Lionel Messi Receives Criticism from Human Rights Foundation Over Gabon Trip

I recently read that the FC Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi, has taken quite a bit of criticism lately from the HRF (Human Rights Foundation. They assert that he displayed “enthusiastic support” for the local dictatorship during his visit to the western coastal country of Gabon this past month. The 28-year-old striker was supposedly paid to visit the country as a promotional technique for the 2017 African Nations Cup. That’s why he met personally with the president Ali Bongo Ondimba. The pair drove through the capital city of Libreville together.

The president of HRF, Thor Halvorssen, said this on the website of HRF: “Lionel Messi has seriously undermined the credibility of his own charitable foundation.” The diatribe continued on to talk about providing PR for an oppressive regime and “partying” with him. It also pointed out that Messi purports to be an advocate for children’s rights and is also an ambassador at UNICEF. Many sources have indicate that Messi accepted a hidden fee in excess of $1,000,000 to attend the country and parade through its streets, though Messi has vehemently denied such accusations.

Children are the central theme of criticism, as many believe that the president is behind ritual killings of children and preventing young people in Gabon from receiving a proper education. Furthermore, while 80% of the population is living on above $2 a day, according to the country’s government, almost 20% are living on less than that. While critics have not been able to connect the ruling family to actual crimes yet, the storm is mounting.

The Human Rights Foundation is an international organization that strives to create freedom for people all around the world. It is present in many developing countries, where its volunteers and employees help to engineer positive social change. The HRF takes very seriously the matters of education, personal freedom, and proper treatment of children.

An Overview of TOWN Residential Firm

Town Residential is a NYC real estate Development Company based in New York. The company is committed to the continuous provision of transparency by sharing what it considers highly proprietary data. The company has registered over $1.5 billion in leasing and sale volume in the first six months of this year. In June this year, the firm has already done 512 sales transactions, which is a 34% increase over the same period in 2014. The company planned to open the tenth Manhattan outpost office since its establishment three years ago. The new office seeks to improve the access of essential swath of neighborhood Residential along the Hudson.

The Establishment and Achievements of TOWN Residential Company

The firm was established to benefit the TOWN residents and the whole society in general. Since its inception in 2010, marketplaces and the industries have broadly accepted Town Residential Company globally, as the top most real estate brand. The firm is currently in execution mode for its business plans and seeks to make 45% profits as compared to last year. Doubling for the town’s fifth avenue office is the most recent company’s achievement.

Reasons Why TOWN Residential is the Leading Luxury Firm

The company is doing well in executing its plans and has set in motion other high-level standards that have brought revolution in the industry. This is evidenced by the way other top firms have taken note and started adjusting their strategies to the firm’s tune. For instance, some companies have enacted a strict dress code for their employees, using larger and clearer photos on their websites and logos, have lesser clutter in their marketing materials, and much-organized offices. Others have started hosting morale building concerts and tours to appeal to a larger market. All these changes were initiated and implemented by the Town Residential firm and after seeing the success achieved by the company, other companies implemented them.

Competitors or Collaborators?

Other top luxury firms work in collaboration with TOWN Residential. In the industry, 80% of the deals sealed are shared equally via a co-brokerage commission. The sales are split evenly, and, therefore, all the parties are winners. This brings us to the conclusion that, other top luxury firms are not just competitors, rather partners.

TOWN Residential Services

TOWN Residential Company is very open about the ways its clients, customers and equality significant, its representatives are served and treated. The firm addresses real estate experiences from the first point a customer gets in touch with TOWN. The firm refers to its brokers as representatives. They use the term ‘representatives’ to describe what is done more accurately than the term ‘brokers’. However, ‘broker’may be used to refer to a transaction executed in selling and buying of property for a commission.

Winter Destinations: The Beautiful Squaw Valley Ski Resort


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. It is one of the largest ski areas in the United States, making it a popular ski destination for winter travelers from around the world. Its highest point is at Granite Chief at 9,050 feet. And it boasts one of the longest ski seasons in Lake Tahoe, thanks to the average 450 inches of snow it receives each year.

Squaw valley opened in 1949 under the direction of Alex Cushing. The resort was originally modeled after ski destinations from around Europe. Upon opening, it featured restaurants, a swimming pool, an ice rink and other attractions on the mountain. It’s immense popularity did not come until 1960, however, when the resort gained world-wide visibility by hosting the Winter Olympics.

In 2010, Andrew Wirth was officially named the CEO of Squaw Valley. He immediately began work on a $70 million upgrade to the resort. The much needed upgrades brought Squaw Valley back into a competitive position with ski destinations around the globe. Wirth’s continued diligence as CEO was shown again in 2012 when he led the acquisition of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in a merger with Squaw Valley.

Today, the joint resorts now offer 43 lifts, 270 trails, and access to 6,200 acres of skiable area. There is a wide variety of slopes and terrain for everyone from the most inexperienced skier all the way up to the expert looking to challenge themselves. There is even an area specifically designed for young children offering mini snowmobiles and snow tubing for all ages. Meanwhile, for those times when you would like to take a break from the action, or for those family members who are less inclined to skiing, there is the beautiful Village at Squaw Valley which boasts nearly 60 restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.

The Art of Money to the Money of Art

Although his fortune came from a keen eye in hedge fund world, Adam Sender has made a name for himself these days in the world of art. The man first known in business world of New York as the founder of Exis Capital Management, Adam Sender is probably best known these days for his being “the man with the art collection.” Googling his name will bring you hundreds of articles from gossip websites like Gawker to professional sites like Business Insider all talking about Mr. Sender’s impressive collection estimated at over seventy million dollars; a collection rumored to be over 1,000 works strong, by artists ranging from conceptual artist Barbara Kruger to the German-born contemporary artist Martin Kippenberger.

Mr. Sender’s collection has been cultivated since the late 90’s when the hedge fund golden child began investing in the emerging, the free thinking, the art of the new and the young. Using the skills that made him so successful as a financier, Adam Sender has developed an eye that turned students into first names in the art world.
Sender’s 2011 pop up art exhibition titled “Home Alone” garnered him international attention in the art world. Taking note of the trend in the fashion industry of “Pop Up Shops” – a term coined for the opening of short-term sales spaces of high-end fashion – Adam Sender used his private home in Miami to showcase only a small fraction of his collection. He’s also discussed by ArtNews.

Artists featured in the Adam Sender collection have seen astronomical increase in not only the worth of their pieces but also in the demand for them. The name Adam Sender is included on the most privileged lists at art galleries around the world, his presence requested by artists personally. Looking back on twenty years plus of purchasing, showcasing, and ultimately enjoying art, Adam Sender has truly changed the landscape of the art world by keeping it moving forward and fresh.

Just One Phone Call Can Help You To Find New York City Real Estate

When you’re ready to find a new home in or around New York City, then you have to make a decision. When you look for your new home on your own, then you may not have as much luck unless you let someone else look for your home for you. It may seem easy enough to find your own home, but when you start the searching process, you may get a bit frustrated. It can literally take weeks to find a new home in New York City, especially if you have certain requirements for your new home. Depending on where you want to live and how much you want to pay, it may take you a lot more time to find your new home.

You can save a lot of the time that it takes to look for homes in New York City apartments for rent via townrealestate if you hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent can use their experience to help you find your new home, and it saves you a lot of stress and time. No one wants to have to sit and look for homes all day through online listings or magazines, because it can be very tedious and time-consuming. Let your real estate agent take on the task of doing the work for you, and they can find you a new home in or around New York City.

The good thing about New York City is that it’s such a popular place that many places are being built all the time. Even if space is limited in the city, you may see that a new building will be going up shortly, and this will give you more options when it comes to buying or leasing a new home. It doesn’t matter the type of home you’re looking for because there are many types of homes available in New York City. All you have to worry about is the amenities you want in your new home as well as where you want to live in the city.

There are some great places available in New York City, and Town Real Estate can help you find these places. Town Real Estate has experience in places like Tribeca, Soho, The Upper Westside, The Financial District and more. Many of these places are exclusive, and it may be hard to find a home in these locations without the help of Town Real Estate. If you hire Town Real Estate, you’re not only going to get help in finding a great home, but you may find a place where many people would love to live. You’ll find some homes with great new amenities, and you’ll be close to all the hotspots in the city. Make Town Real Estate your New York City realtor.

The Role Of Economists In Economic Development

Economics is concerned with the analysis of distribution, production and how goods and services are consumed. It applies maths to study how society behaves in different settings. Economists can evaluate and tell society about itself. However, many people confuse economics with Finance; and because money is the most widely used medium of economics exchange, the two are dependent on each other to a very great deal.

It is, however, important to note that economists do not control the economy. They simply analyze the costs involved in distributing goods and services. They conduct research, analyze and collect data, monitor how economic trends are doing and come up with forecasts. Economists are also not limited to the nature of the research they are conducting. They can conduct research on energy, employment, rent rates, prices of goods on the farms and many others areas.

Economists use their knowledge of relationships in economics to advise businesses like banks, insurance companies, industries and many others on the most appropriate action to take so as to be on the safest side. Theoretical economists use mathematical models to come up with theories that cause inflation, effects of unemployment and tax legislation and many others.

These professionals devise methods and procedures to obtain the data that they need depending on the topic. When conducting surveys, for example, they use sampling techniques. When developing forecasts, on the other hand, they use econometric modeling techniques. An economist also does a lot of report preparation. He/she reviews and analyzes data, prepares tables and charts, and sums up by writing the report in a language that is concise and clear. The ability to present economic and statistical concepts in a way that is clearly understood is a very vital component for economists who are policy oriented.

Economists, who work for government agencies, are always researching. They assess conditions in their country as well as in other countries. Most of these professionals are in the fields of agriculture, urban economics, utilities, business, labor, and finance.

Christian Broda is a well-respected economist. He has been the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, and a Professor at the University of Chicago. He is also a Ph.D. holder from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a respected member of the National Bureau of Economic Research and an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics. He has made an immense contribution to seeing that the society is well informed on all matters related to economic development.