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2018 Holds Thriving Popup Opportunities for The RealReal

The RealReal, an upscale resale clothing business based in San Francisco, has recently disclosed that the business plans to open quite a few popup shops throughout the year to test new clothing marketing. For those not big on modern retail marketing, a popup shop is a store that opens temporarily to cater to new trends selling seasonal and currently in style products.

The RealReal opened their first popup shop in New York City with great success; this lead to the company’s director of marketing, Allison Sommer, deciding that 2018 will be the business’ year to test out even more seasonal product sales. The benefit of these shops will help test what kind of trendy items sell best without opening a permanent store and wasting resources on products that might not sell well. Sommer commented that having solid store locations will give the business a “street-level presence”, which is necessary for an online clothing store to have if they want to gain more popularity and business. To put it simply, a store will spread brand awareness, and The RealReal has accomplished that with the first popup shop they recently and temporarily ran for two weeks that closed in December.

The founder of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright, is known for many accomplishments in the startup business world. She’s made quite the honorable achievement in sustaining her primarily online and mobile clothing store, as most startups die quite quickly; The RealReal has been thriving for roughly six years now. She goes the extra mile in consigning products by hiring professionals to thoroughly inspect each and every item to make sure the customer is receiving what they believe to buy, which is truly remarkable for an online business especially.

Popup shops are by far one of the best things an online business can do to spread brand awareness. The main issue is obtaining funding and proper marketing to gain success, which is where most online and mobile businesses lose. However, The RealReal has thrived from this new strategy, and the business’ decision to open more popup shops throughout 2018 should sustain that success.



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