Class Dojo Has Created A System To Improve Education Everywhere

Class Dojo is on a mission to improve education the world over with their innovative learning platform, which launched back in 2011. Clas Dojo’s founders, Sam and Liam, were both teachers previously and know about the areas that are lacking in education for students, a major one being in communication. The main focus is to vastly improve the level of communication that goes on between all parties in school, primarily between teachers, parents, and their students. It hasn’t taken Class Dojo very long to spread their awareness across the United States, and even some other parts of the world. Today, more than 65% of schools in the United States are using the Class Dojo platform. Class Dojo’s hope is to bring their platform in the classrooms of schools all around the world.

Sam and Liam know how important communication is for the development of children, which is where all their inspiration came from to start up the company and create their app. They did their research, and made a program that was highly accessible for all people. It can be downloaded on pretty much any device out there, including cellphones, laptops, and tablets. All that is required is an active internet connection. All that is needed to actually participate in the program and join in with students in class is an invitation from a classroom teacher, and then a few simple steps will have the app up and running. What’s better is it is completely free to use and will remain that way in the future, as they don’t want to charge people to give their kids a better experience in school.

Class Dojo has been able to successfully connect parents, students, and teachers in the classroom environment with their platform. The widespread success and quite referral of the program has allowed them to keep improving on their system and make plans for new things in the future. Class Dojo’s platform is also a story board for students, able to keep track of all the special moments that happened during the school year through pictures, stories, videos, and much more. With the continued growth of Class Dojo, schools and classrooms all around the world will enable better growth and learning for students with the use of their innovative app.

TOWN Residential Helping Young Buyers Find the Right Neighborhood

Buyers of NYC properties already know what they want before they contact a real estate agent, like those at TOWN Residential, today. They want to live in the neighborhoods where they are already clubbing and dining after working long hours and before returning to work at home even more hours, says an article recently published in Mansion Global.
Manhattan real estate remains a very popular choice with these high-end technologically savvy buyers. Those NYC properties located within the Tribeca area demand top dollar. Many of these buyers are already active with events at Washington Market Park or love to eat in the top restaurants that dot this triangle of land. When looking to buy NYC real estate, they are often buying complete buildings and renovating them into extremely large living spaces.
NYC properties located within the West Village also demand top prices, according to the agents at TOWN Residential. These buyers often adore the history behind these brownstones and want to restore the inside of them to meet their own needs. They also adore the thought of owning these prestigious addresses. The fact that TOWN Residential has an office right in the neighborhood is attractive to many buyers.
Others looking to buy NYC properties are looking at properties within Greenwich Village. Long known for its bohemian charm, young professionals are quickly replacing the old aristocrats in this neighborhood. Many of these professionals want to watch the action of street performers without having to travel to another neighborhood. Again, the fact that TOWN Residential has an office right in this neighborhood gives buyers an added advantage.
The last set of NYC properties that are highly popular with these young professionals are those on the east side of Manhattan. The lure of designer clothes shopping and international cafes often draw buyers to this neighborhood.
Regardless of where these buyers end up, they are buying a lifestyle that matches their own interests. These buyers are looking to invest in the future. Yet, they want to preserve a way of life that makes each neighborhood unique.

Venezuela Is At The Crossroads Of Democracy According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro attended Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday party. Maduro has tried to emulate Castro and his deceased mentor Hugh Chavez, but the people are sick of Che Guevara, Marxism, and especially Maduro. Maduro has turned Venezuela into the towel bowl of South America. There is little food, medicine, or electricity, but there are daily demonstrations that call for the removal of Nicolas Maduro, according to the Deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González is a well-respected business person that has a successful track record as a former president of the Chamber of Commerce and gubernatorial candidate. González has been trying to get Maduro’s attention for months because he is well aware of what the country needs to get enough food for the people again. González is an agricultural expert that understands domestic food production. Chavez, and now Maduro, cut domestic food production and relied on imports when there was enough money coming from oil exports, but those days are over. Even though Venezuela has more oil that other OPEC nation, there’s not enough money coming in to support the economy.

The biggest anti-government movement in the world is taking place in Venezuela, and the country is reaching a fork in its economic and financial road. Either the will of the people is going to decide the fate of the country by democratic elections, or Venezuela is going to become another Havana. The people are sick of hearing about Cuba, according to González, and they are showing their distaste by organizing another mass protest that could be bigger than the protest that took place on September 1st. The people want earlier elections, and they want Maduro to go. But the former bus driver is not going away quietly. He has called the military in to control the ports and distribute food as well as detain and arrest the leaders of the opposition.

Mr. González Is still doing what he has been doing for months. He is using his popularity and political influence to help the people get rid of Maduro.

Sanjay Shah Is The Cool CEO and Dad

Sanjay Shah has gained not only the respect of his family for what he has done as a father and as a businessman. He has also gained the respect of his children for being a cool dad and a cool CEO. It is not every day that a father is able to book rappers like Flo Rida and Tyga at their event, Autism Rocks, which he runs with his wife Usha. They have talked in the past about how this is something very important to them as they have a child with autism. Not only does it help them, but it also helps people in the autism community that are going through a similar situation.

It was mentioned that he was cool and it is not often that daughters refer to their dad as cool, but he has earned it. In the past, this event has also had such performers as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai. Sanjay Shah Denmark wife has said she wanted to reach out to the youth this year, which is why they went with Flo Rida and Tyga. There is a lot that people don’t understand about autism and that is truly a shame. The more they know about autism, they more they can help a kid with autism. Sometimes an autistic kid can feel very alone. Maybe now he can have new friends that understand what he or she is going through in their day-to-day life.

This is the same Sanjay Shah that gave up medicine to become an accountant before finally becoming his own boss as the CEO of Solo Capital. He has never done things the conventional way and that is something to be admired about him. Many people feel as though there is only way to do things and there are not other options out there. Sanjay Shah is proving there is more than one way to do things in this lifetime. It is all about doing what makes the individual happy and making their life the best it possibly can be for now and well into the future.