Skout is Available to Help the Traveler On the Go

Meeting people while on the go can be difficult. Outside of possibly whomever is located at the hotel bar, trying to make friends while traveling may prove difficult for some. That is exactly why Skout is a helpful application that can work with people and connect them with others from around the world. In fact, it has the potential to connect a user with millions of other people around the world, and as a free application, it is never going to cost anything and it puts the power of connectivity into the hands of every single person. So, while there are always going to be possible options for meeting people in person, this application makes it that much easier with the few swipes of a smart phone.

The App

So how does this application make it easier for travelers to meet other people? It is a pretty simple creation process. Once someone downloads the application onto their mobile device, such as an Android or Apple mobile phone, they just need to create a profile. The profile creation process consists of a picture (or a few), a small blurb about the individual and then just a few search basics. That really is it and it is then possible for the individual to get their application profile up and running and connect with other people.

How it Connects

The Skout application works off of the GPS inside of the mobile device. With the GPS signal, it only shows an individual other people who are living or at least currently in the general area. This way, it is now possible for someone such as yourself to connect with these individuals. When you power on the Skout application you’ll see a listing of everyone else in the area. You can set your search field to bring up people who meet a certain demographic. Perhaps you are looking to meet a person of the opposite sex or you don’t mind who you are interacting with. No matter who it is or what you feel like searching for, Skout is able to help you connect with that individual.

Quick Search

Sometimes you just don’t feel like paging through all sorts of different individuals found on the application. Sometimes you just want a quick and easy way to communicate with these individuals and to find someone. That is where the shake search feature comes into play. This is a fun little option that makes it possible to instantly connect with someone. With the search feature open, an individual just needs to shake their mobile device and it automatically connects with someone. They can they feel free to message that individual or they can just shake their phone and connect with someone else again. So, it is an easy option for someone who is traveling around the world, throughout the country or who is just visiting a different town and wants to be able to meet other people in the area. The Skout application makes all of this possible.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Keeps The King Of Pop Alive

No one can sing, dance, and entertain like Michael Jackson better than Sergio Cortes. This Spanish Michael Jackson impersonator is a true artist in his own right. He does more than just mimic Michael. The spirit of Michael Jackson seems to inhabit him. Cortes looks, dances, sings, moves, and dresses like Michael Jackson. He captivates Michael Jackson fans like no one else ever has. When people see Cortes impersonating Michael it often sends shivers down their spines. If they didn’t know any better they would swear it is Michael.

The 44 year old Cortes has been impersonating Michael Jackson ever since he was a child. While other impersonators practice Jackson’s dance moves, learn his songs, and dress like him, Cortes has physically and facially looked like Michael his entire life. As a teen local people, journalists, and photographers would follow Cortes around to watch him perform and shoot video and still photography of him. He quickly became a local celebrity and appeared on live shows and television. People that see him leave amazed that an impersonator can capture all of Michael Jackson’s mannerisms so completely.

For Cortes it is a labor of love. He has loved Michael Jackson almost his entire life. For years he imitated the king of pop just for fun. It was only after he started garnering rave reviews and drawing increasingly larger crowds that he seriously began considering impersonating Michael Jackson as a career move. It just seemed to come naturally to him. He always looked like Michael Jackson. When he added the clothing and the dance moves it was hard to tell them apart. Many impersonators can moonwalk and do some of Michael Jackson’s other dance moves, but Sergio Cortes is the complete package.

When Sergio Cortes performs as Michael Jackson, he causes quite a stir. He generates a level of excitement that is near impossible to describe. He can drive audiences into a frenzy. Since Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009, Cortes has taken his act to another level. He takes it as a personal responsibility to keep Michael’s legacy alive. The Barcelona, Spain native has been impersonating Michael Jackson since the release of the BAD album. Bunches of his videos have gone viral and have left people spellbound and dumbfounded. Countless entertainment organizations vie for his services. Through Destiny Projects Sergio Cortes performs at more shows and concerts as Michael Jackson than ever before.

Ability Of White Shark Media In Improving Your Online Visibility

Keywords are very essential element in any search engine optimization strategy. A person will use them when classifying the business, target preferred audience and also dictating the nature of content on the website. Search engines have evolved over the years and as such they have offered the best and quality results to the final user. You should decide how many keywords are necessary for your webpage in order to prevent irrelevant stuffing.


A keyword should be mentioned in the title page in order to direct searchers on the contents of that page. Searchers will not struggle when the keyword is included in the title page. Also, the keyword is mentioned in the main headline so as to direct searchers the type of content they will be reading on that page. Additionally, users are directed to the landing page when they type the keyword on the SEO.


The keyword should be repeated at least twice in the page content as a reference to the topic. Indeed, this is aimed to give the page more sense when searchers are reading the content. Ensure the keyword is used naturally and avoid making it sound irrelevant. If there are unnecessary keywords, you should remove them. To some extent, keywords are used several times in order to serve the desired purpose and intent in the content. This means you can read the text without feeling shy about the content. You can use available online tools to commence your project. Different tools will deliver different results depending on their application.


Several clients have expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by White Shark Media. The firm has excellent customer service as well real professionals who are exceptional when dealing with clients. They are focused on specific details but more important delivering desired results. White Shark Media has been offering high quality personalized services that are not matched by any company. The firm has delivered results in a very short period of time like one week and continued to deliver in the same way.

Companies that have engage White Shark Media have gained maximum exposure therefore increasing their client base. The firm normally provides professional services that are aimed at improving online presence of their clients.

Source: White Shark Blog

Mr. Bruce Levenson, a Prolific NBA Team Owner

The National Basketball Association is the largest professional basketball organization in North America, and is arguably the most popular men’s professional basketball league in the entire world. The Basketball Association of America was minted back in 1946 by investors in large ice hockey stadiums. Three years later, after professional basketball started to experience a reasonable amount of success for the time period, the BAA joined forces with its sole rival, the National Basketball League, to spawn the NBA.

The current commissioner, which is the leading person in charge, similar to the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation or the President of the Board of Directors of a company, is Adam Silver. Mr. Silver was appointed to be the next commissioner of the NBA in 2013, when then-commissioner David Stern said that Silver would be the league’s next commissioner. He overtook the position in 2014, and has proved to be a good commissioner.

The NBA schedules games, regulates marketing campaigns, and generally oversees the operations of its thirty professional basketball clubs. Twenty-nine of these basketball teams are located in the US, while only one lies outside of the USA’s border – the Toronto Raptors. There are 82 games in a regular NBA season.

The NBA playoffs is one of the most-watched playoff series in the United States, and is also watched by fans all over the world. There are four rounds of the playoffs, which start off with sixteen teams. Before the playoff layout is described any further, the grouping of the teams should be explained. There are two main conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference is divided into three divisions.

The top eight teams from the conferences are entered into the playoffs, which are decided by teams’ regular season record. Each playoff series is decided by a best-of-seven layout, which also means that the first team to win four games in that series goes on to the next opponent.

The NBA has grown tremendously over the past few decades, due in large part to two main catalysts: the great talent that has entered the NBA, and the owners of the NBA teams who are virtually able to spend however much money on financing their team that they choose to. This allows owners to operate a team exactly how they envisioned. The only thing owners aren’t allowed to spend over a certain amount on is the roster, the bread and butter of a team. Still, owners are able to better attract players when they have enough money to do so.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the owner to have most recently been in control of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks franchise a few years ago for $500,000,000, and sold it for more than $725,000,000. Talk about a large profit! Mr. Levenson helped lead the Hawks to a fantastic NBA season this year, where they nearly beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is one of the super-wealthy NBA owners according to that are able to do virtually whatever they want, which leads to a great, successful team, although his claim to fame is his ability to build closely-knit basketball teams with great chemistry.

Hiring A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Do you have a legal case in Brazil? Thinking about hiring a lawyer in Brazil to provide you with advice or guidance? If you find yourself facing a legal issue, it is extremely important that you get legal help. You need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

It is important to consider several sources when looking for a lawyer in Brazil. Smart people do some research prior to contacting a lawyer. There are several resources that help.

A legal directory is a good place to consider. With just a few short clicks you can get access to a list of lawyers in Brazil, complete with contact details, background information and other pertinent details. There are also lawyer-written articles that help consumers understand their legal issue. And there are message boards to help people get a feel for a lawyer’s communication style and level of expertise.

Contact the Bar Associations to get help in finding a suitable lawyer in Brazil. Keep in mind, these association can provide referrals but not endorsements. These associations usually just have a list of lawyers who have agreed to take referrals.

Talk to people you know, including family, friends and colleagues. These people may have hired a lawyer and they can tell you about the lawyer’s strenghts and weakness. You don’t have to disclose your reason for hiring a lawyer, but know what area of law you need help with – divorce, tax, criminal, etc. – so you can get appropriate recommendations.

Once you have obtained a few names and contact information, it’s time to set up a consultation. Meet with each lawyer so you can discuss the details of your case.

It is also important to find a lawyer who focuses in in your exact legal need. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in a large city. Some lawyers are generalists who are used to handling a range of legal issues. If you are dealing with a complicated legal problem, consider hiring a more specialized lawyer.

In addition, consider the level of skill and service you need. For a simple legal matter, a moderately priced lawyer may be all you need. If your problem is complicated, or involves a life-or-death situation, it’s advisable to spend more money and get a more skilled lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top litigation lawyer in Brazil. He specializes in business litigation law, and has represented many large corporations and multinational companies in complicated legal matters. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also represents individuals, including politicians and other important figures, and he is well known for his powerful litigation strategy. Mr Ricardo Tosto runs his own law firms in Brazil.

Bruce Levenson Actively Supports The Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawk’s basketball operations president, Mike Budenholzer, was
recognized as the NBA All-Star Game head coach of the year for the
2014-2015 season. The winner is selected by a group of American and
Canadian sports writers who each casts votes for first, second, and
third nominees. In addition to the revered title, Budenholzer received
the Red Auerbach Trophy for his great contributions to his NBA team.
Remarkably, since the award’s inception, the acknowledgment was
endowed to 40 different coaches such as Pat Riley, Bill Fitch, Frank
Layden, Mike Brown, and Avery Johnson.

Budenholzer’s distinguished recognition was a direct reflection of
Bruce Levenson’s profound leadership. With approximately twenty years
of management experience, this strategic businessman was uniquely
qualified to serve as the majority shareowner of the Atlanta Hawks.
Throughout his successful term, Levenson was often presented with the
opportunity to share his financial strategies with his group of
partners which included his longtime colleague Ed Peskowitz.
Essentially, the owners acted as a fan advocate by providing the Hawks
enthusiasts with a variety of convenient offerings related to food
concessions, team memorabilia stores, and seat selections. These
well-rounded services appealed to a variety of individuals who shared
a common goal: to support the Hawks in their sport endeavors.

Alongside his renowned ownership, Levenson also operated United
Communications Group which is an information company that he
co-founded with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Notably, this business focusing
on delivering essential data, news, and analysis for many different
companies in sectors like healthcare, technology, energy, mortgage
banking, and telecommunications. Initially launching the company in
Levenson’s apartment, these two strategic entrepreneurs gradually grew
their business to approximately 900 employees who are based in
Gaithersburg, Maryland. The corporation’s goal is to produce
exceptional products which will help their clients increase profits
and reduce risks by improving overall operational efficiency.
Moreover, their portfolio companies include: WIS, Placeable, KB,
Vantage Products, and CCMI. Amazingly, United Communications Group
recently acquired GasBuddy in March 2013. This mobile application
reports fuel prices in many locations across the United States and

In addition to his noteworthy entrepreneurial endeavor, Levenson was a
member of distinguished boards including TechTarget, BIA Digital
Partners, Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA), and
the Hawk’s NBA Board of Governors. He was selected into the Software
and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame with his business
partner, Ed Peskowtiz.

Levenson is also an avid philanthropist as he frequently donates to
the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University
of Maryland, the SEED Foundation, Community Foundation of Washington,
D.C., the U.S. Holocaust Museum, BBYO, the Jewish Foundation, the
Hoops Dream Foundation, the Seeds of Peace, Birthright Israel, the
Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and the Washington Chapter of I
have A Dream Foundation.

Notably, Levenson holds a Bachelor’s degree from Washington University
in St. Louis, Missouri and a JD from American University in
Washington, DC.

Cosmetics by Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a very colorful young woman who is also known to have caused a great deal of controversy, due to her success and products. She is a fan of bright colors and elaborate makeup, which only serves to make her even more interesting. But since success breeds controversy, there are many people who would rather spread nasty rumors about the woman than to discern whether those rumors are true or not. However, it should take more than mere rumors to dissuade someone from using the product lines that Doe Deere has created.

Lime Crime is her most popular and successful line of beauty products. The packaging is meant to be very cute; it is predominately pink or purple, decorated with glittery unicorn silhouettes; the unicorn is Doe Deere’s signature image. The line is composed of eyeliner and eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick. All of the Lime Crime products are very bright and deeply saturated, available in shades that will appeal to anyone and everyone who enjoys makeup that is meant to be bright and make a statement. It is as much an adornment as a way for people to reveal their personalities through their adornment.

One of the most important things about Doe Deere’s products is that they are completely cruelty-free. What this means is: they are never tested on animals for any reason and they are free of animal products and formaldehyde. They are vegan-friendly and safe for even the most sensitive skin. As it is very common for cosmetics companies to use dangerous ingredients or test on animals these days, it is a relief for one company to stand above the others and ensure that their products are completely safe. They are certified through PETA and Leaping Bunny, which are very well-known organizations that help ensure the safety of all animals.

While Lime Crime and the rest of Doe Deere’s products may not appeal to people who are more conservative, they can be worn by absolutely everyone. Something else that people should like knowing is that they are fragrance-free as well, which means they are perfect for people who have allergies to certain scents. It can be very difficult to find a line of products that are both hypoallergenic and completely cruelty-free; those are things that sets Doe Deere’s products far above her competitors and should very much be a relief to anyone who wants to find something different than what is sold in most stores.

Despite the nasty rumors and controversy surrounding Doe Deere, her products are of very high quality and are extremely affordable. Anyone who wants to purchase something that is well worth the cost and wants to feel good about the cosmetics they are wearing, should at least give the Lime Crime line a try. They will definitely not be disappointed in what they receive! Doe Deere’s cosmetics are far better that what an individual can purchase even in an expensive boutique and they do not cost nearly as much as what one would expect to pay for a high-quality product.

Image Recognition Software: Using Slyce to Enhance Online Shopping Experiences

Image recognition is what drives sales on the Internet. Slyce offers businesses an online marketing and sales avenue that is easy to use. How does Slyce do this? It’s simple. Instead of manually having to download images, wait for images to come up and utilize two or three different programs, Slyce provides a seamless solution that integrates all three tasks in one easy to use solution.

What does Slyce do?
Slyce provides image recognition software that is specifically designed to be used with Smartphones. The software utilizes and taps in the numerous databases to match images to products online. This is done in three ways depending on what the customer wants to do.

Snap to Buy: This solution allows the customer to scan a product and instantaneously buy the product online.
Snap to Discover-This solution allows the customer to scan a barcode or QR code on an advertisement. She then can see if the products are what she really wants and where they are.

Snap to List- This solution allows the customer to make a shopping list of all the products she wants to buy online.

What makes Slyce different from Amazon?
The major difference between Slyce’s image recognition software and Amazon’s image recognition software is that Amazon relies on OCR, logo identification and visual shorthand cues. Slyce utilizes image recognition software that is intuitive and highly sensitive to image resolution. It can for example pull up images that are outside their original containers and match them with images online. The software goes one step further in allowing the customer to see and instantly purchase the product.

Why do I need Slyce for my online business?
As more and more people use their Smartphones to purchase products online, it is definitely prudent to get the best image recognition software. Online businesses benefit from Slyce’s quick and intuitive image recognition software. Customers benefit from being able to instantaneously buy products online, make comparisons and create wish lists.

Do I need any special equipment or can it be integrated in existing software?
Although Slyce is specifically designed for Smartphones, this application can be used with desktops as well. The same principle applies. The customer can click on an image and instantaneously purchase the product. There is no special equipment involved and the business can incorporate the image recognition software into their existing marketing software. In fact, Slyce’s image recognition software will enhance a business’s online reputation by allowing customers the freedom to select the products they want to purchase from various online stores at once.

The NBA And Its History Summarized

The National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA, has a rich business, cultural history and background. It is the world’s most famous men’s pro basketball organization, and it is known and followed in every part of the world that happens to have a television set. NBA players are the best paid athletes on the entire planet, and they make more money than players in the NFL, and they also make better money than professional baseball players in the United States.

The headquarters of the National Basketball Association is generally regarded as being at a building in New York City, New York called Olympic Tower. The NBA television and entertainment studios function out of office buildings in Secaucus, New Jersey though. They stay in close proximity to one another, and many team offices that will host and be frequented by many of the teams’ investors and owners can be seen at Olympic Tower due the fact that many teams have their offices located out of the building in New York City.

The history of the NBA starts with the Basketball Association of America which was founded by many of the owners of a lot of the major ice hockey arenas located all over the United States and Canada. November 1, 1946 is a monumental day in the history of basketball, the NBA and the Basketball Association of America because the New York Knickerbockers played the Toronto Huskies in Maple Leaf Gardens in what is considered the very first major league basketball game to be played according to the NBA. A man named Ossie Schectman that played for the Knickerbockers has the distinction as being the first man to ever score a basket in a professional basketball game. There were many attempts at other big time leagues, but the difference between the other leagues and the Basketball Association of America, which the NBA considers its predecessor, was that most failed, and the BAA was the first organization that played in major arenas despite their quality of games being roughly the same as competing organizations. There was a merger between the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball league in 1949, and the BAA officially changed its name to the National Basketball association that we see today.

The NBA is a powerhouse, and that has led to major money and investments in teams like the investment Bruce Levenson on made when he purchased the Atlanta Hawks. These days team owners seem to come and go, and they can, and many often do, become just as well known as the players in the ball clubs they own. Levenson decided to buy low and sell the Hawks high, and when he did there were snickers behind his back, but it was Levenson that laughed all the way to the bank. Although he was quoted a billion for the Hawk’s worth, he didn’t get his billion, but Levenson made the biggest buy low and sell high profit ever made in regards to the buying and selling of an NBA club.

An Insight on NY Real Estate Industry

To live in New York and surrounding areas is a great experience. NYC luxury real estate industry is booming with business since many people are moving in to buy homes around this area. According to a recent New York Times recap, many home buyers in New York are targeting homes with private gardens. The residents are comfortable when maintaining their own yards. In Staten Island, there are numerous available listings that have private outdoor space. This is quite different as compared to other boroughs where your will struggle to find a listing with private backyard.

In Manhattan, there are affordable listings with outdoor space although they have not specified their nature. Around this area, many residents share the yards with neighbors. Residents of Brooklyn can find listings that cost less than $500,000 with Japanese maple outdoor space. When you move deeper into this area, you will find more homes with private gardens and are less expensive. People who perform extensive search in this area will be able to get the best outdoor space they prefer since there are several listings available.

In other areas, it would be almost impossible to find a home that its outdoor space is not shared. The city of Bronx is densely populated and real estate in this area is expensive. As you move away from this city, you will find homes with amazing sweeping views. Also, there are apartments with spacious balcony where you can place some furniture. According to real estate experts, balcony normally increases the cost of buying an apartment by approximately ten percent. They argue that the space in a balcony is almost half that of an indoor room.

In Upper Manhattan, you can find homes with large outdoor space but roof decks and courtyards are shares with neighbors. Locating a home for less than $1 million in Midtown Manhattan would be difficult since most of them are expensive. Also, in Queens, homes are very expensive and it would not be easy to find one with private garden.

Engaging the right professional in NY real estate is very crucial. TOWN Residential is a firm that would help you to locate and buy your dream home in NY and surrounding area. This firm has transformed real estate sector in New York since it was established in 2010. The firm has relevant expertise from qualified professionals who understands the industry as well as the needs of the clients. TOWN Residential offers reliable solutions to homebuyers in NY.