Alexei Beltyukov Launches SOLVY

Genius mathematician and savvy entrepreneur, on Alexei Beltyukov, has now already launched his amazing SOLVY education web site and tools, which he hopes to use as an online academy to teach math in better and more comprehensible ways. SOLVY was first introduced at the EdSurge Con in Los Angeles, California. It stood out in the spotlight as a major new shift in education and education software. Many of the EdTech Leaders have investigated Mr. Beltyukov’s SOLVY service and have called it, “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” And the experts have tagged SOLVY as a first in a series of new online education initiatives they hope to see Alexei Beltyukov bring to American education, especially in the area of mathematics.

The primary users of SOLVY are high school students taking math classes. What makes SOLVY so special is that it is completely internet-based. All classes take place with virtually participating students, remotely. A math teacher can setup custom homework to challenge students while actually living, working, and playing wherever they choose. Teachers quickly setup exercises and then oversee progress or stumped activity by the students and then quickly take action to resolve the lack of knowledge, quickly and without any other students necessarily knowing. All the coursework is based on the latest brain science research, including allowing for mistakes and focusing on the lessons those mistakes teach, in and of themselves.

There are no simplistic multiple-choice quizzes that encourage guesswork. To become successful with SOLVY, a student must absolutely apply him or her self to work out the problems, enter the answers into SOLVY, and also show their work to the instructor, virtually, through the magic of the Internet. The course work is quite tough, but can be customized for every student’s needs. Although challenging, the result is solid math knowledge and practice using it in very real-world story problem style.

Brazilian Literary Great: Jamie Garcia Dias

Sadly the English-speaking world has remained ignorant of many of the Literary greats from Brazil. Part of this ignorance no doubt comes from the fact that many of these greats speak and write in Portuguese, a language that is little known in English speaking countries. However, translations of these great works are making their way into our world.

One of the most significant periods of Brazilian literature occurred in the 1800’s when the neoclassic era was common. This movement, which was influenced by the Italian style, became popular among Brazilian poets. Many of these greats such as Thomas Antonio Gongaze and Alrarenzo Pexito, were exiled to Africa as their works often supported uprisings against the then colonial powers.

Today much of Brazil’s literature deals with urban issues such as violence and media control. One of the best literary greats of Brazil today would be Jamie Garcia Dias (LinkedIn). Mr. Dias has won numerous awards in his home country including the White Crane in 2001. The White Crane is known for putting new authors into the literary world of Brazil. Since then he has won numerous other awards in Brazil.

Mr. Dias (Twitter) was born in Rio De Janerio. His is the child of the popular writer Arnaldo Dias and well-known architect Garcia Dulce Dias. Mr. Dias was mentored by his father, and his work shows that influence. In 1993 Mr. Dias joined the Carioca Literary Academy as an instructor a position he held for five years.

Currently he has published over twenty books. Some of his most popular are “Fell From Heaven”, “Two Ways”, “Canals” and “Clouds and Tiny”. In 2013 he honored his father’s mentoring with the publication of “Chronic Wise, the Jornal do Brazil”.

English speakers who have a love of great literature would do well to search out translations of Mr. Dias’ works. His acclaimed works not only give a fascinating look into Brazilian urban issues but are written in such a way as to quickly develop followers. For many lovers of great authors, he could become as well-loved in English-speaking countries as he is in Brazil

Going Crazy for Affordable Wet Dog Food

For many people, pets are an extended part of their family. Pets reserve a special place in the lives of the families they live with – fur-children. Those of us who are fur-parents continuously search for the best food for our four legged children. Finding the best food comes with a price. Many dog food commercials now talk about how they offer the best list of ingredients. Unfortunately, these commercials do not address the high price associated with the foods. Every child – human and four-legged alike, deserve the best food; but, this does not mean the most expensive. Parents make choices to live within their means every day. These choices include the food for our fur-children.

Dog food, like baby food, is expensive! Luckily there are a plethora of options. Beneful Wet Dog Food by Purina is common brand that does not break the bank. Beneful boasts 13 different flavors of wet dog food so your fur-pup will not get bored. Flavors include chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, and beef. In addition, each container contains various vegetables. Covered in a rich sauce that makes the food look and smell like a hearty stew, you can see the different ingredients in each container from peas to carrots to the proteins. Each time you open one of these containers, your fur-pup will come running with excitement.

A Beneful Dog Is a Happy Dog: How To Take Care Of Dogs This Season

As summer rolls in, dogs start getting bopped down by the relentless heat. It doesn’t have to be like this, though, thanks to some great expert tips for healthy dogs. Summer is an excellent season for dogs and can result in a lot of activity, if these tips are taken care of. Here are some dog care tips for this season, more tips at Beneful Wikipedia.

Feed Your Dogs Properly – Beneful dog food is full of flavor and as such, dogs love it. Dogs need to be fed properly during the summer months because they tend to eat less but still need all the nutrition. As they become more active, they get even hungrier and Beneful takes care of everything. This is one brand that loves dogs as much as the owners themselves. This is why it is important to trust brands like Beneful while buying dog food. The instructions should be followed while feeding the dogs Beneful dog food.

Always Keep The Water Bowl Filled Up – In this season, dogs have a tendency to get dehydrated and this is why they drink up lots of water. Owners should take care and keep the water bowl filled up at all times, otherwise dogs might get severely dehydrated. It is also important to feed water to dogs that don’t drink enough water using a bottle feeder. Usually, when the dogs come back after a walk or after a good playing session in the park, they should drink ample water themselves.

Protect From Heat Strokes – A lot of dogs die due to heat strokes in this season and thus, owners should take care to protect their dogs from this problem. The first advice is to not play outside during the heat in the afternoon. Secondly, there should be cool mats for dogs all over the house in case they feel too hot. Dogs can also be given a bath if they seem to be salivating and wheezing too much. Since dogs don’t sweat, there is no way that temperature is regulated in their bodies. These tips would ensure that pets are healthy, wealthy and wise this summer season.

Listen To Your Vet – Some vets offer instructions about this season and owners can also ask them about it. Owners shouldn’t guess about issues. It is only by watching symptoms that owners should react. If a dog seems to be suffering from a heatstroke or any other problem, the vet should be contacted immediately. Beneful is a dog food brand that provides both wet dog food and dry dog food. These foods cater specifically to those furry pets that are a part of the family and so, the food is high in nutrition and tail-waggingly delicious for dogs.

FreedomPop’s New Money

FreedomPop is one of the newer mobile service provider startups out there. It started in Los Angeles in 2012 as a means of offering customers with a way to access free cell phone service. Of course, offering customers with free mobile, texting and data service is not something that comes cheap. Without an infrastructure, the company buys out data from larger cell phone providers at a wholesale price and then divides it up to its clients for free, up to a certain point, and then has the customer buy chunks of data for a small amount of money if they want more. To do this, the company does need to raise funding, which it has done so in drastic form recently.

According to Fortune, FreedomPop recently raised $30 million in order to grow its business. When combined with the other two years of fund raising, the company has now raised close to $50 million total in just three years. With the excitement of possibly obtaining free mobile phone service, many customers are looking forward to the services growing and expanding outward.

The company buys its wholesale data from Sprint, which is similar to what other discount carriers do, the only difference here is that FreedomPop does not charge its customers to use the data. In essence, it is giving the product that is is buying up away for free. Those who decide to use FreedomPop may be able to bring their own cell phone into the company, or they can purchase one from FreedomPop. The company sells mostly refurbished Samsung models, which again is going to cut down on the price of buying and maintaining a cell phone service. With this kind of money saving option, the company looks poised to have more customers flock to the services it can provide.

Joseph Bismark: Use of Spirituality In Order to Enhance Business Success


Over the years, Joseph Bismark has been on both a successful business and spiritual journey. I believe he not only guides the people but also leading in every facet of their life. As summarized on the blog, We Don’t Love These Hogues, a successful business will lead you to a successful spiritual journey, as long as everything in balance brings peace and harmony. 
Joseph Bismark lived with monks in the mountains of the Philippines since from the age of nine until seventeen. His journey to the business world was different than most. It is my belief that everyone has the prospective of being successful. This belief, together with understanding that achieving a balance in everything is essential, is what has led Joseph Bismark to success. One of his biggest opportunities was being the managing director at Qi Group. Over the years, Bismark managed to infuse an aspect of social leadership and personal responsibilities into the corporate world.
It wasn’t enough to simply lead employees in a healthy lifestyle and service to mankind. Joseph Bismark felt that the whole company needed these philosophies. These values helped establish the corporate social responsibility branch of the Qi Group besides stirring the corporation to venture into the wellness and organic food markets. Later on, with the help of the company, they embarked on an ambitious plan to open the Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. The university equips students with research on global impact and comprehension of their effect on the earth and fellow human beings. 
The concept of success held by society is a state of being that is temporary. The real measure of success is found in helping others gain from one’s knowledge. Bismark shares knowledge by writing books and being a motivational speaker. His blog, Gems of Wisdom, is effected with the view to uplifting those struggling in the business world. I strongly believe that true happiness lies in understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.
Everyone has the potential of making it in life through doing extraordinary things.

Is our advanced technology actually helping?

One recent study funded by Mr. James Dondero done by Wells Fargo,seen here ,suggests that although our technological advancements are vast, they have still yet to increase our human productivity. In fact, productivity is on a steady decline.
So what gives? It’s apparent that the technology we’re using is useful, but why isn’t it contributing to our productivity? What’s the point of being a technologically advanced society if we aren’t reaping the benefits of it? Several theories exist, one of which being the ever present effect of social media. Social media has invaded all of our lives. We live in an age when we see our screens more than we see the world around us. Perhaps we are using the technology we have to fill the void that boredom creates in our lives. These days, it’s too easy to hop on a social media site and kill a few hours instead of turning in our reports for work. Maybe the device we need is one to prevent us from wasting our time while at work.

The Most Popular Psychiatrist in America: Daniel Amen

Daniel Amen is a man that the public mostly knows because of the book he co-authored with Pastor Rick Warren. “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life”, has been on the New York Time’s best seller list and has had hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Both Daniel Amen and Rick Warren have each put a piece of their ideologies into the book. Rick Warren has included how faith and practicing the lessons of the Bible are important in leading a just and wholesome life, while Daniel Amen includes information about nutrition, exercise, and social outlets are the key to all overall wellness of the body and soul. When the two were invited to the talk show, “The View”, they were greeted by thousands of fans and followers of their teachings. Daniel Amen has written a few other books as well. His first book, published in 1999, titled “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” also made it to the New York Times best seller list. He also wrote “Making a Good Brain Great”, “Healing the Hardware of the Soul”, “The Brain in Love”, and “Healing ADD from the Inside Out”.

With the amount of popularity he was receiving from his books and live showings, Daniel Amen planned to increase his attention in the public’s eyes by becoming the star of numerous television health programs. His shows were shown a few times a month but never seemed to have a set schedule. During his shows Daniel Amen would give suggestions to viewers and audience members on how they could live a better life, whether it was eating better, exercising more, connecting with family, or making time for religion. There were also a few shows dedicated to childhood mental illnesses, ADHD, and ADD. His most viewed program, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” talked about the teachings of his book by the same title. The show has been aired over 1,300 times and helped Daniel Amen earn his title “the most popular psychiatrist in America”.

Daniel Amen’s fascination with psychiatry and wellness began while he was a young boy growing up with his Lebanese parents in Encino, California. At Southern California College he studied Biology and in 1978 he earned an undergraduate degree in the same field. Next he earned his doctorate at the Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. Daniel Amen earned more than 200 hours of medical training at both the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. His training led him to be certified by the American Board of Psychiatry twice. His primary focus became child and adolescent psychiatry after he married Tana Amen and they had their first child.

Get Ready To Join The Biggest Online Information Source (Wikipedia)

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Wikipedia is one of the greatest companies around. If you’re surfing the web on any given day, you’re probably going to see at least one or two articles floating around on this webpage. You need to be a part of this massive entity that is a plethora of information for inquiry minds. If you like what you see and read, you too can be a part of it. How you ask? Well, it’s quite easy, you just need to start writing.

You have to have a plan to get in on the action at Wikipedia. If your article is full of errors or is not the kind of content they are looking for, they will delete it. You don’t want your article to be one that gets deleted now do you? So, you find your subject and you do a bunch of research. You want to find the low down on the subject and get to the heart of the matter. Find things that aren’t common knowledge and find the stuff that people want to read. Don’t waste your time on articles that are already out there by the thousands, find something that will draw attention yet isn’t overdone.

So, now that you have your subject and you have done all the research you can, it’s time to start writing. Be sure that you don’t have any personal opinions in the articles, they must be fact based. Also, make sure that you have hard evidence to support your claims and you can reference them. Next, you need to make sure that you’re not advertising in any way. These are all ways to see all your hard work deleted in a matter of minutes from the system. Oh and since were on the matter, if you copy anyone else’s work in part or whole, it will also get the article thrown from the system.

Now that you know the rules about what you can and can’t do, you need to know what you can do. You can make the article factual and make sure it is the adequate amount of words. Make sure you use headers to divide the article into equal sections that are easy to read. Try to break it down on a level that everyone can understand. Make sure to use proper English and a third person perspective and you will be on your way to contributing to one of the biggest and best online communities.