The Chainsmokers: A Duo Defining Their Own Brand for Success

It has been nothing but success for the music group, the Chainsmokers ever since they released the singles like “Roses” “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer.” Their dream of personalizing their brand and becoming distinguished as real artists is no doubt on the right track.

The track Closer featured Andrew Taggart singing – part of the duo with Alex Pall. The two, unlike other artists who might hide from the thick synths of music and the conspicuous drops, strive to reveal themselves each day. They bring intimacy and weave splendor into the otherwise emotion-elusive music genre.

Really happy!! These sort of days mean the world to me!

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Asked in an interview how they started working together, Alex Pall noted that as a DJ who’d realized how dance music was consuming him while growing up, he met Andrew Taggart – who’d taken a liking to electronic music way before it was popular – through their manager. He quit his job and hence began their career.

The duo said that they knew everything would work out if they collaborated. Driven by their ambition to be unique, they utilized the gap in the industry and not wanting to treat their work as an actual job, it was their core values that brought them success.

According to Taggart, being a DJ duo in the electronic genre is neither easy nor hard. He says that there are productions that sound like other popular music out there and artists are so competitive. As a result, the two resolved to marry pop, indie, dance, and hip-hop together. This is their secret to why they’ve come so far.

Although the duo works with other songwriters, the songs are about them. Working with Halsey was a great achievement for them and they had always admired her. The song “Closer” as Pall says was something Andrew and another friend wrote on a tour bus.

Over the years, the duo has realized a global reach and Pall and Andrew couldn’t be gladder than having to perform in front of more than 30 people. The duo said that they are looking to push boundaries and bring excitement and something new in every live show.

They are incorporating new and unique visuals that define who they are and their beautiful music. As such, they have new content created every time they have a show, and from each performance, you can tell that it is worth the effort.

The History of OSI Industries

Every dream conceived by the mind can easily achieved as long as the parties put their best into it. When it all began, the OSI Industry was not more than a butcher shop. Out of the hard work and resilience of Otto Kolschowsky, the company has grown to become one of the largest food providers in the globe. OSI Industry is a massive provider of employment. It has employed at least 20,000 individuals throughout it’s 65 branches located in 17 countries. OSI is fit to be described as a premier corporate business.

Immediately after moving into the United States, Otto thought it right to start a butcher shop, with the aim of serving the residents of Chicago. Shortly after, he figured out that expanding it into a wholesale company would be as good. The business would in the year 1928 be rebranded to Otto &Sons. The firm became a significant part of the American Community, not forgetting to mention the economy. For Otto & Sons, only the sky would have been the limit. As the customer base of the McDonald’s expanded, there was a buildup of immense pressure to suppliers such as Otto & Sons to provide products that could be transported to the various McDonald’s new plants.

After establishing a close relationship with the McDonalds, Otto & Sons put in place a product line specially made for McDonald’s in the year 1973. The plant was specially equipped with technology that allowed for the freezing of hamburger (the primary product of McDonald’s.) As part of the company’s transition process, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries. This was back in 1975. At the same time, the leadership of the company changed. The Otto sons were in their retirement years. Sheldon Lavin was approached to become a partner in the company back in the year 1975. He would later be named the chief executive officer.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin has seen the company grow substantially. In a list of the largest private companies that was created by Forbes in 2016, OSI Industry was 58th in position after making a total sale of $6.1 billion. OSI has expanded significantly to other areas such as China, India, and Australia. The last couple of years have seen OSI become the lead provider of quality products. Besides, it has expanded its presence in Europe. For instance, in 2016, it acquired a Dutch company known as Baho Food.

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Waiakea Water Gives People a Better Water Choice

For years, all people had to drink was tap water. The water sometimes made them sick and was often filled with chemicals that were detrimental to the body. Before that, people had to drink out of rivers that made them even sicker than tap water. Then, bottled water came along. People could use bottled water to feel good about themselves and feel good about what they were drinking, but many people knew the truth. Bottled water was just tap water put in a different form. People were paying a premium to get the same thing that came right out of their faucet at home. They were getting ripped off, getting sick and weren’t getting the results they thought they could from the water they were trying to drink. It didn’t make any sense and people struggled to get healthy while drinking the bottled stuff that wasn’t even really good for them.

When Waiakea Water saw this was happening, they knew they had to do something. The company is from Hawaii where volcanic water is great for everything. They decided to bottle at the source so they could help people get the benefits of Waiakea Water without ever having to venture to Hawaii. Since the water is pH balanced naturally, people began seeing the benefits as soon as they started drinking Waiakea Water. They saw it was a great option for them to use and it made it easier for people to try and feel better when they were using it.

Waiakea Water always wanted to expand. They knew their company would be awesome if they could grow even more than what they did before. They also knew the right way to do it without sacrificing their sustainability. Depending on the way they scaled their business, they knew how important it was to offer people the chance to try different things. It gave them the ability to make sure things were working for them and things were going to keep working for them. While sustainability was their number one goal, they also knew it was important to try things that would help them.

The Contribution of Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences to the Medical Field


Whenever biomedical innovations are mentioned, the contribution of Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences is viewed to be in the middle of the discipline. The company’s aim is to constantly see to it how lives of people can be improved, make them healthier and extend their lifespan through advanced innovations in biomedical. Paragon also focuses on giving a helping hand inform of finances and human resources to the upcoming biotechnology companies to ensure they have high chances of growth.

The Paragon’s Philosophy is to focus on giving the patients efficient treatment especially those who are in need of their expertise greatly. They operate on 3 strategies: understanding your patient’s illness, identifying the expertise to use in dealing with the illness and developing companies that can offer quality medicines. The Paragon’s team headed by Jeff Aronin is well experienced especially when it comes to studying causes and the potential treatments available for a certain disease. They aim at combining their expertise so as to benefit Paragon as well as all the other companies in their field.

You cannot talk about the leadership team of Paragon Biosciences without mentioning the heroic CEO Jeff Aronin who steer heads the company to levels where it can solve problems that other companies view as unsolvable. Jeff is a legendary entrepreneur who has worked in pharmaceutical companies for long thus helping the most patient access medicines which are crucial in their recovery. His passion has always been to create a sustainable line of healthcare leaders that’s why he has founded one the leading healthcare incubators based in Chicago to develop upcoming companies.

Jeff Aronin has pocket various Awards like Weizmann Leadership Award 2017, Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center Humanitarian Award 2010, Deal of the Year Accolade 2010, Rovner Award in 2007 and in 2006 he was named as an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist by Ernst & Young. He has supported various Organizations like Susan G. Komen, Liver Life Challenge, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation etc. Jeff Aronin donates to a variety of charities like AIPAC, Chicago Parks Foundation, Boys, and Girls Club of Chicago etc.


Visit Jeff Aronin’s (LinkedIn) account.


Chris Linkas Offers Timely Investment Advice for Millennials


Learning to invest early in life can never be a bad thing. Investing at an early age offers the greatest potential for return over time. Whether a civilian, or a member of the armed forces, it is wise to get a good head start to invest for the future. Perhaps the most important reason to start investing early is that a person can recover if an investment turns sour. Those who invest later on in life are typically more cautious and conservative.


Start Early

Investing early also allows for greater compounding of interest. There are definite financial gains that young investors will realize as a result. Investing at an early age can also set the pace for how people develop and form spending habits. Another major benefit of investing early in life is that it can ultimately can lead to an improvement in the quality of life. Chris Linkas would approve with all of the above. He thoroughly understands finance.


Establishing Career

After college, Linkas stepped directly into the world of finance and held the position of asset manager and analyst. He made a name for himself at RER Financial Group as its Vice President. His efforts led to a $4 billion-dollar book balance in only 18 months with the company. His successful efforts steered him into a job opportunity with Goldman Sachs.

The experience gained at Goldman Sachs opened up a lot of opportunities such as heading up the company’s commercial real estate efforts. His duties included finding opportunities to invest in equity and debt real estate deals ( All this makes for an intriguing background that can benefit millennials who are willing to take investment advice from an expert.

His vast reservoir of knowledge about investments and investing makes him the perfect individual to offer counsel on investing. Chris Linkas also feels that young people should also contemplate investing in the stock market. Too many college students and young professional put it off too long.


How Did Southridge Capital Get To Play In The Major League For Financial Services?

Southridge capital is a financial advisory and investment company. To a large extent, the company provides its clients in different sectors of the economy with highly innovative financial solutions. The company also facilitates financing options for their clients. For instance, for the last two decades, Southridge capital directly injected over $1.8 Billion into growth companies and financed over 250 public companies. However, these aren’t the only factors pushing the financial giant into the industry limelight.


Other factors anchoring Southridge place in the major leagues


Acoording to ideamensch, southridge capital boasts of having some of the most finance-industry savvy executives. The company is led by a team of executives with in-depth knowledge of the challenges affecting every growing company and the skills to solve such issues. The experts not only come in handy when identifying such limitations but also help structure individualized business resuscitation techniques to bring a business to its feet or speed up its growth.


Most importantly, the company offers a host of other services that go into ensuring the survival of a company. These include such financial services as preparation of highly individualized and detailed financial statements for different companies as well as balance sheet optimization. The company also extends mergers and acquisition services in different industries as well as restricting analysis for companies facing bankruptcy. Most importantly, Southridge appreciates the impact of legal discourses on a company’s overall performance and has, therefore, designed a legal settlement framework aimed at minimizing the amount and expenses spent in addressing legal tussles. To see more you can visit



Key multi-industry investments by Southridge capital


Just recently, Southridge capital entered into an equity purchase agreement with a fast-rising alternative energy company, Adalay solar Inc. In its less than two decades of existence, the solar company has patented over 30 innovations whose popularity has taken the industry by storm. The financier’s $5 million investment would go a long way in actualizing more innovative solar designs the company has on the pipeline. And to prove its multi-industry investment approach, the company also invested a similar amount of money in Elite Data Services, a software development company that seeks to revolutionize the computing industry.




Anti Aging: A Revolution Support By Jason Hope

During the current world, there has been having health Challenges and diseases that people are facing. They are ranging from small conditions to life-threatening which have a great impact on the community. What many people fail to think is whether there is a medical condition which affects everyone on the planet, without caring about their health, life habits, income, or even their geographical location. There is this condition that can’t be escaped and its aging.

People have been aging because its unavoidable as a natural process where their skins become wrinkled and rigid. The ability to perform some tasks are lost as they age. There has also been an increase in various diseases as people age. They lead to life-threatening and decreased life quality which impacts families and individuals. Many experts are trying to address the conditions and forget about their root causes.

Jason Hope who is an Arizona philanthropist and entrepreneur thinks different about it. He has been seeking the way people will live longer where the aging process can be slowed down or reversed. Jason Hope is know funding healthcare organizations to aim at combating and treating aging effects to people in the world. He has been supporting SENS foundation, a charitable organization for some years.

Jason Hope started funding in December 2010 by donating $500,000 to begin the vital work. The organization has been trying to help people so that they can have access to technology for counteracting aging and controlling the illness. He announced his initial contributions at an event which was about Breakthrough Philanthropy at San Francisco which is the fine arts palace.

SENS foundation among others is dedicated to using technology to be able to treat and prevent diseases so that they can improve human life. They study living organisms and their organic systems so that they can be able to make new products, but they are majored on improving life. The other areas involving biotechnology development include the healthy production of food, improving agricultural methods, and knowing how medicine improves quality life by combating diseases.

It is fortunate that the researchers have recently identified most prevalent glycation kind which is an end product of the human. It is glucosepane that is responsible for promoting aging and other multiple health issues. This is why SENS is working so that it can identify the effective strategy to be able to banish the substance in the skin and veins. Even though in medical history this issue has been ignored, donors who are like Jason Hope are empowering SENS to conduct more research.

Having donations, SENS foundation can know enlist experts, research hours and equipment so that they can know how to banish glycation end-products so that to change the way people age. It is a way to dramatically extend peoples average lifespan.

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Nick Vertucci explain the impact of setbacks

Nick Vertucci is a man from humble backgrounds despite his achievements. By the term humble, it typically means that his family could merely afford the basic needs. Nick Vertucci was not fortunate to spend his whole life with his father, as he passed on when Nick was barely ten years of age. He didn`t give up; he kept pushing on with life which was quite fair with him, enabling him to start his sales and computer accessories business at the age of eighteen years. This was not to last because after a while his career quickly met a dead end at a period when dot com had a crash, and also his capital dissolved at a similar range as the crash experienced by dot com. This led his debts to accumulate to the point that he had to give up his home.

Nick Vertucci was not to give up; he was saved from all the financial problems when he enlisted in a real estate academy which led to him venturing into a lucrative real estate business. This was in the year 2014 when he was also able to gain back his financial freedom. After a successful journey in real estate industry, he was able to establish the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which most people know as NVREA, in January 2014.

In his interview at ideamensch, he says that NVREA was founded with the primary aim of providing the best real estate training, to be the best institution in the industry. He also adds that his well-crafted investing strategies would now be brought to a lot of people. Nick advise that all aspiring entrepreneurs should be flexible and be ready for any future changes, this is by planning for them. He adds that people should be prepared for times when financial breakdowns appear. Nick believes that people should save, and this is by spending less and be able to reconsider investing as much as possible in real estate. Nick Vertucci adds that what has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey is his self – belief, self -talk and feeding his mind with positivity.

Upwork: Freelance Platform Productivity Tips

Upwork is a marketplace that allows freelancers in a variety of fields to connect with businesses that need their services. In total Upwork has a membership of 12 million individuals who are registered freelance professionals through their platform. The corporation manages to create $1 billion in business transactions between businesses and freelance professionals each year. They are based in California and were first created after the reorganization of their parent company in 2015. Today they operate as one of the largest freelance platforms on the Internet as well as produce a blog which gives out tips on how to best stay productive.

To-do lists are one of the most powerful tools that an individual can use in order to enhance their personal productivity. This is all dependent upon the individual’s ability to use the to-do list effectively, however. It is very common for an individual to create a to-do list and then completely disregard everything on it. There are some techniques that you can use in order to make use of your to-do list better.

You should make sure that whenever you are creating a to-do list that you are creating one that is organized. By making an organized to-do list, it is much easier to follow through on completing the tasks. A few potential ways that you may organize your task list would be organizing by the energy level required, by the time commitment required, and by the priority level of the tasks on the list. You can make use of a combination of these techniques and can take advantage of your peak energy levels by completing high energy high priority level tasks during those time periods.

Whenever you first create a to-do list, you should do it in advance and also make one that is as comprehensive as possible. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you can then reevaluate the items that are on your list and begin to tackle the ones that you feel are most important. Throughout the day you can eliminate items that you perceive as a low value and delegate the remaining tasks more effectively.

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The Example of Children According to Vijay Eswaran

If there is one group of people Vijay Eswaran encourages others to learn from, it is children. One thing that Vijay takes note of when it comes to children is how they are affected by fear. One thing that Vijay Eswaran has said about children is that they are a little more adventurous because of how new things are to them. For one thing, they have this great sense of wonder at all of the possibilities. This is how people should approach being an entrepreneur. It can be like a second childhood for people if they make the right choices.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur a newness of mind is required. People need a new mind about everything. Among the things they have to have a new mindset about, this includes how they view failure and what they think about fear. It is almost as if being an entrepreneur requires people to be enlightened. The only thing that stands in their way is the direction they decide to go in. One of the worst things people can do when it comes to being an entrepreneur is just stick to tradition. True success requires a lot of soul searching.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran experienced about being an entrepreneur is a sense of freedom. After all, people who manage to build a good business have the freedom to take as much time off as they want and not worry about losing their jobs. One thing about being an entrepreneur is that it can be a very freeing activity or a nightmare. People who choose the direction that is most suited to them are going to find themselves having the best jobs ever. For one thing, they will be enjoying their days on the job and the excitement of making money while enjoying themselves.