Investing for Middle-Class Americans

Today’s economic downturn has resulted fewer people putting money into savings or other investments than ever before. Despite the fact the average American understands that saving for future needs as well as retirement are important, when they discover they will earn less than 1/2% in traditional bank savings accounts they are less driven to put hard earned pennies away for the future. CEO Brad Reifler of Forefront Income Trust understood there was a need that required a unique perspective and designed a plan to meet the ever-increasing needs of middle-class America.

Traditionally the upper 1% of high-net-worth clients, known in the industry as accredited investors, were the sole focus of companies specializing in investment. Individuals and institutions that fell into that category were making $200,000 or more per year or had a net worth exceeding one million dollars. Reifler realized after many years in the industry that this left 99% of Americans undeserved. As a result, he created Forefront Capital Trust specifically to served what became known as non-accredited investors so they were provided with the same investment opportunities as accredited investors.

Reifler’s programs were designed to generate 8% return on investments. To ensure clients were protected to the maximum extent possible, his design included a limitation whereby his company would make no money until the investor earned no less than 8% on their investment. Rather than, like him, lose 40% on his children’s college fund as well as discover his father-in-law couldn’t invest at all because he was unaccredited, he determined there had to be a solution for middle-class Americans.

It’s common for middle-class investors in today’s market to be hesitant, especially when dealing with few assets. With a slow recovery after the 2008 financial crisis and current state of world economies, stocks and trusts seem to provide the least stability to to those with limited funds. To increase client understanding and build trust, Reifler also instituted programs to educate and create clarity for potential clients. Investors soon found that minimal risk was involved to achieve the financial stability and security desired.

Brad Reifler was best known in Wall Street as the founder and CEO of Pali Capital, Inc. Leading that company to more than $200 million in revenue per year with worldwide expansion by 2008, he left to create Forefront Income Trust. As a financial professional, he is now blazing new trails into a previously untapped market.  Check out Brad’s Twitter where he comments on financial news quite a bit.

Improving Digital Marketing for Companies That Need It

Marketing online has become a critical aspect of doing any business. Companies of all sorts try to find the best people to provide digital marketing services. Website Shark Media is a company that works to cater to different requirements of companies. They have been providing AdWords management services for years and have quite a knack for it. It is the ultimate partner for entities in search of effective AdWord campaigns. Different strategies have made it possible for White Shark Media to provide services to small and medium businesses.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Creating with strategies that work for a particular company is what keeps WSM the top of its game. They understand that a plan is only as good as its implementation. For AdWords Campaigns, they ensure to meet Google requirements to the most basic ones. Before they provide a business with a plan, the firm provides an analysis of the enterprise and what it needs to improve on. WSM continues to work on its practices so it can provide better marketing solutions to different companies from e-commerce sites to painting companies.

Improved Management of AdWords Campaigns

Managing an AdWords camping is quite tricky, and there are rules to the whole affair. As an organization, it may be hard to handle the essential elements of Google AdWords, and that is where White Shark Media comes in. They allow businesses to delegate the duties of managing Google AdWords. Clients also know how their campaigns are going through reports that WSM avails regularly. They explain to clients about the different angles of strategies that improve business. WSM media does this as an answer to concerns from customers.

Increased Sales

Reviews from different companies demonstrate that WSM plays a big part in growing a business. Google Adwords can increase leads generation, and with proper conversion, bring in more profit. Increasing online visibility for a company allows it to capitalize on an audience that is vast and full of potential. WSM, media also started providing search engine optimization services for businesses because the latter asked for them. Beside AdWords, SEO is another strategy that can help an organization reach its online target audience. Some companies have seen up to 300% increase in their lead generation.

A Stellar Marketing Team

White Shark Media comprises of various teams that work together to ensure that entities get the services that suit their needs. The company has over 180 digital marketing specialists that give it the capabilities to offer various services. White Shark Media has also made significant strides in its customer care services by listening to feedback from clients. A client with concerns or questions can call his or her content person directly. There are also email contacts that customers can use for reports. The improved communication has made White Shark Media a reliable company to work with.

Bernardo Chua’s Dream Is Coming True

By now, most people have at least heard of OrganoGold. However, some have not yet experienced the remarkable products that are developed by the company. The truth is, this is a company that has a lot of good things going for it. In fact, one of its most popular products is its line of coffee. Any coffee lover would enjoy the delicious flavors that are available. The line is so good, even those who consider themselves to be full blown coffee snobs can enjoy its flavor without complaint. This alone is often enough to get people to buy the products. However, the founder of the company, Bernardo Chua, has much more in mind when it comes to the health of the general public.

The thing that truly makes this company special is that Chua designed it for the express purpose of making sure that anyone and everyone who drinks the coffee has the chance to enjoy better health. After all, who wouldn’t choose to enjoy better health if they could effectively make that choice? With that being said, Chua set out on a mission with the single goal of helping people enjoy improved health while doing something that they already do, drink coffee. Bernardo Chua would follow this road to many awards. It seems like a simple enough idea, but no one had ever thought of doing it before. This ultimately left the door wide open for Bernardo Chua to create a company in exactly the fashion that he had always dreamed of doing. The fact that he was a pioneer in the business only provided him with more opportunities and he did not hesitate to seize those opportunities and then pass his good fortune on to consumers.

The thing that truly makes this company special is that Chua himself had previously recognized the potential benefits of including antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients in coffee and he wanted to pass those health benefits on to others. At the time that he decided to form his company, this was such a new idea that no one, including Chua, was truly certain that it would actually take hold. However, he knew that it was important enough that it was time to take action and as a direct result of that, people are now able to enjoy their favorite beverage while simultaneously doing something for their overall physical well-being.

One thing is certain, OrganoGold is definitely a company that is worth taking a second or even a third look at. In a world that is constantly full of stress with demands placed on personal time and a whole host of problems that have to be addressed on a daily basis, the ability to do something so simple for one’s health begs asking the question of why every person is not taking advantage of the potential health benefits that are associated with the products produced by this company.  Bernardo Chua knows what he’s doing, as they just opened another new venture in Turkey.  Follow Bernie on Twitter for updates about Ganonderma and Organo Gold.

My Wrinkles Are A Thing Of The Past Because Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Smoking is the worst thing that I could’ve done to myself because now at age 38, people think that I’m in my late 40s. I’m so embarrassed when people tell me that I couldn’t possibly be in my 30s and that I’m obviously lying about my age. I even met a guy online, and when we met each other in person, he actually started screaming at me and pointing to my face, and he said that I couldn’t possibly be 38.

Even if I showed someone a birth certificate, they would never believe that I was only 38 because my face was so ravaged. I tried a lot of age-defying treatments, but my skin continued to wrinkle prematurely. I was very depressed over how my face looked, and I knew that something had to be done to fix it. Surgery is something that crossed my mind at the last minute, but I’m still glad that I chose to go with a surgical procedure. What I wanted to do was a facelift, which would tighten my skin, and hopefully, my face would stay that way.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is who I chose to be the surgeon to give me a facelift because she’s a top surgeon in Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a wonderful lady, but she completely understands what I’m going through, and she was able to let me know what to expect. I was told that because I was still young, my face would be able to renew itself and stay good-looking, especially if I quit smoking, which I did.

I waited a couple months before I decided to go in for surgery with Dr. Jennifer Walden. I had my surgery performed, and my facelift turned out beautifully. I couldn’t see the scars, and the scarring was minimal to begin with. I now can say with confidence that I’m 38 years old, and since I quit smoking, I don’t see any more premature wrinkling or blemishes coming to my face. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a miracle worker when it comes to giving a facelift. Visit her website for appointments and other news.

What Angela Merkel’s Policies Can Do For The Union

Migrant crisis is the focus of European Union in the 21st century. Ultimately, it is the crisis that has been undermined and neglected in the past or at least not taken seriously before Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany made it obvious. Her austerity policies and predictions are proving to be true and apt for the things that are happening in the European Union. And long-term predictions alone doesn’t assure success in handling this crisis that is not only threatening the economy of the countries in Europe but the lives of people as well. As with most things, Angela Merkel has creatively laid out plans to solve this and other crisis. It would be better her plans are complimented by the support of her team, a useful tool for determining when, where and how should the crisis be solved.

George Soros a notable author with more than fourteen best selling books in politics and other topics has its own opinions about Angela Merkel and her policies when it comes to migrant crisis and similar issues. In the time before the technology, solving such issues was a cumbersome process because it demanded constant monitoring of the process and other metrics. Today, with advanced technology in identifying infiltration and fake passports, it’s no more a Herculean task. Many politicians and law makers in the European union believe that migration is a whole new story, that foretells the next level the country will be in. There is a degree of truth to this belief, and Angela Merkel is one such leader who is trying to nip this crisis in the bud.

Illegal migration can become an inevitable issue and a long-term nuisance for Europe, with every part of the Union’s economy hit by negative outcomes. This is the case now and will be in the future more than ever, with increasingly number of Syrians crossing the border due to war and conflicts. Even if someone is dedicated to solving this problem, it is all in the hands of people collectively. Germans apart from looking for their own interests need to look for the interests of those who are under their protection. Angela Merkel’s apt policies provide a starting point that will show the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone in Germany and other countries of European Union should realize that some of the best policies are made by great visionaries like her, says George Soros on FX Street. A premise of her policies is that specific decisions have meaning and tell you what needs to be done and what the policies are going to do in the future. If the previous policy has not worked out so well, that often implies that a new policy needs to be established or that a new short-term changes should be made. Equally important, if the needed support is obtained without fail, that often indicates that the policies are going to move in the right direction. An exceptionally relevant policy has both lower risk and greater opportunity for safety and security of the nation.


Gigantic Influences of Flavio Maluf in Brazilian Investment Sector

Flavio Maluf is a famous investor across several sectors of in Brazil. As evident from his Facebook, he is the founder of the first successfully forest sector company that considers environmental issues in the country. He is the president of Eucatex Company. The company uses eucalyptus as a raw material to produce ceiling tiles and panel. Headquartered in San Paulo in Brazil, the company is the pioneer of investment in the forest sector and operates offices in several regions across the country. Mr Paulo Maluf founded the company that has now become a major exporter to Europe, and it has since become a family endeavor.

Currently, the company is on the front line of developing pollutant free paint in its state of the art laboratories. The company is also the developing extra advanced technology in manufacturing partition doors and other products. Mr Flavio has employed more than 2200 employees creating massive employment opportunities in the sector. Also, the company also owns modern factories whose expansion would translate to more jobs.

Flavio Maluf is also the president of GrandFood. The company offers employment to more than 400 people. The company is headquartered in Golden. The company lies in one of the backbone sectors of Brazilian economy the agribusiness. It has contributed immensely to the country’s production security with high standard quality products. The company also grows and markets sugarcane, grains and environmental awareness in planting eucalyptus. In this way, the investment offers more indirect opportunities to the people.

Mr Flavio has worked more than three decades with an extensive experience in management and entrepreneurship. He believes a dynamic industry is creating more opportunities for investors. Flavio has given numerous interviews on technical challenges and ways of overcoming the challenges. He has a degree in mechanical engineering. His companies have grown to have a good reputation in the country.

The Flavio investments extend an upper hand in environmental responsibility. Both Eucatex and GrandFood have embarked on projects to supply eucalyptus grains to increase a good forest cover. Apart from corporate social responsibility that is equally important, environmental responsibility can also be a significant way to generate wealth. Flavio has proven that the same sectors traditionally ignored can also contribute to the economy. He has shared his experience in investment to guide growing entrepreneurs. He highlights some of the challenges in those sectors as lack of financial funding. Eucatex is researching more on environmentally friendly products forming parts of its exports.  Something Flavio Maluf continues to praise daily on Twitter.

Autism Rocks Charity Organization and its Support Networks

Autism Rocks is a UK based charity organization that aims is to create public awareness about autism. The organization was founded in 2014 by businessman and philanthropist Sanjay Shah. Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital. Autism Rocks receives a bulk of its funding from concerts and donations. Since its inception, the organization has held numerous supporting events including charity events, launch parties and live music concerts.

Some of the artists who have appeared in Autism Rocks campaigns include Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone and Elvis Costello. The monies raised through the concerts goes to autism research through the Autism Research Trust (ART). ART on its part supports research initiatives through the Cambridge University based Autism Research Center (ARC). Most of the studies being undertaken by ARC are targeted at understanding the cause and effects of autism.

According to, ARC currently is running 15 projects that aim to find out which individuals are susceptible to having autism. The outcome of these studies will help researchers evaluate specific interventions and establish the support needed by such persons. Besides being the founder of Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah is also one of the largest contributors to the charity organization. He was inspired to do so after his son diagnosed with autism in 2011.

In line with his passion to support autism research; Sanjay wants to increase the frequency of the autism fundraising gigs in order to increase the amount of money being raised. He also plans to open the gigs to competition winners to increase mainstream public appeal. Even before his latest autism drive, Sanjay Shah has always had an interest in supporting charities. His previous contributions went to support children in India through Plan International.

Sanjay Shah established Solo Capital Partners LLP in January, 14, 2009. According to Crunchbase, the boutique financial services firm has interests in investments, brokerage and trading. The firm has over 100 financial experts working in its head office in London and Dubai. Shah previously worked as a banker for several financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Rabobank, ING Bank, Coopetieve Centrale Raiffeisen and Credit Suisse.

You can follow them on Twitter.

Showing the Possibilities of Focused Hard Work

Sam Tabar attended Oxford University his shows, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 2000. While the accomplishment of attending and graduating from Oxford is a feat in its own right, Sam Tabar also went to Columbia Law School where he was an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review until his graduation in 2001.

Tabar’s success in his education helped pave the way for his incredible success in his career. First, Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where he counseled clients on a host of topics.

While Tabar graduated from law school his ability to understand the finance world held his interest, and in 2004 he would leave Skadden to join PMA Investment Advisors. This group was based in Honk Kong and offered a chance for Tabar to see the inner workings of the financial world.

Tabar was the manager of global marketing and investor relations for a $2 Billion hedge fund while at PMA Investment Advisors. Tabar’s ability to create unique marketing campaigns helped PMA Investments when he created a plan to target very specific clients. All of the marketing helped bring in new investors, bringing in over 2000 new potential clients; he also helped introduce over 400 more investors to PMA Investment Advisors during his work there.

Tabar’s natural abilities in marketing, strategic planning helped earn him a position at Bank of America in 2011. While at Bank of America, Tabar served as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Asia-Pacific regions. Through this position he offered clients with counsel. Before leaving the firm Tabar had brought in over 1,250 investors before leaving in 2012 for a position at Adanac LLC, BVI.

Tabar’s natural talents in the financial world helped him land a position at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Here he would continue to help with hedge fund advice and counsel, using his financial background and his law degree, before leaving in 2014.

Instagram shows that Tabar’s success continues each year as he learns from his overall career. Sam Tabar enjoys hosting events and traveling in his spare time.

“It’s Healthy, It’s Delicious . . . It’s Dog Food.”

Regular old dog food. There is no such thing in this day and age. As many Americans are trying to find ways to eat healthier, they are also trying to extend those good habits to their pets. Such choices are easier now than they were a decade ago. Numerous companies have come out with several lines of healthy dog foods. Some have organic grain free recipes. Others have developed food for older dogs with triglycerides that make it easier for them to digest. Just like there are certain foods designed to help people lose weight, certain brands of dog food can do the same for your pet. Along with healthier choices, premium and gourmet dog food and treats are also out on the market. Owners can feed their pets lasagna and beef stroganoff flavored recipes. Lamb and buffalo are also available, along with what’s called the paleo diet, which mimics the sort of food canines ate in the wild hundreds of years ago. These healthy and premium blends of dog food have proven a boon to the industry. Since 2009, sales of premium dog food are up 45 percent, taking in $10.5 billion according to Amazon. One company specializing in healthy and premium blends is Beneful a high quality dog food brand. Many of their recipes feature a balance of meat and vegetables such as chicken, beef, salmon, peas, carrots, and spinach. There are also foods that help maintain a dog’s healthy weight and provide proper nutrients. The Beneful brand was introduced to the market in 2001. Since that time, it has become one of the top five most popular brands of dog food. It sells dry, wet, and canned food, as well as treats.