also acquired companies like Baho Foods in the Netherlands, which has customers in 18 European countries in Europe, and Flagship Europe, the UK headquartered company that produces frozen pies, poultry and condiments.

Working hand in hand with foreign governments and suppliers, Sheldon Lavin and his team engage in careful product development that meet the legal requirements and satisfy the specific taste preferences of people from different cultures. Lavin and the OSI Group staff have also created precise marketing campaigns designed to help build lasting connections with customers all around the world by letting them know the company makes what they want and need. One of reason Lavin’s company has been successful is because of their willingness to respond to the request of their customers.

The qualifications, skills, expertise and experience of Sheldon Lavin make him uniquely prepared to handle the growth and expansion of the OSI Group. Lavin has degrees in finance, accounting and business from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He spent years as a successful banker and ran a financial services firm for 15 years. Lavin also has the vision to see what’s possible and the social conscience to ensure his company creates and implements proper environmental management practices and safety policies that protect the workers and the food they produce.

The work Sheldon Lavin has done has resulting in him receiving many awards. He is hailed as ideal role model for young entrepreneurs.

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Gregory Aziz Has A Great Success Story

Leadership, especially in the tough modern market means everything. When the company has a leader who knows how to take on challenges and handle all their responsibilities in the right way, then the company is always performing well and impressing the stakeholders in all its activities. When an institution doesn’t correctly choose its leaders, it can be guaranteed of frustrations and losses at the end of every financial year.


In the modern times, the market has been experiencing changes that were never present in the past. Companies are being forced to work extra hard and invest in making sure that it has all the executive team in the perfect order so that they can at least deal with the tight competition. There are millions of companies that are trying to compete and outdo each other. The companies that will emerge with great reputations are those who have great management in place. Go To This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car is never considered to a stranger in the market. The company has been getting so much attention in the American market because of the excellent machines it has been manufacturing and offering the customers over the years. National Steel Car has been in the Canadian market for the longest time, and it has survived tough financial times because of the people who run its top affairs. National Steel Car is currently shinning under the leadership of one of the most influential figures in Canada, Gregory Aziz. The company has been impressed by the performance of the businessman, and this is why they recently gave him the position of chairman.


Being the company CEO has its share of numerous challenges. National Steel Car chose to employ Gregory Aziz several years ago, and this was when the company culture changed for the better. Investors, clients and other people who have interests in the company have always been impressed because of the kind of results they have been getting since Aziz took the position of CEO years ago. Apart from being highly experienced in leadership and finance, Gregory J Aziz is very patient, and he does not rush to make any decision concerning the company. Gregory Aziz has also established his name in the Canadian market as a professional who knows his responsibilities so well.


Although his role is always associated with so many responsibilities, the businessman has never failed to impress the people who look up to him. Aziz has business interests in several organizations too. His life is considered iconic not only because of his success at the company he is stewarding but also his off-duty works of philanthropy where he and his wife are currently the sponsors of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. This is recognized as Canada’s prominent agricultural related fair.



Ryan Seacrest and Weight Loss

When one thinks of Ryan Seacrest, they may not immediately connect the words ‘weight loss’ to the idea of him. He may be thought of one of the most pleasantly-looking show hosts on TV networks these days, but Ryan spent a few years of his youth as a chubby child.

From his love for nachos to spending time on the couch watching T.V., he had reasons to be the overweight child he was. It’s no surprise then that he takes his figure very seriously and as someone who is continuously in the spotlight, he may have to continue the fight against gaining weight for years to come.

After all, he has been the host of American Idol for years now and his fans know and love him, both for his skill, but admittedly for some, also for his looks.

He is so committed to eating right and staying fit that he has been known to drink (healthy) juices throughout the day. In fact, his assistants know that having a juice ready for him is one of the most important things that they can do to help him out.

While most people may enjoy a drink or two after work, Ryan Seacrest is someone who has decided to keep that calorie heavy substance out of his life. If there were one area where you could see his success in everything he strives to be, it could be in the weight loss and fitness.

Of course, his skills go beyond staying trim. Ryan is a powerhouse with fingers in several pies. From his clothing brand Distinction to his radio show On Air with Ryan, to his foundation (Ryan Seacrest Foundation), he goes above and beyond in creating and giving back.

In fact, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is Ryan’s positive movement where families and children who need medical attention will have the chance to learn and explore the radio, media, and television industry. (Reference: Twitter)

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Fortress Investment Group: The Direct Lending Venture That It Had Never Tried Before

There’s more to investment than just putting your money in different baskets, avoiding risk and waiting for your money to grow. If you’re not careful, you could risk all your money in unstructured investments and random betting. This is the reason that you have to get the advice or at least guidance of investment firms that have withstood the test of time. Fortress Investment Group LLC has been around in the business of investments since 1998, and so their financial insight couldn’t be better for any type of investment asset.

Dealstreet Asia Report

There’s so much happening in the fast-paced world of investment today, and it’s hard to keep up. Fortunately, we have an article about Fortress Investment Group found at Deal Street Asia to give us some perspective on what’s the latest both in the global investment world as well as with Fortress itself.

In a May 22, 2018 report written by the well-known finance writer Melissa Mittelman, we learned that Fortress Investment Group LLC is now opening itself to a whole new different level of investment asset, and it’s corporate lending. The dynamics of direct and corporate lending has always been a tough nut to crack, but with the core competencies of Fortress Investment Group in credit, asset-based work and diversified investments, it’s not hard to see Fortress going through with this new venture successfully.

It’s also added help that Fortress is now part and purchased by SoftBank Group Corp. With such collaboration and merging, it would be easy for Fortress to hit their target goals and gather enough trust and capital to pursue its ventures. Direct lending has already been on the radar of Fortress, but it has never planned out how it will go about it yet. Only when they have finally gathered the momentum and capital trust to do this did Fortress finally start to go about it in the realest sense.

The new investment program would not have to be that risky to begin with, if only for the fact that Fortress is already being helmed by new faces and leadership. For starters, Fortress has already put Josh Pack and Drew McKnight as the people behind the credit group unit of Fortress, with the strict supervision of Pete Briger, who is right now the firm’s credit head as well as Fortress co-CEO. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Fantastic Record of Success

This direct lending venture of Fortress would have to be a new path that follows the series of success of Fortress’ work history over the years. Investment performance has consistently been the strength of the company, and it is evident in its achievements and milestones since the firm was established in 1998. Fortress Seeks $2 Billion for Debut Direct Lending Pool

One highlight of such success that makes us excited of Fortress new venture in direct lending would be the one in 2002, when Fortress was able to launch the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund. Such success could easily be expected in the direct lending venture today of the firm. The level of dediciation of Fortress is still the same. Fortress pays $66M for SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach