Founders of Fabletics, Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg, Discuss the Company’s Success in Detail

It seems as if you cannot turn on the television without seeing Kate Hudson’s toned physique rocking some vibrant athleisure wear, which is the entire point of her brand founded by Adam Goldenberg, Fabletics. In only a few short years, Fabletics has reached fifty percent in terms of business exposure, but that is far from the overall goal of the company.

Athleisure wear is a concept that is astronomically popular. Mogul companies, including Gap, LuluLemon, and Tory Burch are just a few of the retailers who have adopted the concept. With over $44 billion worth of athleisure wear sold in 2015, these are numbers that have increased by sixteen percent since 2014.

Currently, Fabletics has nine retail stores across the United States. Though they are dominantly an online retailer, both Goldenberg and Hudson have a desire to reach the other half of the consumer audience by opening at least another dozen stores across the country before 2016. One factor remains the same, though: Fabletics is immensely popular and few companies can match their affordability and quality.

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Yes, Real-Life Fabletics Stores Just Exist To Sell More ‘VIP Memberships’

The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

With such a profound character representing their company, there is no denying that Fabletics is doing something right within the industry. Despite the fact that athleisure wear has been popular for a few years, Fabletics surfacing undoubtedly changed the entire concept. While other attire was strictly a means to work out, Fabletics has made it possible to look trendy and kempt without sacrificing comfort. Additionally and where other companies fail, the Hudson-driven business offers support to women of all sizes. From their athletic dresses to their bathing suits that ensure your beach day will not be spent making sure you are intact, this company is simply a business that no other can rival against.

Kate Hudson has always been athletic due to her upbringing on, which is what she wants current and prospective consumers to know. In no way does Fabletics attempt to promise that their clothing will make people thin, but they do convey that the comfort and affordability of the attire will motivate women to be active in the manners that they desire. Whether women love running or dancing the night away, there is something for them at Fabletics, which is a factor that has fueled the company’s continual success.

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U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angie Koch Is A Contributing Blogger For HuffPo

U.S. Money Reserve is a giant in the gold, silver, and the platinum rare coin market. Angie Koch is the CEO of the company, and Philip Diehl is the president. Diehl is a well-known figure in the currency industry. He is a former director of the U.S. Mint and is a former staff director for the Senate Finance Committee.

Diehl is the person responsible for introducing the 50-state quarter program to the country, and he is knowledgeable about the gold and silver market.  According to Glassdoor, Angie Koch is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the U.S. Money Reserve operation and she has recently been named a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post.

Koch will blog about several topics. Some of those topics include wealth management, leadership roles, corporate cultural and the gold market, according to an article published by

The gold market is on fire in the investment industry this year. The price of gold jumped 18 percent in the first quarter of 2016. Investors around the world are buying gold and selling reputable stocks.

There seems to an undercurrent traveling through the investment industry, and that undercurrent is filled with speculation about an economic downturn in the United States.

Some investors believe the bottom could fall out of the stock market in the fourth quarter of 2016. Diehl and Koch think rare gold coins should be part of every investor’s portfolio and they should be included in an US Money Reserve as well.

Koch first blog with the Huffington Post wasn’t about an economic slump or the price of gold. Koch wrote about the Democratic and Republican conventions and the role that women play in inspiring other women. US Money Reserve talked about the strong women that took the stage during both conventions and how they garnished the attention of every person that attended those functions.

The title of her post was, “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women,” and it was a moving piece of writing. Angie wrote about the notable moments as well as the newsworthy comments in both conventions.

She focused on the women speakers that did get their points across in a clear and concise manner. But that’s is how Angie Koch operates. She is a straight shooter and no-nonsense leader that cares about her business, her gender, and her country. Angie will blog for HuffPo on a regular basis.

Clay Siegall Builds Seattle Genetics Into A Cancer Drug Powerhouse

Clay Siegall has grown the Seattle Genetics brand into one of the biggest in America for cancer drugs, and they are using special antibody based drugs that are in trials with patients today. These patients are learning that they can see better gains in their treatment, and the company has managed to sell over $90 million in their drugs. They also have some other kinds of products coming through their distribution deals. They are very connected in the medical community in America, and they want to stay connected as much as they can.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Clay Siegall recently had a conference call with stakeholders to explain how their earnings were doing, and he shared that the company has been able to increase the range of its trials so that they can reach more people. Reaching more people will mean saving more lives, and the company will continue to get results that other people could only dream of.

They are seeing many patients get better, and they are able to release two cancer drugs at once that fight two different types of cancer. They are fighting lymphoma and breast cancer in two different arenas, and it makes them the best crusaders in the cancer drug industry today. It is very easy for people to get better using drugs from Seattle Genetics, and Clay Siegall has proven himself to be one of the best researchers in the industry with his antibody drugs.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are now on a path that will include releasing even more drugs to the market that might fight other types of cancer. It is very simple to take these drugs, and doctors are coming to trust the people at Seattle Genetics over other companies. Their trust is making Seattle Genetics into the best place to shop for new medications.

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Beauty Blogger Enters WEN World of No Lather Shampoo for Stunning Transformation

Lather shampoos and their matching conditioner formulas are common on every drugstore shelf around the world. Most women believe that if the lather is a big one, then the big hair will follow.

What if we told you that theory is so wrong and out of touch with the beauty science available today?

Instead, these hair care products contain harmful detergents like sulfates that actually damage the hair. That’s why iconic stylist to the stars Chaz Dean developed a better way to cleanse and nourish strands from root to end. It’s called WEN by Chaz, a no lather shampoo system that delivers vitality, shine and manageability to hair of all types.

WEN uses clean, healthy ingredients that have a botanical background and are kinder and soothing to hair. Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his celebrity clientele since 1993. Now, that really says something. He sells his products on Amazon.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure had heard about WEN and its global popularity, so she decided to transform her limp, lackluster mane.

Emily used Wen by Chaz for seven days and posted her results with hair selfies to chart her progress. Here is what she learned:

Emily believes a daily AM WEN wash will produce the ultimate results with bouncy, big hair. Take those relaxing moments in the shower to use enough product to thoroughly massage into the hair and scalp.

Her selfies clearly indicate this unique formula rocks, and her friends immediately complimented her on her amazingly shiny, soft tresses.

Emily admits she’s sometimes hair-lazy, but WEN by Chaz requires time and effort to produce the enviable results. So, Emily says to always follow your WEN wash with blow-drying and styling. Then you will discover super shine and gorgeous locks.

Stay with the routine and enjoy your A-list locks. Check out the Wen YouTube Channel for more info.

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Tarallucci e Vino Gains Ground as a Super Private Party Location

The great thing about New York City is that there are a plethora of different restaurants for people to consider. I have seen the way that people throw private parties in this city, and I have always been impressed with the large restaurants.

Acme is a great place for people that are interested in the American dishes. I have been here a lot, and I have found that this is the best place to go when you want a trendy room that has a lot of space for something like a large business meeting or holiday party.

I like going to Acme because it had the feel of a bar. I don’t do clubs, but this has become a nice lounge location for anyone that is interested in throwing a party that should have a casual theme. Most parties that I have been to here do not require anything more than jeans and a polo shirt.

Charlie Bird is another spot that has become trendy for anyone that is planning to have a gathering for about 12 or less. This restaurant has the classic boom box and trendy chairs with hip hop that comes out over the speakers. From the times that I have been here I have always enjoyed it. This is a great gathering spot.

As someone that has booked a lot of weddings for my friends, I know that Tarallucci e Vino is the best possible private events spot for anyone that is interested in having a wedding reception. I have been here quite a few times, and the wedding receptions have always turned out well.

The thing that separates Tarallucci e Vino from the other New York City spots is the fact that there are several locations. This is the best restaurant in the Manhattan area when it comes to planning an event. I have seen the large room that is used for events and I like the amount of space that is available. I adore this upscale spot because it so elegant.

Tarallucci e Vino has several locations. Cooper Hewitt is one of the locations that has things like a lecture room and outside areas for parties. I don’t know of a lot of places that have the outside area for parties, but the vibe here at this restaurant is so nice. I have been able to see a wedding held at the Cooper Hewitt location, and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants an elegant type of wedding vibe.

Tarallucci e Vino has really become a delightful location that is among one of the best spots in the New York City area. I have also eaten here many times, and the lunch and dinner menus are so awesome. I know that the menu is seasonal, and that is why I like to attend different events here.

Securus: Strong and Fearless

When you have a bully out there like GTL, Global Tel-Link, which is a leading provider for inmate communications, sometimes you have to come at them with the truth and let the public see it. You see, sometimes shady and unprofessional things are going on, but people don’t know about them because companies cover it up, hide it, and try to keep it under wraps. They try to hide from their misgivings, and they hope no one will notice. They are like the young child that has stolen twenty bucks from mom’s purse and they hope that mom won’t notice and it will be ignored and mom will forget that money ever existed.

However, they have yet to meet Securus, which is a provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. They have been doing their homework and they have been doing their research. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty and they have facts, information, and press releases to back up all of the shady activity that GTL has been doing to its customers. With this press release, they are asking GTL to do the right thing and to make amends to all of the people they have wronged.

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Once these releases hit, they will be forced into doing something. Sometimes you have to force the hand of someone in order to get them to do something and get them to act in a responsible manner. You don’t like to play the game this way, but if this is the way they are going to play it, that is how the game is going to get played. GTL can no longer hide under their rock and ignore what they have done or act as if it never happened. The time is now to do something about it.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

A Data Driven Overview of White Shark Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve likely noticed how quickly the internet spread across the entire world. Nowadays, most people can’t go a few hours without checking their social media accounts or emails while on the go.

From a business perspective, the internet has changed the game entirely for small to mid-sized businesses. Interestingly, the internet (specifically google) continues to help millions of small business owners each and every day thanks to its award-winning ad platform.

However, due to the complex nature of advertising over the platform itself, businesses like White Shark Media have sprung up, helping assist those small-business owners generate the leads they need for their business via online verticals such as

White Shark Media has been around since the year 2010, and has focused its efforts entirely on helping current and new-coming clients gain more business using PPC, SEO, mobile marketing, & web development.

Employing over 140 full-time individuals, the company itself has paved its own path in the digital marketing world and has gained considerably positive feedback from all types of people and businesses across the United States.

Specifically, the company’s most commended features include (1) generating massive results, (2) impressive customer support with a dedicated staff to answer any and all questions, and (3), being one of the most highly regarded digital marketing companies within their field. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

The company has quickly been recognized as a “one-stop-shop” for its wide abilities in the digital marketing world. No matter if you’re looking for a new logo, custom website design, digital ad renovation, or serious digital marketing upgrade, White Shark Media Review team can do it all.

The company also provides risk-free evaluations for anyone looking to receive general feedback about their current digital marketing campaigns – with no strings attached.

However, one thing is certain- the company has the ability to turn a poorly-performing marketing campaign into a successful one within a matter of no time.

Equipped with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced employees, the company will, without a doubt, continue to pave a path for itself and be recognized for its unique ability to help businesses flourish in the digital world.