Healthy Options For Dog Food From Beneful

I like to make sure that my dog is healthy. I get him to run around outside with me when we go for walks in the morning. He is always excited to be there. In fact, he makes me keep up my pace. I eat a healthy breakfast when I get back, and so does he. In fact, he eats out of his big food bowl with Beneful, right next to me, on the floor. He chows down with me, and then, I go to work.

Choosing Dog Food

It took me a while to figure out which food was the best for him. I get to choose my food, and I choose it based on taste, so I thought that he should have that choice. Free will is important to me, and it should be prevalent in my dog’s life. If I can let him choose what he eats, then I will let him choose it every time. In fact, I usually have a few options available for him. He likes certain flavors. I’ve been buying him Beneful lately. He likes the kind called Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real salmon. I find it interesting that he always goes for the salmon flavored one. Maybe he was a fish in his past life, or maybe he was a cat.

Having Options For Your Dog Is Always Nice

I keep his favorite food on stock on at all times. He always has that available. However, I usually keep a bag of something else for him to try out. I figure that he would enjoy variety every now and again. Who doesn’t enjoy different tastes and smells? I know this dog food smells yummy. The kind I have on backup now is also by Beneful. It is called Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real chicken.

Beneful on amazon also make a few other flavors of the dry dog food. I don’t mess with wet food. Dry has always been enough for my furry pal. Next time I’m going to get him the type called Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real beef. I think he’ll like that blend of flavors. They also have a kind that is supposed to be a healthier choice. I think he should try it. It’s called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight. That one is also made with real chicken, so he’ll surely love it.

How to Handle Facebook While at Work

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms of social media. However, it is not always a good idea to use it at work. There are many people that use it to the point that it interferes with their productivity. A lot of people have their reputations destroyed and their jobs lost on account of their Facebook. However, there are ways to avoid these consequences of using Facebook. A lot of the problems that occur as a result of using Facebook and other social media platforms is due not to merely using the social media platform, but due to the inappropriate use of social media.

The way to lower the chances of job loss and reputation destruction is to not use Facebook as much during work hours. This is perhaps the best way to prevent social media related job loss. Another way to lower the chances of social media related job loss is to create different profiles. One profile could be professional while the other profile could be personal. As long as one makes sure that these profiles are separate from each other, that could improve productivity and lower the chances of job loss. However, such occurrences are possible even with these precautions taken. In this case, it is important to have a back up plan.

One back up plan is to find a company that can handle reputation control like Status Labs. Status Labs deals a lot with image recovery. Often times, when a bad report is made about a person or a company, it shows up on the search results. Therefore, it is important for new content to be made that is more flattering for the company or the individual so that he could recover from any blows to the market.

Another thing Status Labs does is give advice to people so that they can continue to profit even with a bad report. Status Labs gives people advice on topics like giving a PR pitch.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Dog

Taking carb of a dog is not always easy. You need to make sure they are fed, given the right foods, and properly cared for on a daily basis. They need to be nicely cared for and given only the best Beneful foods daily. A shower should be done consistently and around on or twice a month depending on their body type and coat. Since every dog is different, asking your vet for advice on this personally should help you find out if your dog should get a bi-weekly shower or a monthly shower.

Another thing to remember to help take good care of your dog successfully is to make sure you provide them a good environment and Beneful. A nice cage or a location to sleep in your home are all viral components to raising good and happy animals that are happy with where they live. It’s not easy to raise an animal from when they are born, and it’s important that you take the time to understand what they need from you as their owner on Their food, for example, is another vital component to their lives. Only feeding them the right amount is so important for their health and for them to continue getting stronger.

Another thing worth noting is that the foods you feed them do affect their overall health everyday. Any time that you decide to give them foods with by products and other additives is just them losing their energy and being a sluggish. A good brand and a reliable company to buy food from is so important. Beneful is one I always recommend because of their stability and quality in food options. They have a wide variety for you to choose from, and that makes it so easy in the future when you want to help your dogs get healthy. Beneful is truly a reliable brand that you need to consider going to if you want to receive only the best products for your dog. This brand stands out and knows how to deliver foods that a dog will enjoy and also gain real energy from without the annoying additives.

Lodging In London

When vacationing in London, most people like the idea of a place that is comfortable convenient, and cost-effective. Depending upon what type of vacation they are on can also determine their needs when it comes to lodging. Some people like a plethora of amenities, while others will only be at their vacation rentals for very little time. No matter what the reason for the vacation there are many positive reasons to choose an apartment rental over any other type of rental available.

The comfort of an apartment in London as opposed to other types of lodging can be much more comfortable in several ways. It can provide a less noisy environment which can help someone sleep and rest better. It also offers a more home-like feel instead of the typical hotel room. An apartment typically would have a full kitchen and possibly multiple bathrooms and bedrooms. If traveling with companions this would allow for more personal privacy. The comfort of an apartment can make ones stay much more enjoyable.

Apartments can be very convenient to ideal parts of London which can contribute to several different schools of thought. For one, if someone chooses an apartment close to venues they plan to visit while vacationing, they can spend more time doing what they are on vacation to do and less time getting to where they are going. Another reason is that it can cut the cost of transportation since they can travel on foot or even less expensive taxi fares. The convenience of renting an apartment in a great location can make a vacation in London much less stressful and much more fruitful.

Lastly, renting an apartment can also be very affordable and even less expensive in the larger picture if someone is looking to cut costs. Being more centrally located cuts the cost of travel if it is convenient to venues. It can also be better to rent an apartment and use the kitchen to cook some meals which can be quite expensive if eating out every meal. If traveling with multiple companions, it makes more sense financially to rent an apartment instead of renting several different hotel rooms. Taking these things into consideration while planning a trip to London can actually be very cost-effective.

In the grand scheme of things renting an apartment for a London vacation can be comfortable, convenient and cost-effective for many travelers. Here are two great websites to visit for someone planning a London vacation:

Beneful Kickstarts Dog Park Projects To Celebrate Dream Dog Park Program

Beneful is celebrating the fifth year of its Dream Dog Park Program by kick-starting new dog park building initiatives across the country. Throughout the remainder of 2015, Purina Beneful dog food will be collaborating with community leaders to enhance existing dog parks and even support the construction of new dog parks in local communities throughout America. Beneful is excited for the upcoming year and can’t wait for their initiative to reach further into more dog-owner communities throughout the country. Beginning in 2010, this year marks the fifth year that Beneful has been supporting park-building initiatives nation-wide. Four community parks throughout the country that have been renovated in recent years include Alabaster, AL, Johns Creek, GA, Lancaster, PA and Prescott, AZ. To further spread the initiative, Beneful will be searching all over the country for opportunities to help dog park organizers to start new projects or renovated run-down parks. Beneful will make their selection decisions based on need-based funding. The team will also help spread awareness and knowledge concerning dog park safety. From this project, Beneful hopes to show dog-owner communities just how much they care about the animals while creating new and improved spaces that those same dog-owners and their furry companions can enjoy. SOURCE

Brazilian Writers Have A Stylistic Distinction That Is Hard To Ignore

Writers in Brazil come from all walks of life. Many of them are educators, philosophers, journalists, historians and politicians. In Brazil, writers are a special breed that bring the culture together with stylistic distinction that is certainly hard to ignore once people become aware of it. Brazilian writers must manipulate ideas that are philosophical in nature and express them in an artistic fashion. That’s not easy, but writers like Jaime Garcia Dias make it look easy.

Dias is a Brazilian writer and blogger that wears several literary hats. He was born to be a writer. His father was a writer, and he helped Dias learn the mechanics of writing at a very early age. By the time Jaime was 15 he was an impressive writer. But Dias didn’t just want to write. He wanted to teach writing. He described on Facebook that he wanted to teach how to express the stylistic distinction that separates Brazilian writers from other writers around the world. He got his chance when the Carioca Literature Academy in Rio hired him to teach in 1997. It didn’t take long for the school to recognize Dias as a world-class teacher and administrator. Ten years later, Dias was named the president of the Academy.

In order to bring the stylistic distinction that every writer has within them, out, Dias changed the curriculum to reflect what he was trying to teach and that has led to increased international success and resonance with his message. He mentored young writers and helped them develop their own voice when writing and he did it unconventionally. He challenged them to tackle the art of writing as an individual form of creativity that opened a window in the soul. That method of teaching at the Carioca Literature Academy became the norm and before long the Carioca Literature Academy was recognized as the leading teaching institution for young writers.

Even though Dias was teaching and directing the Carioca Literature Academy, he was also writing novels and other works. Some of his essays are published in Brazilian daily Journals, and his novels have won numerous awards.

People that know Dias always ask him to define Stylistic distinction and he quickly responds the same way when asked. Dias says stylistic distinction is the homogenization of political thought, social awareness, economic stability and an innate sense of self. When writers combine those elements of their psychological makeup together and mold them into creative thought that expresses a meaningful story, then the writer has found his own style.

Dias is quick to add that everyone in their own way has creative distinction, and he often tweets about fully realizing this potential, but most people don’t acknowledge it. But once people understand what makes them tick mentally, the art of expressing it becomes an easy process. The students at the Carioca Literature Academy are a good example of the beauty that develops from knowing the self, according to Dias.

Status Labs Helps To Keep People Protected Online

If someone is beginning to worry about all that they are doing online, and if they are thinking that what they are doing may not be the safest, then they should look to Status Labs for help. Status Labs is a company based in Austin, TX that cares about individuals who feel that they are not being safe online, and it has offered people much advice as to what they should be doing to protect themselves. The company also cares about businesses and the things that they should be doing to protect their online image, and it has also made sure to hand out advice to them.
So, all of those who are in business and who want to be keeping their business having as good of a reputation as it can have online should be taking all of the advice that Status Labs is offering to heart. They should know that their business will benefit from the help that Status Labs can give them, and they should also be smart enough to realize that one bad thing being said about the business online could ruin them. So, they should make sure to look to Status Labs to get all of the image management that they are needing.
Individuals who are worried about important information about them being leaked online can also depend on Status Labs for the protection that it can give them. The company has a lot of advice to give them, as well, and they should be sure to listen to it to keep themselves safe. They should make sure not to share any personal information online, so that they can know that they will always be safe, and they should be listening to everything else that Status Labs has to say, in order to know that they are doing everything that they can to protect themselves.
Status Labs is a smart company that cares about all of those that it is protecting. It is a company that is always doing its best to keep people safe online, and both businesses and individuals are going to need to go to it if they want to know that they are doing everything that they can to protect themselves.

Online Reputation Management Company Status Labs Help Clients Clean Up Their Online Image

Companies many spend years developing a strong image or brand. Similar to in the real world, a business’s reputation can make or finish a business. Defamatory online remarks, negative comments, or poor reviews can totally damage a company’s reputation and their bottom line. Anyone can post anonymous slanderous remarks on the internet about any company, even their competition. These comments often reach a very large audience. The negative remarks and reviews typically rank very high on search engine results, so these negative remarks are usually the first thing that potential customers see when they “Google” a company.

Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the guy that high profile CEO’s and companies call at that panicky moment when they realize that inaccurate, negative internet search results are damaging their business, and they want to polish up their on-line reputation in order to restore the company’s image.

Darius Fisher is an expert at cleaning up and fixing digital reputations. As the President of Status Labs, an Online Reputation Management Company, Fisher and his team make a living out of helping companies and prominent individuals handle online crises and fix their online reputations. Fisher helps companies protect their reputation from defamatory content, anonymous business competitors, and negative bloggers. Reputation management is a very important aspect of today’s business environment as it defends against defamation, provides marketing stability, and helps ensure that a company is represented truthfully in the online world.

Fisher was recently recognized by PRWeek as one of its Innovation 50 for his leadership in the areas of digital communications and public relations. Since founding the Dallas-based startup only four years ago, Fisher has succeeded in increasing the staff to 30, and opening additional offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Over 1500 clients in more than 30 countries trust Fisher and Status Labs to clean up their image, submerge poor reviews, and improve the company or individual’s online presence. Previous to online reputation management, Fisher worked as a political consultant. He was also a copywriter for a period of time. Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.

The Importance of Your Online Reputation

According to the Huffington Post over ninety percent of customers will check online reviews. According to CareerBuilder over half of employers will check social media. In fact, what they find online may lead them to remove candidates from consideration including inappropriate photographs or information, information about candidates drinking or using drugs, and bad-mouthing their previous company or fellow employees. For prospective college students a bad online presence can eliminate them from consideration and recent college graduates will find that a healthy online presence will bolster their odds of landing a job and help build a career.

With the rising importance of social media there has been a rise of companies that will help individuals and companies manage their online reputation. One of the most successful ones is Status Labs. Status Labs is a public relations firm based in Austin, Texas that has helped thousands of individuals and companies manage their online reputation. When someone looks for you online what everybody wants is the best of them to show up first and the worst to stay buried. Social media has led to a loss of privacy. Today, companies buy and trade personal information from millions of internet users for the purpose of advertising. People have a right to privacy and Status Lab helps let you choose how much you share online.

One little mistake and your online reputation could be ruined. An embarrassing college picture on Facebook or a bad review from an unsatisfied customer may be the first thing that shows up on google search. The purpose of an online reputation firm is to give customers maximum control over what people see about them online so that the best things show up first and the bad things are hidden. Everyone makes mistake and with social media a minor mistake that would have had only personal consequences twenty years ago may ruin an individual’s career. On the other hand not having a social media presence can be just as disastrous. Instead of losing a job an individual may never get it in the first place if that person lacks an online presence. Social media can be a tool and image management companies like Status Labs can help make it work for you.

How One Can Increase Their Probability Of Having A Wikipedia Article Approved

Writing content that is to be placed on Wikipedia is very rewarding to get it published, especially if one does not have a background in writing. Sometimes, it takes a few tries and revisions of an edit or a submission in order to finally be accepted. This is difficult for some writers. Writers are faced with two options: either revise the piece of work or accept defeat and not try rewriting. Writers should not become discouraged, even though it is very common for new writers and even experienced writers to get let down after one or two rejections, or even more. Some writers have went through more than ten revisions in order to create a wikipedia page and  get just one piece approved on Wikipedia, even though this does not happen often.

When starting out, it is strongly recommended to find small articles that are short in length that do not seem to have proper format. One can change the format into the correct form, or add references that should be added, or correct anything else that is wrong or that is in dire need of improvement.

Do not write an article if you are a beginner, as editing small articles like the example above is the best thing to do for most beginners. If you already have experience as a writer, it may be feasible to take on an entire article, but all beginners should start as an editor.

Some pages can be edited without approval, while articles that have lots of truthful information that are very popular are not needed to be edited as much. Approval from moderators must be received to edit these types of articles, and the restrictions are placed because the article has information that needs to be safeguarded because it has been targeted before or already contains information that can not possibly be improved.

Get Your Wiki makes articles or other pieces of literature that is going to end up on Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki is easily the most reputable company of its type, as there are not many other competitors. Thankfully, Get Your Wiki does not charge very much for their articles or edits to articles. Unlike many other service providers, Get Your Wiki also is able to translate articles, which is a service that is very hard to come by at rates as reasonable as Get Your Wiki’s rates.