Still Time For Spring Cleaning With Handy

Handy is an experienced and high-quality home cleaning service. You can count on Handy to help with your spring cleaning. Handy is ready to provide you with a matched and background-checked professional who will manage your spring cleaning job. You will be pleased with the quality services that you will receive. Experience and quality will get your spring cleaning done right at a cost effective price that will fit into your budget.

It is not too late to tackle the spring cleaning in your environment. A refreshed and sparkling space will rejuvenate everyone. Imagine having the professionals come right to you and provide your entire environment with a spring cleaning overhaul. The overhaul is referring to every nook and cranny. The professionals have the experience to get your spring cleaning done fast and efficiently. A professional is up-to-date and has the latest cleaning equipment to get the job done right. A thorough spring cleaning from diligent professionals will leave everyone feeling refreshed in their space. Allow the experts to take over your spring cleaning.

A careful spring cleaning from meticulous professionals will leave your entire space sanitized and fresh. You will enjoy an invigorating freshened space. This sanitary and fresh environment will be the result of meticulous professionals who love to provide each customer with 100 percent satisfaction. A complete spring cleaning will create a clean, efficient and happy home or work space. A room-by-room cleaning will allow everyone to enjoy the rest of the year in a comfortable and refreshed space. Spring cleaning can also be done in for your homework setting. A refreshed work environment may increased productivity because efficiency and cleanliness go together well.

Handy is a company that will impress you in every way. When they send you a spring cleaning expert to manage your spring cleaning needs, you will be more than satisfied. A spring cleaning job that is well done from a business with integrity, will leave you and your environment better off.

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Your Business Online Reputation Truly Matters

When your company relies heavily on its online presence, you know how important it is for you to make the most out of what clients can see. If your site isn’t ranking well on search engines or if it is dealing with lots of negative reviews, it might be time to hire a professional team to manage your reputation. This type of team works to totally transform your entire site to make it more appealing to clients who might come by for a visit. Once you begin to work with these people, you will feel confident in the work being done.

You can hire a company like Better Reputation to see what they can do for you. This company has been around for awhile and does an amazing job of changing your reputation for the better. Once you begin working with them, it is easy to see why other people have trusted them for years with great success. You can begin by contacting Better Reputation and seeing if and when they can begin helping you. Once hired, they will get to work immediately on the different types of issues that you might be dealing with at the current moment and do not know how to handle on your own.

Once you choose to work with a professional team like the ones you will find at Better Reputation, you will feel confident that your site and company are working and running to the best of their ability. Make sure to consider hiring Better Reputation if this has been an issue for quite some time for you. There is nothing worse than dealing with issues revolving around your reputation. This is why it is vital that you think of hiring a firm like this so that they can get to work right away on managing and repairing the reputation that you know you need to have. There are a lot of people who are looking to work with Better Reputation, so make sure to consider this as an option for yourself in order to change your company for the better and to benefit clients.

Visit Better Reputation via the link below:

Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold Soar to New Heights

Bernardo Chua, the CEO of OrganoGold, is a leader who is committed to smart entrepreneurship. As a highly intelligent businessman, Chua has established a massive extended enterprise to provide high-quality products.

Chua’s success is most visible in the earnings reports of OrganoGold. Since its creation in 2008, OrganoGold has earned massive profits by providing excellent profits. This success is a direct result of Chua’s masterful business skills; thorough networking and branding efforts have allowed OrganoGold to drastically reduce costs to provide coffee across the world.
OrganoGold’s Rapid Expansion

In 2008, OrganoGold operated in about 15 countries. In just seven years, the gourmet coffee company expanded rapidly. In 2015, OrganoGold operated in 39 countries. The most recent country to join Chua’s coffee empire was Turkey. Since Turkey is the cultural capital of the coffee world, this expansion is a symbolic victory for Chua and OrganoGold. Since Chua can successfully sell coffee in Turkey, he can sell coffee anywhere in the world. Turkey is also an important hub for expanding a distribution network in Eurasia.

While it may seem unlikely that purists of the Turkey coffee culture would even considering buying coffee from OrganoGold, Chua has used a clever strategy to avoid competition with local products. Instead of advertising that OrganoGold products are better than Turkish varieties, Chua placed a heavy emphasis on health benefits.

OrganoGold coffee is blended with ganoderma, a Chinese herb that promotes organ health and longevity. By advertising the benefits of this herbal coffee, Chua appealed to many Turkish consumers who value health and active lifestyles. With this strategy, Chua expects OrganoGold to continue to expand in the future.  Read more about Bernardo on Facebook.

Alexei Beltyukov, Russian Entepreneur

Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alexei Beltyukov, is committed to helping Russian individuals and business succeed in the business world. In 2013, he started Endemic Capital, designed to provide start-up funding for Russian companies. In addition, he has formed several organizations with the goal of assisting Russian individuals interested in going to business school or starting a business.

Another of Beltyukov’s goals is to aid existing Russian companies who are struggling financially. He created A-Ventures Ltd for companies needing help. He also founded the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The purpose of this scholarship it to give financial aid to Russians accepted into the university. Beltyukov also serves as Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation where he works with the Russian government. His role there is to award grants to start-up technology businesses and to entrepreneurs trying to expand businesses in the country of Russia.

Business and technology was not Beltyukov’s first experience in the business world. His career began in the medical industry. He changed his focus to business and attended INSEAD Business School where he earned an MBA. He still has a hand in the world of education as he serves as an observer at FORO Energy and is on the Board of Directors. In 2014, he launched SOLVY which is an online system that allows teachers and high school students to interact with one another from their homes. The system also allows teachers to monitor class progress. It provides feedback to help teachers gauge areas of instructional need.

Named as one of the most promising new companies in recent years, Beltyukov is the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY. Educational technology experts believe SOLVY will bring many positive changes to Russian education. The system is designed to broaden students’ understanding in solving mathematical problems. There are no multiple choice questions. Students must solve problems and show their work. Students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. This is a good example of the technology advancements and skills that has made Alexei Beltyukov such a success in business and in life.

Food For Thought, Or Pup

One of the most popular dog food brands is Beneful by PurinaStore. They have everything from dry to wet dog food and baked goods to teeth cleaning treats. Like any brand they started with their original product. The originals dry food ( comes in flavors such as real beef, real chicken, or real salmon. Those are perfect for dogs that are picky about what they eat or dogs that have a hard time digesting. Purina’s goal is to give dogs 100% of the everyday nutrients he or she needs to thrive.

What’s really amazing about this company is that they have a product for overweight dogs. Healthy weight Beneful is made with real chicken and is produced to help adult dogs to maintain a steady healthy weight. Some dog owners like to spice things up and feed their pup wet dog food every now and then. Chopped blends are one of the brands wet dog food products. This product comes in flavors such as: Beef with carrots, peas and barley, Chicken with carrots, peas and wild rice, And turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Beneful’s wet dog food ( will excite the taste buds of any puppy or adult dog.
Healthy clean teeth are important for dogs! Purina has taken a healthy mouth to a whole new level with their treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These dog treats help support the teeth, reduce tarter, and freshen up doggy breath. They are available in different sizes for different size dogs beginning with mini for a teacup size and ending with large for maybe a Great Dane.
Purina has really thought of it all. They have many products to fit the many needs of their customers and strive to make the best of the best for dogs all around.



The Success of Dick DeVos

Among the hundreds of wealthy and well known families in the United States, one of the most well respected families is the DeVos family. The DeVos family is specifically known for their success with creating Amway Corporation, a consumer goods distributing company. Among the many family members of this prestigious family is Dick DeVos, a proud member of the family who has helped build the family legacy with his decades of involvement with the family business. Dick DeVos’ success even earned him a prime spot of the Forbes’ list of richest individuals in the world. Dick DeVos earned this sport with a total network that is estimated to be around 5.1 billions dollars and is still growing with his success.

Dick DeVos has been involved in the family business ever since he was a child. Some of Dick DeVos’ fondest memories involve him in the basement of his family’s home which, at the time, served as the office space for the family’s growing company. With a multi billion dollar net worth, Dick DeVos can feel proud of his accomplishment with his father’s company. Eventually, after receiving a formal education that was complete with a degree in business management, Dick DeVos had the mission of continuing his father’s work within the company. Eventually, in 1993, Dick DeVos even served as the CEO of the company until 2002 when he left the company to pursue other interests.

Dick DeVos, with his success from hard work, donates much of his income to charities and other organizations. Mr. DeVos and his wife believe that the wealth that they earn at the company should not be kept and spent for self indulgences, but should be instead invested to help build the community. Dick DeVos and his wife are especially passionate about investing in the future through education reforms. By donating money to schools and scholarships, this is how Dick DeVos believes he can continue to improve his beloved community in Michigan.

As Dick DeVos spends more time with philanthropy, he has looked for a successor to continue his great work as a business manager and leader of his companies. In recent news, after much searching, Dick DeVos has found his successor to be Phil Dolci, an expert marketer who possesses expert leadership skills. Dick DeVos has always admired Phil Dolci and is excited to see what their newly formed partnership will bring with the years. to come.

5 Uses for Shea Butter

You’ve probably read about shea butter in a magazine or seen it in the beauty section at the store, but what’s it really good for? Shea butter originates from the African shea tree, and it’s revered around the world for its health benefits that improve hair, skin, teeth and more! Let’s take a look at five ways you can use shea butter in your own life.

Skin Moisturizer

Because of its thick, creamy texture and heavy composition of vitamins A and E, shea butter is incredible for the skin. It can help treat blemishes, soothe skin allergies and sunburns and more!

Hair Volumizer

It’s no surprise that shea butter is an active component in many popular hair products. It can do many things to your luscious locks, and two of its greatest strengths are enhancing curl definition and increasing the volume of thin hair when applied to the roots.

Natural Lip Calm

Some raw shea butter in a small container is the perfect organic alternative to Chapstick!

Treat Acne

Acne is an uphill battle, and most professionals and patients alike will agree that natural treatments are usually better than medication since they aren’t as aggressive on the skin. Applying shea butter to acne marks and scars can help reduce redness and clear up breakouts.

EuGenia Shea Butter

If you want to experience the benefits of shea butter for yourself, look no further than EuGenia. Greek for “goodness”, EuGenia was inspired by one mom’s use of the multipurpose Ghanaian shea butter. Today, EuGenia is a part of the Global Shea Alliance and offers natural shea butter compounds for everyone.

EuGenia is a family-driven business with roots in Ghana and the United States. They don’t manufacture their products because they want to make money; they make shea butter accessible for so many people because they have seen it work in their own lives. Their fast shipping means customers will receive their shea butter in just one to two business days, where it can then be stored at room temperature for up to two years. Shea butter from EuGenia isn’t just another beauty buy; it’s an investment in your well-being.

Bustle Blogger Emily Tries WEN Cleansing Conditioner to Rescue Limp Locks

Beauty writers are lucky when major companies allow them to try their products for free and then write up an honest review. contributor Emily McClure decided her fine, limp hair could use a real beauty boost, so she decided to try WEN by Chaz Dean for seven days. See,
Wen is loved around the world for its unique, one of a kind formula consisting of a single bottle that performs in several ways. Popular LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN system which features the no shampoo method. His cleansing conditioners offer natural and effective botanicals that deliver strength and shine to hair.

The WEN system has often been copied by competitors, but those brands all fall flat. WEN is the true original that features a no shampoo routine that stays away from the harsh detergents that dull and damage strands found in regular shampoos.

Emily McClure selected the Sephora marketed FIG cleansing conditioner to bring bounce, shine and moisture to her fine, oily locks. She posted selfies each day to show her progress. Emily admitted to readers that she is a nighttime shower lover, but she decided to use the WEN system each morning in the shower. At the beginning, the cleansing conditioner left Emily with gloss and bounce, but then Emily began switching up the routine. Follow Wen on Twitter.

The Bustle blogger tried WEN at night, went to sleep and arose next morning with what she termed, flat, greasy locks. Once she returned to the daily WEN wash, her hair adapted and delivered good results. Another time, Emily skipped the morning WEN wash altogether, as she was pressed for time. Her hair wasn’t happy and lost its curl and got oily quickly.

Emily eventually learned that WEN works when the user sticks to a morning shower cleanse for best results. For more info, see

A Look at American Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks

According to NBCDVD, Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur and business man who resides in Dallas, Texas. For a long period of time he has participated in the development of startups. He is a religious person and attributes the different challenges and difficulties we go through to God.

Through his private equity firm, he has been able to successfully offer his assistance to individuals who are seeking to start their own company. The services that he offers allows a business or company develop its long term and short term goals. His career life has seen him been involved in various companies and businesses. He has worked at Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless – and

He is also actively involved and has invested a great deal in real estate, venture investing and business solutions. In addition to his business life, he is also a philanthropist. While in Texas, he has participated in participated in philanthropic initiatives that are driven towards improving the welfare of humanity.

He works with Samaritan Inn which provides shelter to the homeless. He has worked with this organization since the late eighties. Through this he is able to help individuals who are willing to help themselves. He has also constructed houses in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity thereby improving the livelihood of many individuals. He also works closely with American Can.

He has also managed to break the cycle of poverty by granting more than a thousand kids computers through Sparky’s Kids Foundation.   As part of his recreation and winding activities, he gets involved in hunting, fishing, biking and taking some adventurous travel. Learn more by clicking the links below:

What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation
In an effort to encourage people that they can make it irregardless of their school performance, he wrote a book called They Can’t Eat You. The book basically inspires readers that being a C student is not a sure path to failure. He hopes that through the book, one can learn invaluable lessons from unsuccessful ventures.

It gives hope to all business people who are about to give up and assure them that it is possible to achieve their dreams.

He attributes his motivation and success to faith, savvy monetization, passion, focus, tenacity and speed. He says that as an entrepreneur one can achieve success if the combine these qualities with treating people the best way with respect and transparency.

His influence in the business world is well-known and felt that if one checks the word serial dictionary in the dictionary, one can easily find Marc Sparks’ picture. His thirty five years’ experience in the industry can be attributed to this.

Marc Sparks also says that his lack of fear to lose or make a mistake when making business decisions is mainly because of God whom he believes enables him overcome all fears.

Exceeding Your Personal Goals to Fit in the Changing Economy

Geraldine Roberts Is the Head of VTA publications. VTA has expertise that are focused on offering online solutions to the thousands of their client across the globe. In the year 2012, Mr. Geraldine established VTA Publications publisher of distance learning courses. VTA is a place for those customers who are looking for catering and event’s organizers. The company has a pool expertise who are highly proficient in offering cutting –edge information both one-on-one and digitally.

VTA Publications specializes in areas of Finance and Economics. It is a platform that is user-friendly and drives in getting the attention of tapping the best expertise who will be dedicated staff offer solution to the end user. VTA Publications have diversified their markets and are now working as agents for events hosting such as seminars and training. Apart from being CEO of VTA publisher, Mrs. Roberts is also head of Lifetime Publications and Enterprises.

Following the zombie train, this is the aspect of participating in an economy while basically on auto pilot. People waste a lot of time every day like an hour or two sitting on the train to and from the work place. On the train, it depicts reluctant people who don’t want to be questioned about time wastage.

These people on Zombie train on one perspective seems to enjoy life by going to work every day and returning to get home, sleep, eat, and go to a job the next day. On the other perspective, paying a keen eye to the people on the train, a displeasing attitude is what will confront you triggered by the challenges they face in the employment market. Their livelihood exists in jeopardy for all classes of workers in this sector.

It is advisable for these fellows in train to have an alternative when the jobs end and not to on sit and wait for tomorrow. Clearly looking on Zombie train every passenger is busy on mobile games, others asleep, and staring out of windows for nothing. The character of such individuals can be closely matched with that of animals in a scenario where there are waiting for worst to happen to them like “lambs on their way to slaughterhouse”.

This idleness and time mismanagement should be directed into a venture that is productive or development of the business idea. It is good to match with fluctuating economic whether than stay still and pull back the economy for being unproductive. In economy, apathy kills and it is advisable to live by widening own goals to infinity where to one can pull you back or interfere with your tremendous contribution.