How NutriMost Uses Technology to Achieve Weight Loss

There’s no way to avoid the fact that technology like facebook is all around us. Every store you walk into, every bank that you visit, every friend that you chat with usually has some sort of connection to technology, so it only makes sense that the weight loss industry would finally get on board the technology bandwagon in order to help people lose weight.
Nutrimost is a unique weight loss program in that the founder of the program realized that not only was technology not being utilized in order to help people lose weight, but also that every person gains weight differently. Why have everyone use the same weight loss program when no two bodies are the same?

Using computer scanning technology which was recently featured by a Youtube channel, Nutrimost does a thorough scan of the body in order to figure out what each individual person needs, Nutrimost Recipes wise, in order to ensure that they meet the nutritional needs that they have but don’t exceed them. It’s exceeding the recommended caloric intake that often makes people gain weight.

It makes a great deal of sense that technology can be utilized in order to help people lose weight, and the fact that the technology ensures that everyone gets an individual program to help them to lose weight makes even more sense.

George Soros Has A Comprehensive Plan For The European Refugee Crisis

In a recent article in MarketWatch written by George Soros, he states that the European Union is at fault for a lack of refugee asylum policy. The recent influx of refugees from Syria has turned into a critical problem and humanitarian crisis. He also states that each member has had only their countries intentions at heart and that because there was a lack of compliance and teamwork now, the panic-stricken asylum seekers are doing without and there is nowhere to put them. George Soros feels the EU needs a comprehensive plan. He also believes this program needs to encompass more than just Europe. He believes there needs to be a generalized plan to govern policy regarding refugees and asylum-seekers.

He writes that Syrian refugees on need to be the priority. But we must also remember the other migrants as well. He feels like the Syrian refugees should be spread out over a larger number of states and there should be standards and protocol for dealing with forced migration. George Soros lays out a comprehensive plan:

The first step of his detailed plan on is that he feels that 1 million asylum-seekers annually should be accepted. He also says that the European Union should provide $16,800 per Asylum Seeker for the first two years. This should cover costs of living and Healthcare, and he feels that this makes accepting refugees needs your pill to swallow. George Soros believes that the funds can be raised by issuing long-term bonds which will provide a boost to the European economy. He also feels that it is the refugees right to have a preference to where they will be placed. The second part of the program is that the European Union must make an effort to provide funding for Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. There are presently four million refugees in those countries. The European Union would have to make a contribution of 8 to 10 billion euros to those countries which could be added to the long-term bonds. The third point is that the European Union must build a single asylum immigration agency. A system of communication must be established with the migrants by creating safe channels of communication and providing the ability to get from Greece and Italy to the country they are trying to make their destination. The fifth piece of the plan is to establish operational and financial arrangements to create global standards on for these asylum-seekers. And finally, take in the migrants and integrate them into the communities Church groups and businesses which would act as sponsors.

George Soros is a billionaire investor that has substantial political influence. Originally born August 12th, 1930 in Hungary he later became a citizen of the United States. He is the chairman of the Soros fund management and is considered the man who broke the Bank of England. He got this title because he made a short sale in one day, a record 1 billion in one day during the Black Wednesday crisis. Soros is American liberal and humanitarian.

Boutique Banking For The People

Laidlaw & Company is a renowned boutique investment bank that services a variety of companies and and private clientele across the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Known for their innovation as well as their unmatched work ethic, Laidlaw & Company has earned a well-deserved reputation on the PR Newswire website for quality. They raise capital via placing equity alongside wealthy retail investors and institutions. Additionally they deal with acquisition financing, The United States trading market, financial restructuring, and recapitalization. That being said, the expertise of the New York, New York based firm doesn’t stop there. This is an investment bank that is truly preoccupied with meeting the needs of their vast clientele. Laidlaw wants to see people succeed, and not just in the short term. While many invest banks offer services based on short term goals, this speciality service shows that they are in it for the long haul, focusing more on sustainability then an immediate fix to a symptomatic financial issue. Laidlaw also help new companies raise money by way of their top of line sales group, thus promoting corporate growth by granting a certain amount of flexibility. On another note, they have an expanding network of offices across Europe and the United States. Ultimately, Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that is SEC governed, who cares about people and the quality of service that they provide to individuals and institutions alike.


The Madison Street Capital Difference

Over the years, financial proceedings have been a day-to-day reality of owning and operating several tech startups in the United States. These startups have ranged from tiny, independent facilities on that we ended up selling the rights for and moving on to entities that grew from a small two-man shop into a mid-sized company that was eventually acquired by one of the largest Software as a Service companies in America. That being said, I am aware, now more than ever, of the importance of having a trusted, reliable independent third party financial company at your side during major business transitions.

The following video serves as a simple, relatable explanation of what Madison Street Capital does. As a business valuation and corporate advisory firm, Main Street Capital serves not just as an advisory partner when it comes to major business decisions, but works as an independent third party helping to guide you to making the best decision possible. Business is always personal, and it is often hard to separate those personal feelings from business decisions.

As the video states, Madison Street Capital uses the latest and greatest analytical tools when making any decision, ensuring you and your business on are given the best information possible. Their respected company guides clients through decisions on the buying side, selling side and corporate divestiture process. Similar to this explainer video, their work is smooth and seamless.

Many people often believe that utilizing an independent third part in business valuation and corporate advisory situations is only a good choice for the largest enterprise corporations. That is not true. Madison Street Capital and its team of seasoned financial experts serve as a partner delivering value in a broad range of industries, including emerging firms and businesses and the most well-established mid size corporations.

Whenever an extra element of care is needed, or business decisions have a layer of complexity, Madison Street Capital serves as a go-to resource that can always be trusted. Their team of experts provides you and your business with a fully independent, third-party financial fairness opinion that can be “taken to the bank,” as the expression goes. Please take a moment to watch the video below and learn a little bit more about Madison Street Capital.