Why Marc Sparks is a Top Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is an avid entrepreneur and businessperson. Unlike other successful individuals who consider themselves self-made, Marc owes all his accomplishments to the grace of God. In fact, he reiterates this point by evaluating how amazing it is for a C+ high-school individual like him to develop and sell products and companies that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Although Sparks has no background of formal training, he boasts of a keen instinct that has assisted him in becoming the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur.

Building Businesses

Throughout his career, Marc Sparks has displayed a knack for building businesses. He does this mainly from ideas that many other people perceive as impossible. By taking up an idea, Mark goes ahead to establish a business model as well as company culture. He also creates both short and long-term growth plans for the business.

He works in a special way by allowing his team to access him at any given time without the need to reserve a conference room or set up a meeting. Consequently, this saves not only a considerable amount of time but also gets problems resolved promptly. This attribute has propelled him to an individual who maintains a handful collection of businesses in his private equity firm dubbed as Timber Creek Capital, LP.


Aside from building successful businesses, Marc has also ventured into the world of writing by releasing his book called, They Can’t Eat You. In the book, he shares all his experiences from good to bad. Sparks feels that most readers of his book can acquire more valuable lessons from his unsuccessful business endeavors than the successful ones.

He is an individual who started a software company and later sold $200 million worth of products. However, he created an insurance holding firm that almost reached a billion dollar market cap only to lose it in a three months duration. For this reason, dedicates his book to those entrepreneurs who have almost lost hope in succeeding in business.


Marc maintains a deep passion for helping others in society, especially in Texas. He does this through a homeless shelter based in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn. Through the shelter, he delivers a hand up instead of a handout.

This program involves job placement, financial education, counseling, health programs and family services. Apart from the Texas based shelter, he is involved with other charitable initiatives such as the Habitat for Humanity and America Can!

Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Activist & Proponent of Democracy

Thor Halvorssen is no mere threat to any would-be corporeal medium that marginalizes, or completely precludes any attempt for an individual to express his/her natural rights here on this earth. To the contrary, Thor Halvorssen is a ever-present chronic pain to any form of despotic regime, nation, institution, individual that delimits the rights of any one person.

Thor’s history in activism attest to his concern for those who have the inability to speak for themselves, those-who are servile to the whims of a vague power not partial in recognizing essential rights. The New York Times characterized Thor with this epithet: “The champion of the underdog and the powerless” an apt statement for this man.

Thor’s quest as an activist for human rights started at an early age, but it really began to take root with his founding of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York city in 2005.

Thor’s work with the Human Rights Foundation is this: Thor’s criticism of China for Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel peace price recipient, imprisoned for his outspoken views of China’s disenfranchisement of its citizens; the inability of Dr.Chee Soon Juan, an outspoken activist in Singapore, denied leave from his country under dubious claims to attend a Freedom Forum in Oslo, Norway; the atrocities of General Yoweri Museveni despot of Uganda, Thor claims “persecutes dissidents and critics with imprisonment, torture, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings; Thor’s work, by no means, is limited to those hitherto examples http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/thor-halvorssen

Thor is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a forum where notable activists for democracy and civil rights around the world come to speak. This forum is meant to bring awareness to and give concerted effort, empowerment, to activists in the strategies needed to fight against oppressive governments.

Thor is also a filmmaker, his films also bring awareness of the various inequities committed around the globe that inhibit peoples rights. A Film like the “Singing Revolution” created to bring awareness of the Estonian peoples plight against the Russian hegemony between 1986 and 1991 (). Other films he has made:”Indoctrinate U,” and “The Sugar Babies” meant to bring awareness of human right violations.

Securus Helps Us Call Family Often

Securus has been the best prison calling option for some time, and they are providing a lovely service to people such as myself. We are calling family in jail every day, and I feel much better using their service every day. We reach out to more than one family member who is in jail, and I hear they are doing work with the police and other government agencies.


#1: The Voice Recognition Software


The software that is used to help recognize voices is used by Securus to help catch criminals, and I feel better knowing they are doing good things for society. It is nice to know they are doing such good work, and I feel good because I know our calls are still secure. The company does quite a lot of work protecting their system.


#2: We Call Often With Video


We have video calls every few days with someone in the family, and I know it means quite a lot to them to check in with us. We want them to know that they are supported, and I feel nice knowing I have given them something that they did not have before. They are living with a sentence that we want to see end, and we will be there when they get out. We tell them this over Securus often, and the calls help us connect.


I feel very good about speaking to family over Securus, and I know the company does quite a lot of work to ensure they are offering aid to the police. We are using the system because we need a video call that will help us connect, and I think it helps our family stay as connected as possible. We are certain we will be a stronger family when everyone gets out of jail.


Wengie’s Unicorn Hair Hacks For Lazy People

Come join the party! I just watched Wengie’s super fun Hair Hack video for Lazy People on YouTube. It was totally awesome and worth it!


Wengie’s personality is really bubbly and she is super friendly. It’s like you just get to hang out and have fun together in her totally adorable bedroom. It’s very girlie and filled with flowers and a lot of pink and white things. She also has some really funny video mashups, music and acting bits that keep the topic really interesting.


Her self described “unicorn color hair” is really cool to look at. She demonstrates her hacks in her own hair with little effort which makes it feel like you can really do these things yourself. She has ten things listed but I definitely had some favorite standouts.


In one part of the video, she has her cute cat with her. She keeps trying to put bobby pins in her hair but they keep disappearing. She figures out a simple solution by placing the pins in an empty tic tac case so they will be easier to find next time.


Talk about a lazy hair hack, this one was perfect…Wengie wanted to do her makeup or play on her phone but her hair was wet and she needed to blow dry it. She comes up with a clever solution we can all copy. She takes her hair dryer and places the handle in the top drawer of her dresser and then shuts it as far as she can. Then she turns on the dryer and sits on the floor and gets her hair dried hands free!


Wengie keeps showing us ways to save money and time with everyday household items throughout the video. She even takes out a pink sock and scissors. Guess what? She uses them to create a 5-minute messy bun!

Learn more about Wengie:



Chris Burch Knows How To Run Successful Companies

The business world changes over the years based on what is occurring in the world. The business world and the companies that makeup the business world must be able adapt to what is going on in the business market. The main reason for this is that companies must attract and maintain customers.


Therefore, companies must be fully aware of what is going on in the business markets at all times. Companies must understand and keep up with trends, but more importantly, companies must be able to feel the pulse of the business markets to know what people want or need. A huge part of being able to give people what they want or need is to have vision. Successful companies are ran by leaders who have tremendous vision. The leaders are able to see and develop ideas that are new and fresh.


In the business world there are many markets that require the ability to have vision just to compete in the markets. Two of these markets are technology and fashion. Innovation is a key component for the companies in these markets. Both markets reward companies with vision. The companies that are able to determine what people will want or need years in advance establish the innovation and trends for these two markets.


One of the things that the fashion market has done in recent years is to utilize technology with fashion designs. The business vision of various fashion leaders moved them to bring technology into the fashion market. There are many reasons why numerous fashion leaders have made this move, but one of the main reasons is that technology is very popular in the world today. Millions of people are technology users and the use of technology with fashion designs brings a different element into the fashion world. An element that is popular in its own right.


A highly successful executive who has an enormous amount of vision for business is Chris Burch. A successful executive since his days in college, Chris Burch has changed many aspects of the fashion world based on his vision. A unique understanding of the fashion world combined with an uncanny business savvy give Chris Burch a rare combination of business qualities.


In addition to his unique vision for the fashion world, Chris Burch also has a great understanding of technology. He has ran successful companies in the technology market, and he knows how to develop successful technology companies.

The Feud Between Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox


It’s no secret that many people love to admire celebrities from afar. There are often votes about who is the best celerity, and what they have done to reach the best celebrity status. There are also many contests about which celebrity is the “hottest” or “sexiest.”  We all know Megan Fox sexy, but that doesn’t seem to stop the feuds between A-listers.


The celebrities themselves enjoy being in the moment, in the spotlight. Many people have compared Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox over the years to see which celebrity is more beautiful. It is up to you to decide what you think, as you are entitled to your own opinion.


While each woman is beautiful in her own way, and both are famous enfps, it is up for fans to pick which one of the two they like better based on how they look. Of course, there are many other things you should consider before picking a favorite celebrity!

You could decide that you like the Jennifer Lopez booty, or her style of clothing better because she has stunning eyes and hair. Many people have commented on how her eyes make her look very passionate about what she does.

Alternatively, you could decide that you like Megan Fox better because she has a stunning smile and lovely white teeth. You may also appreciate the fact that she has plastic surgery and has altered her looks.


It’s truly up to you to decide which one of these beautifully stunning women that you like better, and why.


Which woman do you appreciate more? Which woman has a great smile? Which woman has a wonderful clothing style? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

DHerbs.com Offers a New Take on the Full Body Cleanse


Dherbs.com’s Full Body Cleanse product is highly rated by customers on Yelp for health benefits and weight loss. This 20 day cleanse works to remove toxins and improve the immune system. The product improves energy levels, and eliminates cravings for junk food.It help to keep the mind clear and focused. It is sold on the Dherbs.com website.


According to TrustPilot reviews, this product comes with a 20 page instructional booklet that tells you how to proceed. Your diet during the Full Body Cleanse should be raw and natural. The booklet has a time schedule when to take the capsules, eat, and perform exercise routines required. They offer recipes and ideas for the raw food diet needed for the cleanse.

There are six capsules to help regulate and improve six different systems in your body. The six capsules are for your blood and lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder, cardiovascular system, lungs and respiratory, kidneys, bladder, adrenal, colon and digestive system. Activated charcoal is taken to removes toxins from your system.


This is a great program to try in the new year to lose weight and improve health. Some of the cleanse is in liquid form for those customers that have trouble taking capsules. Men and women have improved their every day health and lost weight with the DHerbs.com Full Body Cleanse.


Customers on the Full Body Cleanse lose 8 to 30 pounds. It varies depending on your age, body weight, and metabolism. Many have chronic symptoms that clear up after the cleanse. It improves the condition of your skin and reduces hot flashes in menopause. Some customers have seen an improvement in blood sugar levels they are monitoring for diabetes.  Although some people have amazing success, and the Steve Harvey show had a great story about one man’s success through Dherbs.com.


Visit Dherbs.com website to learn more about the Full Body Cleanse and other products that help improve your health and help you lose weight naturally.  Or read some of the health tips that Dherbs.com makes available through Pinterest, for more motivation on living a healthy lifestyle.


Goettl Makes America Cooler

Some locations in this country are hotter than most. Air conditioning companies that provide HVAC services to these places have to be specialized in dealing with arid temperatures. There’s one company that operates in the southwestern part of the United States that has been providing quality HVAC services for decades.

Goettl, founded in 1939, is one of the highest quality rated AC and heating companies in the country. The company has many offices throughout the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California regions. Goettl offers customers a broad range of maintenance, repair, and replacement deals. Goettl didn’t become one of the best overnight. Through trial and error, the company has developed a particular kind of expertise in satisfying its customers.

Goettl has learned how important it is to match customers with the right product. Whereas other companies just install whatever system the customer orders, Goettl goes out of its way to ensure that the customer’s needs are met in the best way possible. The technicians focus on providing customers with the right sized and cost AC that ensures safety and comfort.

The big concern these days is environmentally friendly products. Installing HVAC systems that are over or underused can cause energy bills and usage to skyrocket. Goettl takes the environment into consideration when discussing their services with customers. Goettl technicians check and re-check their quality seals to ensure that excess heat does not enter the home.

What makes Goettl such an amazingly efficient company? Many would agree it’s because of the company’s dedicated history. The original Goettl brothers started a family company in 1926. The three brothers, Adam, John, and Bill, saw an opportunity during the Great Depression to capture an entire market. Decades later, Adam’s grandsons continue that legacy.

Sam Boraie: A Story of Dedication and Vision

Typical of many American cities in the last half of the twentieth century, property values in New Brunswick, NJ declined, overall interest waned in keeping the city relevant, and people decided that its best days were behind it. However, in 1975, thanks to a wise decision by Johnson & Johnson to remain in New Brunswick, previously uninterested investors began to take notice. Many say that the decision by Johnson & Johnson was the turning point to the revitalization of the New Brunswick, NJ area.

The decision by Johnson & Johnson to keep their headquarters in New Brunswick inspired Boraie Development (https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc) to buy property on Albany Street near downtown. The purchases eventually led to the opening of Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988. Following the success of Tower One, a first class office plaza, Albany Street Tower Two opened its doors in 2003, with the One Spring Street condominium opening in 2007.

During the mid-1970s, the progress was slow, yet steady. Rutgers University teamed up with Devco, a development firm and other private companies to create a more robust commercial landscape. Their work, accentuated by the fact that Rutgers University began to rise in stature in their national academic and athletic standings, began to attract younger people to New Brunswick for its proximity to work and play destinations.

In June of 2015, Boraie Development once again contributed to the beauty and economic vitality of the New Brunswick area. The new development, called “The Aspire,” is a luxury rental tower located in the heart of New Brunswick. The interior of this trendy location boasts current design trends found only in modern apartments. The location of The Aspire is mere steps from the New Brunswick train station, adding to the convenience and flair that this property exudes.

Sam Boraie, extending his unbiased generosity, currently sits on the Advisory Board for the non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise works to break the cycle of poverty in the New Brunswick community. Providing thousands of essential meals for the hungry is only a small part of the vision and promise of this much-needed organization that tirelessly works to give everyone access to good food. For more info, check out his crunchbase.com profile.


Maggie Gill Inspires Young Leaders And Health Enthusiasts To Do More

With the achievements Maggie Gill has managed to get, she is now an inspiration to young professionals looking to change the world by making healthcare a better industry. Her career has been a journey of success and problem solving and she worked with several companies that exposed her to modern methods of dealing with challenges. With an experience record of more than 20 years, Maggie Gill is one of the best executives in the healthcare sector. She understands vital procedures to follow when dealing with complex challenges and this has remained a strong addition to her portfolio.


Educational background

Maggie Gill boasts of a vast educational background that offered her the key to understanding problems and coming up with practical solutions. She first joined the Arizona State University for her bachelor’s degree and she completed with an honors degree. Afterwards, she pursued an MBA at Saint Leo University, still emerging with honors. All these achievements prepared her well to face the complex world of medicine and when she joined the industry, her growth was steady and fast, her success elevating her to become an executive at a young age.


Before she grew to get a position at Memorial Health, she worked for several companies. One of the companies where she served as a chief financial officer is Tenet South Florida Health. During her tenure at the company, she scooped the Tenet Outstanding CFO award thrice, which proves her capabilities and the dedication she had put to her career.


She joined Memorial Health in 2011 and would become the deputy president of the company. She served in this position until 2011, when she was elevated to serve as the CEO and President. Maggie Gill appreciates the support she received from colleagues while at the company and the warm reception she was awarded when she joined in 2004.


With this spirit, she has built a strong base of professionals who work together to draft methods and ideas to elevate the company to a better position in the market. Currently, she is working with several professionals whose aim is to take Memorial Health to more than 35 counties that it serves. In the presence of Maggie Gill, this seems like a dream that is already achieved because once she sets her feet on pursuing something she never quits until the desired results are achieved. She will definitely manage to build the company further.