Enterprises In Brazilian Real Estate Are Doing Well

There was a time when Brazil wasn’t even on the map in terms of economic development. The nation was not particularly industrialized, and it’s real estate sector was small and minimally developed. Much of the population lived in very impoverished conditions. However, those days are long over. Due to globalization, Brazil is moving to the forefront of the world economy. Factories have set up shop in the country, and they have hired numerous Brazilian citizens. This change brought sweeping, positive changes to the Brazilian economy. These changes have benefited the pocketbooks of numerous Brazilian citizens. Now, millions of Brazilian citizens have become far more affluent. With their increased affluence, they are buying up real estate in the country. However, most of them aren’t making these purchases or subsequent sales on their own. They often require assistance from Brazil’s real estate companies. Therefore, these companies are receiving large amounts of money from the broadening of the real estate markets.

More entrepreneurs in Brazil are going into the real estate business, because they see potential to make a great deal of money in the industry. Those who are already in the real estate business are often doing extremely well, due to the massive spike in the Brazilian economy. This means that the already existing companies are able to expand, and they have money to invest in new projects. This has created an effect of causing exponential growth in real estate enterprises throughout the country.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is one of many companies that is doing excellent business in Brazil’s real estate sector. They hold a significant amount of real estate. In fact, the financial value of all their holdings is many millions. The company also doesn’t take a traditional approach to the markets. Their non-traditional approach is part of what has enabled them to be so successful.

What they do differently than other companies is that their business is not just about transactions in real estate. Many companies just help individuals or corporations to buy and sell real estate holdings. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos actually hangs on to real estate themselves, and they have the goal of increasing the value of their holdings, something proven in the past with their strategies, and as evidenced by LinkedIn. Furthermore, they are often successful at increasing the values of the holdings. Not only that, but they have even had projects constructed. Their projects often have yielded them sizable profits in the end.

Brazil’s economy is one that is growing and changing very rapidly. Continued growth is expected. The real estate industry is among the industries benefiting from this economic advancement. In fact, the real estate industry will most likely show growth through future years. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is one thriving real estate enterprise, but there are numerous others.  Follow Cabral on Twitter, or check out their newly launched website.

Bass, Fresenius and Spangenberg

Kyle Bass is bringing the heat to bear against big time pharmaceutical companies; and he’s got some formidable backup. That backup comes in the shape of Erich Spangenberg. Erich is hated throughout Silicon Valley–well, by a powerful portion of individuals, anyway. He’s hated because he brought a variety of litigation to bear against tech companies that were found guilty of patent infringement. It makes sense, then, that Kyle Bass has employed him against Alpex and Frsenius.

Does it make sense that something like a the spots on a pill, or the stopper in a bottle, should be patented? When one considers that such spots and stoppers have nothing to do with a medication’s effectiveness, does it really make sense that they should be the reasons a medication is ten times more expensive than its generic brethren? Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg don’t think so, and the aforementioned spotted pills/stoppered arrangements are patented examples of Fresenius and Alpex subterfuge. Both big-time pharmaceutical companies have patents that many see are spurious. They’re called “zombie” patents because they just won’t die. They won’t die even though they’re essentially useless.

All these arguments are regularly made by the organization Kyle Bass started. That organization is called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, or “CAD” for short, and is the platform from which Erich and Kyle are launching their patent challenges. Currently there’s a petition going around, and should it receive enough signatures, these pharmaceuticals may be forced to decrease the cost of their medicines.

Kyle Bass and CAD have been successful at doing this before. So successful, in fact, that stock dropped for several big-time pharmaceutical companies, and Bass was able to make a killing in the market. Subtly, he influenced market change and capitalized from it. All this was done legally, and even now congress is flirting with bipartisanship to close the loophole.

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager that exploded on the world financial scene in 2008, when he successfully predicted America’s sub-prime lending crisis; the same which lead to an exceptionally virulent economic decline, the after effects of which still resonate around the country. Bass has made successful predictions about Japan, and he believes China is headed the same direction once the loans she’s making in excess of her country’s GDP fall through.

Bass comes from Argentina, where he has controversial ties to known socialist Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Is Bass trying to undermine global governments financially through clever investment strategy? Does he have political aims? Or is he just extremely competent, and an advocate for social justice?

It’s very hard to tell. What is definitely obvious is that the man has been successful, and seems as though he will continue to be, even if his detractors say he’s little more than a desperate gambler.

Michael Jackson: Impersonating the Stars

Ones clothing, voice and walking patterns are often thought to be unique but they can all be mastered and emulated by professionals. All of these elements can be matched by real life actors globally who make careers from copying the identity of popular music figures, movie actors and others.

On his Facebook page, Michael Jackson double Sergio Cortes describes himself as an artist with a special ability to sing, compose, dance and act which he believes is a special gift and not for everyone. Indeed, emulating a popular public figure is no easy task for a novice. Thus, the impersonators or doubles that have a special ability to perform their their craft are often revered in by thousands of fans and admired with much curiosity. Sergio Cortes believes that impersonating Michael Jackson is not only his vocation, but a treasured privilege.

The likeness between the Sergio Cortes impersonation of Michael Jackson and the real person is often so close that it seems that the real Michael Jackson was alive. Sergio Cortes is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson doubles since 2009. Sergio Cortes was born on July 30 and when he was a child was told by his mother that he reminded her of Michael Jackson. It was around that time that Michael was a member of the Jackson Five group and had recently commenced his music career in pop music and starting to gain international renown. This point in time marked the start of his professional career, says Cortes. “I began to watch the details of his persona as Michael performed and handled himself before media and fans. I developed a astute perception of Michael Jackson from what I saw on television. Seeing Michael on television allowed me to learn enough of Jackson’s mannerisms to successfully emulate him with a high degree of similarity.”

As a teenager, Cortes was encouraged to wear clothes like Michael Jackson and have photos taken of him that which would have a major impact on his life. It was soon after that the Sergio Cortes affinity for Michael Jackson’s music would lead him to start a career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes would go on to bigger things such as performing as Michael Jackson on American Idol in several countries and perform in shows around the world.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.


Creativity Comes To The Fore In The Life Of Jon Urbana

We covered his awesome CrowdRise campaign a while ago (I hope you donated!) and now here’s some more that’ll interest you about Jon Urbana.

The world of business often leaves little space for the creative side of its executives to appear, but Ellipse USA head Jon Urbana is proving this does not have to be the case. Instead, Urbana has recently been embracing his creative side in the form of social media accounts, photography and music. The former Villanova lacrosse standout has been looking to prove his worth in his fields of interest instead of seeking to simply be known as the founder of the annual Next Level Lacrosse camps.

Social media has quickly become a major part of the life of Jon Urbana and transcends both his business and personal life. Although Urbana does use Facebook and Slideshare to extend his business reach, he has also looked to develop his passions on these Internet based platforms by including his photography and music careers on the accounts for his followers to enjoy. Jon Urbana, from the looks of his site, appears to have quickly learned there are a large number of people in the world with similar and differing interests who can act as sounding boards for both his business and creative ideas.

Creativity flows through the photography of Jon Urbana, which is on show throughout his Vimeo and social media accounts. Urbana uses his skills as a talented photographer to produce work that reflects his own interests of outdoor activities and food. The food photography produced by Jon Urbana (like these grapes from Sardinia) is amongst the best received of his work and takes in a variety of styles.

Taken during the summer harvest 2015.

The blogs and charity videos Urbana produces also give an insight into the range of influences from the fashion world that have pushed Urbana to improve his own skills.

In recent times the work of Jon Urbana has developed to include many different areas of life, including the music that has been a part of his world for many years. The fact Urbana has been a guitarist is well known, but his styles and influences have recently changed to include electronic music that has allowed Jon Urbana to push his own boundaries. Enjoy his latest track below and feel free to download it.