Dr. David Samadi Discusses HPV To Cervical Cancer

HPV is the most frequently transmitted sexual infection worldwide, and can cause cervical cancer, but still many are unaware of its existence, says Dr. David Samadi, head of the Urology department at Lenox Hill Hospital.

There are many different types of this virus, some may cause health problems, including genital warts and tumors, but there are vaccines that can prevent these problems.

According to Dr. David Samadi, studies show that the HPV vaccine is effective against various strains when you have been vaccinated.

Most people with HPV do not know they are infected, and do not develop any symptoms or health problems related to the virus. Some patients find they have been affected when genital warts appear, while many women may be diagnosed with HPV infection as a result of an abnormal Pap-Test result. Others can find out only after having developed more serious problems, such as tumors.

From HPV to Cervical Cancer

The HPV virus is transmitted during intimate contact. 80 to 90 percent of all sexually active people are infected with the human papillomavirus once in a lifetime, mostly unnoticed. In a large percentage of cases, this infection clears up after approximately a year. But Dr. Samadi points out that in a few women, however, the viruses trigger a long-lasting inflammation, which can be associated with the change of cells. These cell changes are considered precursor to cancer and in a few cases may develop into cervical cancer.

These cells do not always develop into cancer cells – in about 30 to 40 percent of cases they disappear on their own. However, risk factors such as smoking or long-term birth control pill intake prevent such spontaneous self-healing. And in just 12 to 15 percent, they really develop into cervical cancer.

There are two vaccines that work directly against two of the 15 HPV types that cause cell changes – marketed under the name Gardasil and Cervarix. Today, doctors recommend to vaccinate against HPV as early as the age of eleven. Since HPV can be transmitted at the first sexual intercourse, the vaccine should be given before the first sexual contact.

Dr. Samadi has been a medical correspondent with Fox News and he host the AM 970 Radio radio show, offering the latest updates and developments in the medical industry. He’s an award-winning physician and advises on a range of medical topics. He covers important health topics, often found on the Daily News and featured on his Samadimd.com blog.

He received both his bachelor’s and medical degrees from Stony Brook University and went on to complete his medical residency in urology at Albert Einstein Medical College. He was also a fellow in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Samadi has been honored with more than 30 awards and is renown, internationally, for his SMART surgical technique.

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Meet Dr. Johanan Rand- A Specialist in Health Related Disorders

An honest desire to help patients with health related disorders has led to Dr. Johanan Rand to offer training to such patients. Dr. Rand practices his career in West Orange, New Jersey. The Dr. gives advice to his patients on weight loss and also many other conditions that are age related. He is currently the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, a role he has practiced since 2010. He makes use of integrative and regenerative approach while treating his patients. All his patients undergo individual therapies that help them restore the significance they had while young, and prevent them from contracting age-related diseases.

Dr. Johanan Rand deals with nutrition, exercise, and the levels of hormone while treating this age related disorders. According to the Dr., there are two types of hormones in the human blood system. These hormones include the good and the bad hormones. He adds that as one grows old, the bad hormones such as insulin increase as the good ones including DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and human growth hormone decrease. What Dr. Johanan Rand basically does is to bring back the hormones to a balanced state.

Once the hormones are brought to a balanced condition, the patient is able to regain his/her previous vitality by becoming more energetic. A variety of health benefits come with the hormone balance including decrease in cholesterol levels, cancer incidences decrease, and the patient susceptibility to heart disease decreases.

Most of Dr. Johanan patients are those dealing with conditions such as night sweats, mental fogginess, insomnia, andropause symptoms, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, low libido, high blood pressure, and muscle atrophy among others.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and before furthering his education at Howard University College of Medicine, he was an intern at St Barnabas Medical Center. Dr. Johanan Rand is very passionate especially when it comes to improving his patients’ outcome. He does this by offering educational materials to patients who are willing to become pro-active along their treatment journey. With the kind of experience the doctor has, it is unarguable that his great impact has been felt in New Jersey.

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How Glen Wakeman Mentors a World of Entrepreneurs

Over the last three decades Glen Wakeman has proven to be one of the country’s top businessmen. His work in the corporate finance industry has made him well known in the business world. And, through mentoring other budding entrepreneurs, he has increased his influence and used it to better the nation.

Glen Wakeman offers leadership and inspiration to countless entrepreneurs every day. Through podcasts, videos, blogs and social media, he imparts the wisdom he has gained over the last thirty years. He answers the big questions, as well as the small ones that can add up to make or break a new business (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/glen-wakeman).

To further assist entrepreneurs in their endeavors, Glen Wakeman developed LaunchPad, which is a software platform that helps people take their dream of entrepreneurship and make it a reality. The platform helps these individuals to work through all of the myriad of details and steps it takes to launch a business and become successful quickly.

In addition to guiding entrepreneurs in launching a business, he also provides guidance throughout the first months and years of business ownership and management. This includes financial knowledge and tips to find capital and funding for launching and maintaining a business through it’s formative months and years.

Glen Wakeman doesn’t just provide the brass tacks of business ownership. He also inspires business owners to reach for the stars in every way. He encourages business owners to participate in their communities, volunteering time and resources. His goal is not to just help people make money, but to build strong communities and help them become truly successful.

Through LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully, contributing to their communities and building on their dreams. With the added support of his digital media and social media efforts, those interested in becoming more successful can greatly benefit from his wisdom and knowledge.


Controversial Apraio Pardon Has Many Looking At Lacey and Larkin

The controversial pardon of ex-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, added a lot of fuel to the fire of American social dissertation. Advocates and dissenters alike squared off over the decision, which was handed down by sitting President Donald Trump.

Many referred to the pardon as a gross miscarriage of justice, citing numerous travesties assigned to Arpaio across his 24 year reign. Chief among them were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two men who have a very jaded history with Joe Arpaio, a history that just will not die.

Michael Lacey was a college dropout from ASU when he founded Phoenix New Times, a counterculture independent weekly inspired by the Kent State Shootings. By the time Arpaio was elected in ’93 Jim Larkin had joined, and the duo had expanded the paper to a multi-million dollar conglomerate, spanning 17 weeklies, and stretching from coast to coast.

As Arpaio began focused on illegal immigration and began cracking down on the Latino community, his methods became more and more questionable. This is when they began to gain media attention, and the Phoenix New Times started to focus on Arpaio.

Soon the paper was hounding the Sheriff at every turn, printing articles that exposed various scandals, misuses of power, and misappropriation. Under Lacey and Larkin’s stewardship the paper focused on Arpaio when many other news sources did not.

Arpaio returned the focus by investigating the paper and banning its reporters from press meetings. It finally came to a head when Arpaio sent a series of grand jury subpoenas the paper’s way, and Lacey and Larkin printed one under their combined byline. Arpaio had them arrested and jailed for 24 days.

The arrest sparked outrage, and eventually led to a wrongful arrest settlement that netted the newsmen $3.75 million dollars. They turned around and used the money to create the Frontera Fund, an organization that supports Latin-American groups across Arizona in an effort to stem discrimination. It was here the saga mellowed, as Lacey and Larkin sold Village Voice Media in 2012. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Now the duo has returned with Front Page Confidential. Front Page Confidential is an online independent news source printing counterculture articles that uphold the First Amendment. Headed by Lacey and Larkin it came online mid-2018. In the wake of Arpaio’s pardon the two newsmen are more than ready to focus on his Senate run as passionately as his tenure as Sheriff.

President Trump’s focus on tougher immigration laws has the stage perfectly set, and the Latin-American community will need a voice as the situation gets hotter. They will find that voice in Front Page Confidential as Lacey and Larkin continue to advocate for their cause.

Lime Crime Loves Their Furry Friends and Therefore Offers Vegan Products

If you love makeup, chances are that you’ve heard of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that has taken the internet and essentially the world by storm. That’s because Lime Crime is a company that focuses on exactly what the consumers want. They are a company that believes makeup is truly a form of art. That’s why they’re always coming out with new and colorful cosmetics. LimeCrime likes to shy away from what is considered natural and they embrace the unique and exotic colors. If you’re looking for bold colors such as greens, blues, yellows, purples, and more then look to Lime Crime.

The founder of LimeCrime, Doe Deere, wanted a makeup company that anyone could enjoy. She noticed that the vast majority of cosmetics were only designed with one type of person in mind. That’s the type of person who into a supernatural look and doesn’t care what the ingredients are. Deere wanted a company that everyone could enjoy. That’s why she came out with a line of bright colored lipsticks, eyeliners, hair dyes, and more.

The best part about LimeCrime is the fact that it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Lime Crime cares about animals, the environment, and their consumers. That’s why they make products that anyone can enjoy no matter what their beliefs. These products are made with only the finest vegan ingredients. All of Lime Crime’s products from their unicorn hair dye to their Velvetine lipsticks are made with only the best ingredients.

Lime Crime has never and will never test on animals. Every single one of their products is also %100 vegan. Because of this, Lime Crime is certified by Peta and The Leaping Bunny Program. Overall, this is a company that you can trust. They put such care into making each and every product. You can be assured that you are putting a product on your body that is made with the finest ingredients. You don’t have to worry about your lips drying out, your skin feeling rough, or your hair getting damaged. On the contrary, this company has products that will help hydrate you. Everywhere you use the product will be smooth.

Transformation of OSI Group Under Sheldon Lavin

Not much about Sheldon Lavin education background is known. The data about where he took his high school studies remains unknown. Nonetheless, he holds a degree in finance and accounting. Still, the university where he acquired the degree is not in the record. Sheldon attributes his success to his vast knowledge of finance and accounting.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI group. It was in the early 1970’s that he began building his work experience. He joined Otto and Sons Company in 1971 as a financial consultant. Later, in 1975 he partnered with Otto and Sons Company, and the company changed its name to OSI group. At this time the company was unstable. In the 80’s one of the partners decided to retire, and he sold his shares to Lavin and after that other partners also quit leaving Sheldon as the sole owner of the business. Since then, the company has grown under him into a world-class company with more than a dozen countries hosting the company.

His management skills have earned him many awards. On 20th February 2016, he received the global visionary award because of his success in making OSI group one of the biggest company and creating jobs in the United States of America.

Under his administration OSI group has won some award. The awards include globe of honor award in 2016 from the British safety council for prolific plan in reducing environmental pollution and the globe of honor in 2013 and 2015 among other envied titles.

In his interview with Lynn Fosse, CEOCFO Magazine, Sheldon Lavin stated that innovation was always in him but was adversely nature at OSI group. He said that his vision for OSI is continued profitable growth and serving the world to its satisfaction in the food industry.

Mr. Lavin has been the man behind the success of the company for a long time. His ventures and acquisitions have always been calculated. Some of the additions are Baho Food and Flagship Europe in hopes of bringing contemporary food processing to various regions around the world.

Besides, he serves as a board member for Goodman Theatre and a trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

In 2016, Amick Farms, a producer of a variety of fresh and frozen chicken products joined the OSI Group becoming one of the largest meat processing venture in the world. The enterprise hopes to grow larger.

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Lawrence Bender’s Life Before Good Will Hunting

Lawrence Bender is arguably one of the greatest film producers of our time. He has created such wonderful works like Inglorious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting. However, he was never really into the arts growing up. Compared to other film producers, he discovered his love for it relatively late.

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx, New York City, New York to a Jewish family. As he proceeded through the school system, it was his goal to become a civil engineer. He knew that there were great jobs in that field and he also wanted to pursue it because his grandfather was a civil engineer. After graduating from high school, Lawrence Bender enrolled at the University of Maine to pursue a degree in civil engineering. He did just that, graduating in 1979.

Lawrence Bender had his first taste of the arts while he was in college. He really started to get into dancing. His new goal was to become a professional dancer. Unfortunately, a very bad injury permanently sidelined him from his dream. This is when Bender transitioned over into the film industry.

Like I said earlier, Bender has created wonderful works but my favorite would have to go to Good Will Hunting. In the film, Will Hunting grows up in an abusive orphanage with only his brothers there to support him. This created a lot of resentment and anger in Will at a very young age. This abuse was both emotional and physical.

As Will got older, he picked up a job as a janitor at MIT. He worked the late shift. One night while cleaning the hallway, he solved a very difficult problem that surprised both the faculty and students alike. He was later tracked down by the professor, Sean Maguire. Maguire acted as the mentor and father figure that Will never had. He guided him through some of life’s toughest challenges, helping him get over his past and better his relationship with his girlfriend, Skylar. All in all, I love this movie because of the challenges Will has to constantly overcome. It is a great movie from a great film producer.


Stansberry Research Bullish On Walmart

Stansberry Research was originally founded in 1999 as an independent investment research firm. They are currently headquartered in Baltimore Maryland and have offices in several states across America including Florida, Oregon, and California. The company specializes in investment research and helps to inform readers about potential investment opportunities around the world.

Stansberry Research releases investment advice on a wide variety of topics and just recently released an editorial piece about Walmart. During its fourth-quarter earnings report, Walmart had its stock value decrease by almost 10%. The reasoning behind this significant decrease in valuation was thought to be a result of a slow online sales. This was the largest fall in value for the company over the last several years. By the end of the week, the companies share values had fallen nearly 13%.

One of the analysts for Stansberry Research first recommended shares of the company in 2006 during October. People who followed his advice have doubled their money by this point and have even potentially made more. This is impressive at this time. Includes one of the worst financial crisis the nation has ever weathered. He closed his recommendation in 2015 is believed that the shares were finally overvalued. Following this closure, the share value for Walmart fell by nearly 1/3.

He has once again reversed this determination and is now recommending traders to begin purchasing the company’s stock value. As of right now, Walmart is projecting a 3% growth in revenue over the year, and it will more than likely increase more than that. Walmart is finally beginning to get a foothold in the e-commerce world. By staying focused on Walmart’s online sales figures only you miss part of the big picture, however. Walmart is one of the worlds largest retailers, especially in North America. Walmart is now able to deliver products from their online marketplace in less than two days to the vast majority of their consumer base. This is comparable to online shopping giant Amazon. Walmart has one serious advantage in comparison to Amazon, refer to Stansberry Research. Walmart has one of the largest numbers of retail physical establishments in the entire country.


Louis R. Chenevert: An Impactful Career Walk

Louis R. Chenevert is the former chief executive officer & chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He has served in various positions such as being the president, chief executive officer, and chairman at different times of year until his retirement in November 2014. Louis was a chief operating officer at the same company since 2006 after serving as the president in Pratt & Whitney between 1999 and 2006. Before the year 1993 when he joined Pratt & Whitney, Louis R. Chenevert had served at General Motors for 14 years. After retiring at United Technologies, Louis joined Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division where he served as a senior industry advisor between 2015 and 2017. He is a member of Business Council, however, a former member of US-India CEO Forum. Louis R. Chenevert serves on Board of directors of Cargill Inc. He is also the Chairman of Yale Cancer Centre Advisory Board.

Louis R. Chenevert has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management from University de Montréal, École des Hautes études commercials (HEC). In 2011, he acquired an Honorary Doctorate from University of Montreal. He is also serving as a Chairman of International Advisory Board for HEC Montreal and is the founding director & chairman of Friends of HEC Board of Directors.

The goal of United Technologies, where he formerly worked, was focused on the understanding of needs of their customers and a great passion in delivering wonderful products. Louis R. Chenevert made great accomplishments in the company during his service at the company. What brought in so much success was the self-drive behind him to invest in technologies. He had a great vision for the company in supporting the economy of the US and create as many jobs as possible. Because of his career and service at Pratt and Whitney, the company has been able to establish manufacturing plants in Georgia, Connecticut, Florida, New York, and Michigan. These plants have created some supply chains and invested in meeting the needs of their clients. He is one of the brains that think creatively and innovatively to change the state of the companies. Louis R. Chenevert is a key person behind the growth and success of United Technologies towards becoming a global company with extensive investments in the world.


Perry Mandera: What does a generous man look like?

Perry Mandera can be described as a generous man, without a doubt. Custom Companies Incorporated was founded by Perry Mandera in 1986, and he remains the owner to this day. Being a dedicated man to giving back to the community, Mr. Mandera has donated to many charities over the years. He especially shows interest in charities that support US veterans, being a veteran himself. Mr. Mandera joined the US Marine Corps Reserve in 1975, immediately after graduating from high school. Perry Mandera has involved his own business in a conglomerate of businesses dedicated to helping veterans returning from military service. This conglomerate includes The Illinois State Crime Commission, Roosevelt University and several other businesses focused in the Chicago area. Mandera and these other business actively work together to find jobs for returning veterans. , and Mandera is always on the look out for veterans to hire into his own business.

Mandera is also an avid supporter of the environment, and has worked actively with the Environmental Protection Agency to better streamline his own transportation services, increasing efficiency and decreasing fuel usage. Custom Companies Inc. participates in the EPA’s SmartWay program, designed to track fuel usage and emissions of logistics and freight suppliers in order to increase efficiency, and increase the awareness of just how much emissions that these trucks put out, both of these leading to lowered effects on the environment and lowered fuel usage for the companies involved (https://affiliatedork.com/perry-mandera-mercy-home).

When Mandera first formed Custom Companies Inc, he knew that charity would be a large focus of his company, and so he created the Custom Cares Charities to handle any and all philanthropic activities. The majority of the monies are distributed to other charities that Mandera supports, with the rest being given to large national organizations. These include both the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Operation Support Our Troops and Toys for Tots. Custom Cares Charities has also given to medical research organizations involved with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. Mandera is well known as a man of generosity, and he has created a successful business centered on this principle.