Talk Fusion’s New Updated Article by Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of the world famous video marketing agency, Talk Fusion. This company is known for providing clientele with everything that they need to develop in the world of video advertising. Bob recently just created another guest article for Martech Advisor. Bob Reina has written the second article published on this site, and the more than 1 million people subscribed on this site will enjoy the knowledge he has to share.


Pinpointing the fastest and most important new strategies for video, Bob Reina provides some of the most important knowledge you need to be aware of if you want to succeed with your business. This article is going to showcase the most viral and most important advertising trends for 2017. There are always going to be changes in the way everybody does business. There are constantly going to be different ways to advertise, market, and build a strategy that works. And Reina provides everything you need so you can grow and develop your brand as effectively as possible.


Talk Fusion is a company that provides an all in one video marketing system that can help any brand create all the right marketing with video. Their main goal is to provide businesses with ways to stand out from their competitions, keep customers coming in, and making sure that they can increase sales and earn more profits. It’s all about being persuasive and know how to provide efficient video that brings people in. Bob Reina knows that there is more to this business than you think, and it’s about utilizing Talk Fusion as correctly as possible.


If you want to grow in your brand, be sure to read this new article by Bob. He showcases not just tips but also some great reasons on why you should be in video marketing. There are so many successes that can be accomplished with the power and help of this company that can guide you to using Talk Fusion efficiently. Talk Fusion is the right company to work with, and you will find that they can help lead you to making more money.

What Ascendant’s Founder Jeffrey Schneider Thinks about the Modern Work Place

Jeffrey Schneider has been at the helm of Ascendant Capital LLC for a while now. The company is concerned with investments that are a little bit different from the common types. When the business started, they only had a handful of the necessary staff; however, they are now housing more than 30 people in their payroll and have really expanded their capital base and net worth. The growth and success of the company can be attributed to, among other things, the quality of the leadership that Jeffrey Schneider has been playing in the transformation.

When asked what made him think about getting into a different approach at work, he states that he started noticing that the traditional customer was shifting their focus from the companies that simply helped them by delivering their services, and looking into the companies that offered a positive and transformational experience in the process. He started thinking about the changes that would be great for both the customer and the employee. The first of the things that he noted had an issue was employees staying in cubicles. As soon as he changed this concept of seclusion, the output of the company started improving.

He states that humans are social beings, and that making their work place seem like isolation cells is not really the best way to deal with their need to connect with one another. In addition to the need for free interaction, he also noted that when the employees spent the entire day seated down, they were more likely to feel dissatisfied than when they had the freedom to move around. When the office spaces were being created, he made sure that there was as much room for movement as possible to free the mental image of prison from the employees when they thought of work.

He encourages a lot of socialization among the employees stating that when they are allowed to carry out projects in groups, the output will be better. Another recommendation that he makes is that the office space needs to be in a quiet setup. When there is too much commotion in the immediate environment that surrounds the office, productivity lessens and his on Facebook.

Interesting Facts About Avi Weisfogel and His Experiences

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. He is highly experienced in the treatment of sleep and sleep disorders. Old Bridge Dental Care was his first established dental practice in 1999. After 15 years in office, he received tributes from the public. He has been the best-known dentist over a long time. He uses the opportunities that come his way in learning about how dentists and doctors help patients grieved with sleeping illnesses. He established a Dental Sleep Masters to assistance dentists through the aid of oral appliances. Through his company, he has been able to understand sleeping apnea.


This information has helped dentists find latent patients and assist them in getting treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel got his BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He also earned a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He founded Healthy Heart Sleep Company in 2010. It is mandated with offering advises to physicians on establishing and managing sleeping labs across the world. He came up with the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient forum back in 2012. Through this forum, he gave lectures to dentists on how to upsurge and attend to sleeping patients.


Sleeping apnea affects all people regardless of their ages. However, people with excess weight and the elderly are at higher risks of being infected. Almost, 50 percent of the reported cases are individuals with excess weight. This problem is as a result of fat deposits around specific body parts especially the neck and wrists.


Men are more prone to sleeping disorders than women since they have a wide neck. Similar risks are very high in patients with naturally narrow airways, enlarged tonsils or prolonged nasal blocking. Also, diabetes, high blood pressure, and perennial smokers are highly susceptible to the disorder.


Charismatic StoneCastle CEO Stephen Rotella Foresees Sweep

Banking is the critical factor to America’s stalwart business status. A sound system of integrity and quality leads this nation to the finite forefront of financial finesse. This unique situation is what allows bold businesses to flourish. Given a financial constant, businesses can focus on the key components which differentiate themselves from their competitors and peers. Thus, investment banking is the essence of the spirit driving capitalism to create.


So when financial firms like StoneCaste push the envelope, a beautiful compounding effect enhances business exponentially. Recently, StoneCastle acquired Intermedium’s insured deposit sweep system. The intuitive acquisition includes the InterLINKTM FinTech platform, and related technology. The purchase solidifies StoneCastle’s status as an institutional investment leader, and represents the firms forward-driving mentality.


StoneCastle is a company foundational focused on technological solutions, so this purchase bolsters this capacity. According to Stephen Rotella, StoneCastle CEO, this technology will “add significant value” through efficiency based innovation. Rotella is bold in his rhetoric, promising to bring solutions which will stun the market. Forward thinking is the name of the game.


Rotella cites pending SEC and DOL regulatory reforms as an integral factor coinciding with the sweep technology acquisition. He believes that now is the time to cement the status of StoneCastle as current opportunities are “historic”. John Marshall, a managing member of the private equity firm that owns Intermedium, is ecstatic regard the purchase. Marshall sees StoneCastle as “vibrant” and “prudent yet ambitious”. This is a beautiful medium in the banking business, sure to inspire achievement (and ensure stability).


Stephen Rotella brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience to StoneCastle. He has been a president of Chase Manhattan, CEO of Chase Home Finance, LLC, and Executive Vice President of JP Morgan Chase. Rotella’s roles have involved employment from day-to-day operations, oversight, and advisory capacities. Through employment in this range of leadership roles, his capacity to achieve innovation is second-to-none. StoneCastle has a unique foundation for a financial future, and is backed by banking stalwarts CIBC and Charlesbank Capital Partners. This firm status, in synergy with the bold leadership of Stephen Rotella, paves a world-class way.

End Citizens United Is Backing Clinton

There have been a number of PACs that have been raising millions of dollars for Hillary Clinton during this election season. There is another political action committee that is backing her. But this one is dedicated to limiting the outside money and its influence in politics. This is End Citizens United which is endorsing this presumptive Democratic nominee.
This is a PAC that would like to overturn the Supreme Court decision of 2010. It was this decision that had removed all limits on various independent expenditure groups. This group is backing her as it has noted that she supports a constitutional amendment that would be able to overturn this court decision.
In fact, End Citizens United has confirmed that in the first 30 days after getting elected, she has committed to doing that only. One potential way in which she can do this is by appointing a Supreme Court justice. He would be able to support legal action.
In fact, Clinton has categorically stated that she is in full support of a constitutional amendment that would oppose Citizens United. She has been saying this since the early days when she started her campaign.
The Constitution of America requires that two-thirds of both the houses of Congress along with three-fourths of all the state legislatures need to overturn this kind of a ruling. Or else just two-thirds of state legislatures calling for a constitutional convention is also good enough is the amendment gets approved by nearly three-fourths of the states.
This is why it was important for End Citizens United to back a candidate who is supporting this campaign finance reform.
Do note that super PACs are not allowed to give directly to any candidate. They cannot even coordinate with any campaign. But they can always run ads that support any candidate. Or else there can be ads where they can criticize an opponent. This is their way to add to any campaign.
But in the case of End Citizens United PAC, its filings with the Federal Election Commission show most of its donations coming in the form of small contributions. Clinton has issued a campaign statement in which she has thanked the End Citizens United for its support. She has also laid out specific policies in order to reform the campaign finance.
These include appointing Supreme Court justices who are able to understand that this is a decision that has deeply hurt the Democracy of America. She is going to fight for various other progressive reforms too. These are the ones that campaign finance system. The disclosure requirements have to be made more robust. Steps have to be taken to ensure that even those who are not so rich or so well-connected can also run for office.


Desiree Perez Helps Jay-Z Build Two Business Ventures

Roc Nation Sports is one of the early business ventures that Jay-Z decided to get involved with. He had money to invest in athletes and build a sports division, but he really had no idea about how he would develop a franchise that had athletes on the payroll. Desiree Perez, a long time friend, had a knack for negotiating contracts and helping people get the most that they could get for their talent. Some might say that she helped Jay-Z build Roc Nation Sports.  Check on

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Tidal is another business ventures that Jay-Z decided to get into. When this business started there was a lot of star power in place to help fans anticipate this music streaming service. Once all of the smoke cleared it was Jay-Z that was standing in place too turn this music streaming service into something that people would want. This was another place where he found himself dealing with some issues.

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Tidal is a company that Jay-Z realized that was unmanageable without some help. He had people in executive positions to run the company, but after a while they proved to be worthless to the overall success of Tidal. It would be Desiree Perez that would take her role in negotiating contracts all over again for another Jay-Z business venture. He knew that he could trust her and her business decisions. She is someone that has always had a knack for overcoming adversity, and getting Tidal to become profitable may have been the biggest adversity that Jay-Z has ever encounter. He knew that he would need Perez on his team.


It would not be easy, but there definitely would be a need for Desiree Perez to become acquainted with the Tidal franchise. She would be the one that would help this company take off and grow.


Maggie Gill’s Leadership For Improvement

Maggie Gill holds her leadership position in top entities, with intelligence. Gill has her bachelor’s degree and MBA from Florida State University and Saint Leo University in Florida. With good brains in strategic thinking and management from Wharton School. Before Gill joined Memorial University in 2004, Gill served five years as the CFO, Awarded Tenet Outstanding Financial Chief Officer. In 2004 she joined Memorial University Medical Center with a successful career.

Maggie Gill’s responsibilities as CEO was her leadership with many operations. Such as trauma services, financial assistance and facilities management. Gill’s presentation for the hospital is the plan that focuses on quality and safety. Memorials goal is to provide safe, reliable patient and family-centered care. The strategic plan also includes a children’s wellness program to educate children about healthy living.

Becker’s Hospital Review featured Maggie Gill among the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEO’s in 2016. Gill’s most important thing outside her job is her family.

Maggie Gill’s team was awarded seven awards at the Georgia Medical Society. Recognizing those who devoted their career to improving the health of the community.

For five months Memorial and North Carolina-based Novant Health Inc. negotiated in result that they failed to reach an agreement. Gill and Memorial Communications Director denied any such agreement existed. Maggie Gill an employee argued the Director and that Memorial Health board of directors were responsible. Gill didn’t receive money from Novant through Memorial.

Novant Health agreed that Maggie Gill was to be the key person in their joint effort to provide for Memorial. Gill feels targeted however she can’t stop people from voicing their opinions. Novant walked away from negotiations. A letter from the chairman stated that Memorial and Novant Health had a contractual relationship for shared services since 2012 in agreement that allows them to savemoney in supply purchasing.


White Shark Media: Advantages Of PPC Management Service


White Shark Media is top rated online advertising agency, with a team of highly recommended professionals. The company has been rendering superior services for years and is considered one the most reputable in the industry.


Pay per click advertising is among the very best internet marketing strategies to get excellent quality targeted prospects to your web site, and convert them into buyers.


In a PPC campaign, the marketer only pays for actual click-throughs to a particular pre-determined website, such as when customers click on shown links or banners, as opposed to spending for each perception the advertisement makes.


The idea is simple – individuals browse the web, key in a search term and see your advertisement that supplies highly appropriate details on the products or services they need.


PPC advertising gives you the option to reach your consumers on a huge or small scale. Your ads can be targeted to get to consumers internationally, across the country or locally.


White Shark Media’s professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of digital advertising, particularly, PPC management.


They take the mystery out of local and national PPC management. Their PPC management professionals want you to become familiar with their technique is, how they are executing it thoroughly, and how well your advertising budget is paying off. The more involved you’re, the more input you give and questions you ask – the far better they like it.


From configuration to research to management as well as reporting, White Shark Media’s approach to Pay Per Click is unlike any other. The advertising specialists at White Shark Media begin with an exhaustive evaluation to learn about your business as well as sophisticated keyword research that provides the structure for ongoing refinement, optimization, reporting and also evaluation.




Samuel Strauch As A Part Of The Mecca Of Real Estate

Mr. Samuel Strauch is an active investor and businessman. He is based in Miami Beach, Florida which is the mecca of real estate investment in the United States of America. Mr. Samuel Strauch attended Hofstra University in New York City, US. He completed his undergraduate degree in business there before moving on to Erasmus University in Rotterdam and later to Harvard University.

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Originally, Mr. Samuel Strauch began his professional career in the field of banking but later decided to join the family business in South Florida. The real estate business was a great fit for Mr. Samuel Strauch. He excelled in his line of work. He went on to establish his own company in 2002 – Metrik Real Estate. The company is still in operation today more than fifteen years later. The company has its headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale Area, Miami. Metrik Real Estate has integrated a number of complementary enterprises in acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, development and brokerage of real estate in Latin America and South Florida. Mr. Samuel Strauch is the Principal Metrik Real Estate. He is also a versed investor in several in several restaurant businesses as well as internet startups. His hobbies include art and photography.

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Metrik Real Estate is divided into three main areas – Brokerage, Equity and Development, and Management. The company was greatly assisted by the realty company Affinity Realty Group, also located in Miami, Florida. Today Metrik Real

Estate has expanded exponentially and has offices in almost all of the states of the USA as well as a number of offices in South America. The company used to have a management division by the name of Level 5 Services but evolved into a joint part of Metrik Real Estate. The company achieved great success and it among the leaders in its line of work.

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Dr Walden’s Advice for Patients

There are a lot of plastic surgeries you can do, but you have to know about the doctor you are using. Dr Jennifer Walden offers ideas to help you find a great Doctor and have a good surgery experience.


Ask Questions

One of the biggest things you should do is to ask questions so you can find out about the Doctor you are going to be using. You should find out if they are good at their job. Any great Doctor will have photos that show their work. This way you will be able to see what they do for their work.


Another thing to ask about is what they do most. They may only do a few different surgeries. That is why it’s important to know what ones they excel at so you know the Doctor knows what they are doing for your procedure.


Ask For Referrals

Another big thing you will want to do is ask for referrals from their customers. This way you will talk to real people that have had them for a Doctor. Then you will get a real view of who the Doctor is and what they do well with.


There are a lot of ways you can find out about the Doctor you are using for your surgery, but Dr Walden is a great example of a good Doctor that will do a wonderful job. All you need to do is give her a call and set up an appointment today. Then you will see for yourself.