No Copyright Infringement With Demna Gvasalia Balenciaga Bags

Copyright infringement claims were raised against Demna Gvasalia by the fashion community in Thailand for its Balenciaga bag collection. The community asserted that the jumbo striped, “rainbow” bags were replicas of the traditional Thai bag.

Referred to as the “Sampheng bag,” the Thai version sells for under a buck and is a and is visible everywhere. Retailers and consumers clamor for the bag because it offers plenty of room for merchandise its ease and is comfortable to handle.

In response to the accusations, the Department of Intellectual Property Thailand released a statement about the claims leveled at designer Demna Gvasalia. “It’s unlikely anybody can sue Balenciaga because the materials and shapes are different.” The department contends that although the bags have a similar design, they are not replicas. They said that although the bag is used in Thailand, it’s not illegal for it to be used elsewhere in the world. For a true replica to be sold, it must be manufactured in the color, shape, pattern and fabric. The Department of Intellectual Property stated in most copyright infringement claims, there is a fake trademark sewn or imprinted on the article in question. This bolsters consumers belief’s it’s a recognizable brand.

This isn’t the first time that Demna Gvasalia has reworked or re-purposed a recognizable logo to complement a product line it’s introducing. Gvasalia and his brother created the Vetements brand-name. In a scenario of a so-called hijacking of a recognized brand, Gvasalia dressed catwalk models in DHL logo tee-shirts. Designers are testing the limits as to how far they can go before they are involved in copyright and infringement claims. Céline, Louis Vuitton, and other respected name brands have released similar appearance market bags without incurring liability.

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George Soros’ Plan For Voting

When this fall rolls around, we will either be having Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as our next president. Well, that is if the current polls are any indication of the future. To George Soros, Trump becoming our next president is the worst thing that can happen. That’s because he’s a Latino and knows that Trump has nothing but terrible plans for people of his kind. In fact, Trump wants to erect a wall at every border in the United States so that immigrants can’t come in. How does Soros plan on stopping Trump from being our next president? It’s simple. He’s funding a new effort.

Soros has donated $15 million to a cause, which will help mobolize Latino and immigrant voters . He plans on putting this money down in major states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida, where there is a huge Latino and Asian population. This money will help him reach out to those Latino and immigrant voters who are Democrats and plan on voting for the Democratic candidate this fall. This funding will help him make sure their votes stay in place and that they definitely come out to the polls in November. He will also use this money to influence those Latino and immigrant voters on the bubble to choose the Democratic candidate.

Soros isn’t the only one who feels very strongly about this cause. Cristobal Alex does too. Alex is the president of the Latino Victory Project. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Alex stated, “This is really taking the gloves off. From the day he attacked us, he called us rapists and thieves. We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice.” Alex makes a great point. All that Trump has planned for our country surrounding Latinos and immigrants will effect so many more people than that.

Based on the way that Trump speaks and the things he said, it should come as no surprise that so many American residents are saying that they will leave the country if the business owner is elected president. They feel he has no filter and that the steps he wants to take are too massive and demeaning. He’s acting as more of a dictator than a leader. With the strong hate against Trump and now these efforts by Soros, it should be interesting to see if Trump is actually elected this fall.

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Will Soros’ campaign actually get those voters who were going to choose Trump to switch sides and vote Democratic or will his efforts have been completely wasted? We will only know for sure this coming November when votes are cast at the polls.

Kyle Bass Is From Argentina; Are His Loyalties There?

Many don’t realize that Kyle Bass ( is from Argentina because he manages a hedge fund in Texas. Some think he’s Mexican, some could probably care less; but everyone should know where he’s from because of the things going on in Argentina currently. A socialist despot has been in control there over a decade, and her name is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is so bad with money that under her leadership Argentina has economically defaulted twice. This happened in a period of only thirteen years; yet somehow Kyle Bass, famous financier, has nothing negative to say about Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s leadership. When one hears this, and then considers Bass’ claim to fame, there’s nothing but suspicion to cast toward the gentleman.

Bass hit the financial scene with his legs pumping like a racer’s. In 2008 America’s sub-prime lending market collapsed, and who was there with a smirk and an “I told you so” but Kyle Bass? Bass predicted the fall in advance, forcing people to take him seriously. He continues to make predictions and mete out financial advice, but most of his predictions fall flat, and his advice is less than advisable. Consider, for example, Bass’ hedge fund. It usually does worse than other funds of the same type which are mediocre, and known to be. How is that the case from a man so savvy as to pick up on a trend the higher-ups in US government missed? And how did he refrain from making money off his own people during their economic troubles in Argentina? Well, it only makes sense if the man is a lackey of de Kirchner’s, and the next bit of evidence practically proves it.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD forces big-ticket pharmaceuticals to decrease the cost they sell their products for. This lowers their stock value on the market, and Kyle Bass short sells his holdings. He makes millions of dollars this way, and the big ticket pharmaceuticals are forced to cut funding because their margins have decreased. Sometimes CAD has been able to devalue a product as much as ninety percent, literally decimating profits. How can a pharmaceutical afford Research and Development when such activity would put them in the red? They can’t, R&D has to go, and future advances are curtailed.

All these things match the activity of an individual working with the interests of non-Americans in mind. Not only do Bass’ actions devalue economic ability in America, congress is trying to shut down the legal loophole he’s exploiting. The only way to do that is to make Bass’ actions illegal, and that means restricting the liberty of everyone in the country. Bass is using proper channels to advance his means, after all.


A person from the group of pro-incorporation backers wonders why Ski Holdings spent thousands of dollars opposing their petition to merge Olympic Valley with the northern iconic winter sports. That they had hidden interest and did not want the residents to make important decisions concerning the land. This is a non-viable decision just as their incorporation plan was according to the California Commission. Wirth and Ski Holding were opposing the deterioration of businesses and development in the Olympic Valley which would have been the results of incorporation. Andy thinks the plan was a recipe for huge disaster in the financial situation the Lake Tahoe offshore residents.

Taxes would rise; the transport and snow plowing among other development projects would be neglected. The worse situation would be the isolation of Olympic Valley from other areas in Northern America which have plenty of resources, unlike Olympic Valley. The situation was already bad considering the tough environmental conditions that have been witnessed in the area for four years. The ski business is rejuvenating now for a long time. The residents were facing a tough time, and incorporation petition came to toughen the situation. However, the good thing is that the area is experiencing showers and cold temperature earlier this winter season. Reno Gazette-Journal posted the great news.The backer of incorporation also withdrew their petition, and Olympic Valley is now exercising healing from all those problems.

Andy, a short name for Andrew, is an expert in promoting quality in his development plans. When he was against the petition most definitely he did not see the plan adding any value to Olympic Valley. At the age of 52 years, Andy is the Chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LP and a chairperson of the Lake Tahoe-Reno Airport Authority board. He joined Squaw Valley in 2010 and has an over 15 years’ experience with management resorts and mountain hotels. He also worked with the Tahoe Airlines in connecting the resorts with the airport and managing the whole process. Andy Wirth works very hard in all his endeavors to promote quality. His current project the base to the base gondola is a proof of his efforts to promote development in Olympic Valley. Andy appreciates the residents of Squaw Valley and wants them to be part of this great construction project.

Wirth studied Bachelors of Science but has been in the resort sector for long. He is also practicing philanthropy together with his team known as iron steam. His current donation is to Navy Seal Foundation a group that had a great impact on his health when he was recuperating from the deadly accident at Squaw Valley while skydiving. The accident hurt is arm so bad that it took him very long to heal. He is also an active person in outdoor activities especially as an undercover boss of Squaw Valley.

Wen by Chaz Brings Salon Quality Hair Products to Your Home


In a recent article for Bustle, and editor detailed her seven day adventure with trying WEN by Chan, the famous cleansing conditioner product, on her thin, lifeless hair. She was hoping to see a noticeable difference in her hair’s volume and vitality, and the before and after pictures posted in the article definitely speak volumes. The article gives a day by day account of how the cleansing condition affected the hair. Perhaps the most telling observation was that on the days when the author didn’t have time to properly use the product, she noticed an extra amount of grease and build up in her hair. This just goes to show that all of the glowing testimonials must have at least some merit. As long as you use the Wen by Chaz products regularly, you can expect drastic improvement in the overall health and appearance of your hair.

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WEN uses a five-in-one approach as a cleansing conditioner. It literally combines all of the power of a shampoo, conditioner and detangler all in one product. Not only does this save women plenty of money by not having to buy multiple products to achieve an amazing result, it also allows them to experience salon quality hair in their own homes everyday. So many women on facebook are so in love with this product, that they swear they will never use a typical shampoo again!


Andy Wirth Squaw Valley CEO Turned Page To An Eventful February

Since the Reno-Gazette Journal article published December 4, 2015 entitled “Squaw-Alpine Boss Looks to Turn Page on “Divisive” Fight”, February was event filled at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The legal battle with Olympic Valley Group ended with the announcement that the petition was withdrawn after the California Local Agency Formation Commission concluded that incorporating Olympic Valley was not financially viable, but there are still natural challenges that are being addressed by Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, namely climate change. However, February seems to be the month to celebrate heroes and the community.

To start the month off, on President’s Day, Cape Productions increased their hours of operation to five days a week, from Thursday to Monday and will continue to operate the rest of the ski season. There drone video filming operations only operated during Dawn Patrol sessions which offered the guests the opportunity to enjoy mornings on the mountains before the day officially began. Visitors can be filmed by a drone and handheld camera for $99 on Knob Hill run. The video package will include 2 runs and a professionally edited highlight video to be published on a secure personal webpage to share with friends and family.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows hosted the 7th annual Kid-O-Rama February 13 through 20, a week long family friendly tradition that includes Big Truck Day, Light Up Night, Kids S’mores Apres Party and Belgium Mountain Adventure Scavenger Hunt. There will also be Valentine’s Day events including Farm to Table Dinner and Movie Series that featured a four course meal prepared by Squaw Valley chefs in a partnership with the Tahoe Food Hub and local farmers. Cinderella showed on the big screen at 5 pm and Silver Linings Playbook at 8 pm. The Wildflour Valentine’s Poetry contest and Cookie Decorating was held February 13 and 14. The Wildflour Poetry Contest has been held in Olympic House since 1983 and Wildflour personalized and decorated heart shaped chocolate cookies for $12. The KT Base Bar Deck had live music by Coburn Station from 1 to 4 pm and there was a kids deck party and cookie happy hour at Alpine Meadows from 1 to 3 pm. February 20 offer the first annual Oakley Grom Jam for kids 11 and under. The mini terrain park competition was free and held at the Belmont Terrain Park. Every competitor received a prize and there were special prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Family fun and Valentine’s Day were the center of these festivities.

February 24 to the 27 were celebration days for Achieve Tahoe, a non-profit that provides specialized ski and snowboard instructions for physically, emotionally and intellectually challenged individual. The Ability Celebration Snow Sports Camp For Injured Veterans was a four day event hosted at Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley and Northstar resorts and culminated with the 22nd Annual Ability Bash Fundraiser. CEO Andy Wirth acted as Master of Ceremonies Saturday at the Alpine Meadow Lodge. This year 20 veterans participated in specialized instructions including adaptive skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. These free instructions provided private lessons designed to support the veterans physical therapy, build their confidence, support their emotional well-being and help with re-integrating into their communities. Spouses, family and friends also participate in activities, provided support and offered encouragement. Andy Wirth express gratitude for Achieve Tahoe, its board, leadership team and volunteers as a non-profit based on their mountains and its value to the company, industry and community. During the month of February, it seems like the page has been turned and the book closed. Visit the Squaw Alpine events page for future events.

Squaw Valley Holdings Wins The Incorporation Battle

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, a company located in Lake Tahoe. His main objective while working in the resort is ensuring that the ski area is the top tourist destination internationally.

During his term as the CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth has worked hard to improve the environmental and also the community service institution in the community. He wants the area to be the best for everyone, regardless of their age.

He had a nearly fatal accident while skydiving. He spent three months in hospital recovering, and several surgeries were performed on his arm. After the fatal accidents, he realized how difficult it can be to get back to playing, and that’s when he co -founded the Ironman team. Their group is known as Wounded Warrior Support. The main aim of the group is to honor the fine men participating in the Navy SEALs. The team has been supportive, raising funds for the Navy Foundation.

Andy Wirth and the communities in Lake Tahoe have been having sleepless nights for some years now. The whole area has not been experiencing enough rains, and this affected the winter resorts and the small businesses that depend on the resorts. The north shore communities were having a disaster. Almost all the businesses, regardless of the specialization.

The drought was not the only problem that Andy and his community were facing. A certain group in the community wanted Olympic Valley to be incorporated, and this brought political instability in the area, worsening the already bad situation. Olympic Valley is the area that houses Squaw Valley Holdings and many other important winter resorts in Lake Tahoe.

However, Andy Wirth and the Tahoe community can afford a smile. Things seem to be getting in place after several years. All issues seem to be getting solved, and if the people work hard, the environment in the area will return to normal. First of all, nature offered them early storms, bringing an end to the long-lasting drought.

The early storms from Mother Nature were accompanied by very cold temperatures. This has never been experienced in the past ten years, and the community took advantage of the situation and opened their resorts and businesses earlier than usual. This means that they will make more money than usual, compensating their loss.

The group in the community that was supporting the incorporation effort has also withdrawn, bringing the much-needed calm in the political climate. The incorporation of Olympic Valley would have resulted in high taxes to the community, and this means that the people’s problems have all been solved.

Andy Wirth’s organization had spent thousands of dollars opposing Olympic Valley Incorporation, and the withdrawal from the backers of the motion will serve as a victory to the Squaw Valley Holdings.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal