How Eli Gerskovitch rose from a pub owner to a crafted beer brewery owner

In Canada, a craft brewery is owned by families or are just small, but others have been sold to larger corporations but are still called craft breweries. The first Canadian craft brewery was founded in 1982 in Vancouver known as Horse Bay Brewing. In 1984 came the Spinnakers Brewpub and Vancouver Island Brewery both in 1984 in Victoria. Granville Island Brewery and Brick Brewery of Waterloo were both founded in Vancouver in 1984 among others. They have continued to expand, and craft beer sales increased. By 2015, the sales had increased by almost 36 percent.

Eli Gershkovitch started a crafted beer brewery after a passion for the beer he developed in 1987 when he toured Europe and tasted beer for the first time. This was after pursuing his law degree from the University of Toronto. Eli Gershkovitch decided to make something great out of that taste. He started doing research on craft beer brewing and successfully located a brewpub in Gastown Vancouver. The problem was getting a liquor license, but fortunately, the building had a rare stem heat system which created steam-powered brewing.


In 1995 Eli Gerskovitch opened a Steamworks Brew Pub which had six craft beers. Eli Gerskovitch built a full-scale brewery in Burnaby and a taproom, and it became one of the biggest craft beer breweries. Eli Gershkovitch who is also a pilot and a lawyer designed the labels of the beer in such a way that designs of flying machines would be visible. Steamworks’ customers multiplied, and Eli Gershkovich had to acquire the Rogue kitchen with a sitting capacity of 570 people up from 184. Read more on

Eli Gershkovitch started to sponsor events, and this boosted his business and seven later he started a beer brewery that would produce beer twenty times more than Steamworks pub. Eli Gershkovitch held a party in Gastown pub to celebrate the introduction of bottled beers. Two years since the opening of the brewery, Eli gained full control of the brewery without even board members or stock investors. However, Conrad Gmoser who had previously worked at Steamworks started his brewery, but it continues working with Steamworks. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

Glen Wakeman Provides Mentoring As The CEO Of LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Glen Wakeman is known for his entrepreneurial spirit as well as being a business revolutionary. In addition, few know him as a mentor too. He has developed M&As and guided several startup companies. In addition, he has created new performance methodologies too. In 2015 Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It is a SAAS corporation.

He has done MBA in Finance as well as BS in Economics. Glen Wakeman has worked for companies that include GE Capital, and Doral Financial Corp. He is the founder of Nova Four. All this indicates the wide range of experience that he has. This includes P&L, and business development, besides holding the administrative positions of a President, CEO, and on the Board of Directors of several companies. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

But Glen Wakeman is most known for his 5 step performance methodology. It is a well-proven methodology. It focuses on managing risk, human capital, the power of leadership, and execution. Since he is a successful investor as well as a writer, he could inspire others in an easy manner. He has been inspiring on several topics that range from fiscal economics to strategic administration. He is a market strategist as he has experience with emerging markets, along with corporate management, as well as divestitures. He is able to offer insightful counsel to a range of executive level groups. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman has developed accurate methods for performance measurement, and these can be applied to various industries too.

He has participated in transformative business opportunities. In this way, he possesses extensive experience in global affairs. His strategic advice on raising capital, besides angel investing, as well as international financing platforms is considered to be invaluable. He is interested in all aspects of a business. This would include innovation, development, as well as growth in this highly competitive environment of a changing global marketplace. He has stayed in six different countries. He has run business operations that were spread over 30 regions all across the globe. He is a significant force, and all feel that he deserves recognition for the kind of extensive career accomplishments that he has achieved.


The Amazing Life of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a very important person in the world of oil drilling. This is because the company he controls is one of the largest in the United States. It is called Nabors Industries Ltd. Tony has used the wealth he has gained from being CEO of this company to do a lot of good in the world. His philanthropic efforts were the product of his daughter being born with a disease that limits the amount of oxygen that her brain received. This is a very rare disorder. Tony decided that the millions of dollars he was making could be put to very good use. He could spend it on finding a cure.

Tony Petrello was devastated when his daughter was born with a disorder for which there is no cure. Her name is Carena. He has said in various interviews that her illness has given him a greater appreciation for life. It has also turned him into a very big philanthropist who is more than willing to give away millions of dollars in the name of medical research. Tony believes that it is up to wealthy people like him to finance the research that is needed to cure the horrible diseases that are plaguing so many children around the world.

Tony Petrello has done many amazing things since he took charge of Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991. The company was originally founded back in the 1990s. It grew very rapidly and became extremely profitable in the early 1970s. However, the end of that decade and the 1980s were not kind to Nabors. In 1991, the company was on the verge of collapse. They were in desperate need of new leadership. This is why some of the executives for Nabors reached out to Tony. They believed that he was the man to lead the company into a new era of profitability. They turned out to be right.

It was not long before Tony Petrello proved himself to be an outstanding choice as CEO of Nabors. His decisions helped to guide the company in an exciting new direction that had investors smiling for the first time in many years. The stock for Nabors began to soar because of the new strategies that Tony began to implement as soon as he started his job as CEO. He new that the old ways of doing business had to be done away with. He trimmed the fat and minimized expenses. This helped to reduce losses.

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How Eric Lefkofsky has Changed the Area of Cancer Treatment

For a long time, cancer treatment has not been personalized. However, it is important to appreciate that adopting a one size fits all approach in treating cancer can be quite disappointing. Tempus is a research company that aims to utilize genomic data when treating cancer patients. Ever since its inception, the company has been in the forefront in developing a big library offering molecular and other clinical data for medical professionals. The data that is stored in the library makes it easier for medical professionals to treat their patients who are suffering from cancer.

For quite some time, the data stored in the library has proven to be very beneficial for patients suffering from cancer. It is important to note that Eric Lefkofsky was one of the main founders of Tempus. In deciding to start the company, he was motivated by the diagnosis of a close relative with cancer. Currently, Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO at Tempus. Basically, this means that he participates in the day to day running of the organization. For quite some time, he has been committed to the development of disruptive technologies.

Disruptive technologies have shown to be very promising in relation to the future of cancer treatment. Through the provision of an interactive platform, medical professionals have a way of treating cancer patients better. The provision of a machine learning platform has also played a significant role in enhancing the treatment of patients suffering from cancer. The services of the company have made it possible for doctors to make real time decisions when treating cancer patients.

By utilizing the information provided by tempus, doctors are now able to make data driven decisions. Eric Lefkofsky has an active presence on the social networks. For instance, he has an active twitter account where he discloses the events that he is attending. His twitter account also highlights the various positions that he holds. For instance, it is indicated that he is one of the co founders of Tempus Corporation. When researching about new treatments, the company uses animal models to reduce the inherent risks that might happen along the way. To know more about him click here.

The national and industrial legacy of BFW winner, Omar Yunes

Mexico’s franchise business received a global facelift when Omar Yunes won the Best Franchise of the World award. The ceremony held in Florence Italy hosted best franchisees from all over the world. Some of the participating countries included Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, France, Hungary, and Italy. It was Mexico’s debut participation in the event.

Sushi Itto’s legacy

Omar Yunes went to the competition as a franchisee for the Sushi Itto brand. It is a Japanese food chain business with several franchisees in the world. Omar Yunes began his work with this leading world food brand at the age of 21. Today, he manages more than 13 units spread across the cities of Mexico, Veracruz, and Puebla.

Noteworthy contributions

The BFW settles on the best franchisee based on the input to the brand regarding innovations, expansion, and addition of knowledge. The overall value added to the label such as sales and saving and the influence on the employees is also taken into account.

Omar Yunes had made noteworthy contributions to the business chain. One of his innovations is the development of a performance measurement formulae and an information management system. The systems have been incorporated in the brand’s management procedures with impressive results. Additionally, by creating 13 more units, Yunes has expanded the company by almost 10%. His staff comprises of approximately 400 people.

An irrefutable testimony

In the past years, Mexico’s franchise industry has remained a regional affair. Entering the BFW competition gave it a chance to showcase its ability on a global forum. During the national level competition, competitors from over 34 provinces in the country took part. Omar Yunes clinched the award. He teamed up with Ivan Tamarex, who came second, to represent their country in Italy.

The president and organizer of BFW’s Mexico chapter competition, Diego Elizarraras, termed Yunes victory as a significant boost to the country’s industry. It pointed out that the nation claimed its rightful place on the world’s franchising arena. Omar Yunes’ heroic win was a testimony of the country’s maturity in the franchising sector. Besides his country, Sushi Itto also gained international recognition for its support of innovation and creativity.

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Financial Advisor David Giertz: An Expert In Retirement Planning

Retirement planning expert David Giertz has a track record for providing his clients with smart, insightful information about retirement saving strategies that help them take control of their future. This is important because many people decide to retire early without proper planning. Many of them fail to plan at all and struggle to survive. Top financial advisor David Giertz offers some helpful steps for effective retirement planning.

  1. Save as much as you can in a retirement account.
  2. Identify other sources income of retirement income to ensure financial stability in retirement.
  3. Make smart investment decisions. What you invest in and how are very important.
  4. Figure out how much money you’ll need to meet your needs in retirement. Generally it takes about 15 times your annual income.
  5. Find the flexible retirement plan that’s best for you. For early retirement consider a Roth IRA if you earn under $118,000 annually or a 401(k) or traditional IRA if you earn more. Substantially Equal Periodic Payments can be used by people wishing to retire before they are age 55 to make 5 equal withdrawals before age 59 1/2 without paying a penalty.
  6. Get a brokerage account along with your retirement saving account. This offers investment and withdrawal flexibility without limitations. Put some money into a health savings account as well.

The president of the sales and distribution organization Nationwide Financial Distributors, David Giertz graduated from Millikin University with a bachelor’s degree. He then attended the University of Miami where he earned an MBA. Giertz is also a WABC certified business coach as well as a FINRA industry arbiter. Currently based in Dublin, Ohio, he teaches clients the importance properly managing their social security income.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He’s consider to be among America’s top financial advisors. Giertz has generated billions of dollars in revenue growth while worked for several companies. He’s a visionary, accomplished, visionary and has a track record of proven success. David Giertz has provided his valuable services to a wide array of community organizations.

5 Tips To Create An Effective PR Campaign

Status Labs is a digital reputation management company that has published a guide to creating a successful PR pitch in a company press release. The company is based in Texas and manages reputation’s for both private individuals, organizations and businesses. Its reputation management services include crisis management, brand building, image management and content creation. Below is a summary of the tips to a highly effective PR pitch that was outlined by Status Labs in January of 2015.


The first word of advice given by Status Labs for a successful PR pitch is to stay on topic. Status Labs suggests doing a lot of research before contacting any reporters, writers and magazine publications. If you contact journalists or magazines with content that they don’t cover then they can block or ignore you. This is exactly what you don’t want happening and can limit your future options.


Status Labs then suggests you try to keep your pitches short, sweet and to the point. Reporters and column writers often get a lot of email and messages. By keeping your messages short and on topic, you increase the likelihood that they will be read and understood by the reporters. Including a call to action at the end is also a good idea because it can increase the chances of hearing back from journalists.


The third word of advice given by Status Labs for a successful pitch is to know who you are contacting. Try and get to know who you are sending your content to. You should also try and establish a relationship with them if possible. Try to engage with them on social media and add them to your online networks such as LinkedIn.


Status Labs also suggests that you try and offer the world to journalists whenever you can. What this means is that you should try and be accommodating to reporters and writers. Provide them with the information they need and images or photographs of your company or issue. If you make their work easier, they will be more likely to work with you in the future. Giving them high quality content will also make their coverage of you better as well.


The last tip given by Status Labs for a good PR pitch is to make it a story. Your pitch should not be an advertisement and nor should it be monotonous. Make it read like a story and make sure its relevant.


There are five key things that can help you get a PR pitch according to Status Labs. They are timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. If your pitch fulfills these requirements then it should be okay and effective. For more on Status Labs’ five tips to a successful PR Pitch you can check out the original article on PR Newswire.

Anthony Petrello the excellent CEO

Anthony Petrello is among the highest earning CEOs in the United States. Anthony works for Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a leading company in supplying equipment for drilling oil and gas across the world. The company has its operations running in more than 20 nations. They provide services like specialty oil drilling rigs, offshore drilling equipment, land-drilling equipment and rig equipment. The company has certified staffs that are highly trained in handling the equipment. Nabors is always innovative in the continually changing gas and oil industry and in the drilling field too. The company provides some of the highest ranked technology and facility on the modern day market.

In the year 1991, Anthony Petrello began working for Nabors as a member of the board of directors. He served as part of the executive committee of the board. From 19991 up to 2011, Anthony also worked as Nabors’ chief operating officer and president. In this period of 20 years, he foresaw most of the greatest innovation and expansion of the Nabors Industries. In spite of the many tasks Anthony has at Nabors, he applies the knowledge he has on leadership to serve in a calculated formation capacity. This ability has helped him foresee and guide innovations for the company. Anthony ensures he is always innovative in the oil and gas industries, maintaining the company’s status as a top-ranked provider in the gas and oil industry.

Anthony has gained many skills and experience in the operations of the business. Anthony has worked at Nabors for many years. This is the key reason why he was considered for promotion as a CEO when the former CEO left the company. After Anthony was promoted to the chief executive officer, the company’s share value grew by 180%. Anthony has been able to cultivate a healthy relationship with those investing in the business. This ability to maintain a good relationship with the investors of the enterprise has played a significant role in the success of the Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries Ltd has gained more investors and increased profits as a result of Anthony Petrello’s skills in leadership and the knowledge gained from his work at Nabors over the years. His work has given him a good reputation across the world. Anthony is well known and admired all over the world as an exceptional CEO. At the company, Anthony is responsible for ensuring full implementation of the company’s plans, supervision of the leadership team, recruiting personnel for the company’s top jobs, maintaining contact with the current investors and linking with new investors. Anthony has good team-work spirit and is always working towards achieving the goals and visions of Nabors Industries.

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Sentient AI Bringing Revolutionary Processing Platforms

The company of Sentient Technologies has been around since 2007. It was formerly known as Genetic Finance Holding Ltd. before it did a major rebranding and delved into AI or artificial intelligence. The Sentient Technologies has its headquarters set up in the city of San Francisco. It was established by collaborative founder Antoine Blondeau, who is also the chairman of the company, and Babak Hodjat, who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sentient Technologies, as well as Adam Cheyer who later moved in and created the beginnings of Siri.


Sentient Technologies has come out with two products so far called Sentient Aware and SentientAscend. The company has generated more than 140 million of funding so far since its inception. In 2016, The business of Sentient Technologies became the best funded company in the world. The business of Sentient Technologies is focused firmly on e-commerce as well as online content, and trading. The company runs the largest resource on distributed artificial intelligence.


The Series A funding round raised two million for the company, and in series B the figure jumped up drastically to 38 million, being led by Horizons Ventures. Series C raised the business up to 103 million dollars which kickstarted the creation of the products that Sentient Technologies is offering so far.


The first products that Sentient Technologies launched was Sentient Ascend. The product came out in 2016. It is based on SaaS AI (Software as a Service). It has the purpose of increasing the conversion rate online through optimizing the platform. The functions of Sentient AI is based largely on the AI methods which are used in the financial tech IP of the product.


The platform that Sentient Technologies has created combines computation processes which mimic biological evolution and deep learning, based on the makings of a nervous system. The CPU core capacity for the Sentient Technologies platform is as much as two million. It runs 5 000 GU cards throughout 4 000 physical sites all around the world. All of this makes the Sentient Technologies platform one of the largest ones dedicated to artificial intelligence.


To put it simply, the platform of Sentient Technologies links a vast number of computers together, speaking hundreds of thousands of those. The platform combines them into a single machine which then runs a machine-learning software. What the platform created by Sentient Technologies can do is direct the work of as many as two million processor cores towards the same problem.

The insight of Filipe Montoro Jens on the Brazilian Economy

Over the years, Brazil has had a strong affiliation between state ownership and the economy. This status quo made it almost unlikely that people like Felipe Montoro Jens would exist in the country. The 1980 debt crisis in Brazil, however, forced the state to adopt a privatization model in the economy. The National Confederation of Industry reported that this was a crucial move in economic development for the Nation.

Privatization has been a long journey. According to Montoro, the 20th century was characteristically defined by a significant state presence in the economy. It was not until 1930 that the concept of privatization drew its infancy breath. A rigorous political crowd loomed over the matter. The proceeding 50 years bore a consistent economic growth for the country.

The National Privatization Program was initiated in 1990. It ushered in the standardized commercial platform proposed by the government. The sectors that initially succumbed to privatization were aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. In the year 1995, the government put transportation, electricity, sanitation, banking and telecommunications corporations at the forefront of privatization. This was made possible by the concession law. Years later, in 2004, Public-Private partnerships were approved which propelled the telecommunications industry to full privatization.

The National Economic and Social Development Bank was introduced to serve the new era. BNDES primary duty was to establish the quality of privatization programs and their operations. The institution is had by Montoro as the CFO. His qualification includes his degree in International Management from The American Garvin School of International Management, Thunderbird.

Filipe’s primary role is planning, controlling and being the treasurer of BNDES in Brazil and three other countries. He has been celebrated for his exemplary performance on multiple boards. Seeing as his principal specialty is in infrastructure, his insight on the partnership between Brazil and BNDES is pivotal. He is a patriot who wants only the best for his country’s economy.