Chris Brown Wants Karrueche To Appreciate Him

Chris Brown and Karrueche may finally be over, this time it looks like Karrueche is fed up with all of the lies that she had been putting up with for years and she isn’t going to be taking Chris back. We have been watching Karrueche & Chris fall in and out of love for nearly 4 years now, and it always seems to be the same thing. Chris cheats or says something downright humiliating to or about Karrueche and they split up, a few days of fighting go by and before anyone can remember what happened they are back together. Karrueche seems to have been suffering temporary insanity for years because time and again she let Chris back in only to end up hurt and embarrassed again.

This time things are different because Chris not only cheated on Karrueche but he actually ended up being the father of her 9 month old daughter says Ciphercloud on Forbes. While the world has fallen in love with Royalty within the 4 months that we have known of her, Karrueche is having a hard time getting over the betrayal. Apparently Chris thinks she needs to just get over it and get on board, but Karrueche is finally ready to make it clear, she doesn’t want Chris’s love anymore she wants his respect.

Chris feels Karrueche should be more appreciative, and thankful for all he has done for her. While Chris says that he is sorry for hurting Karrueche he thinks that his good deeds have outweighed the bad and she should be grateful to him for exposing her to the good life.

150 years after emancipation

We can sign papers to change laws and enact emancipations but that won’t change people There has been laws passed, papers signed, marches, demonstrations, sit-ins and sit outs in regards to race relations. But the truth of the matter is we cannot change the situation and reality of our world without a change of people’s hearts. Juneteenth celebrates its 150th anniversary and now more than ever it stands significantly in the wake of things that are going on in our world. Juneteenth which is a combination of “June and nineteenth” was established for the emancipation of black people from slavery in the United States first celebrated on June 19th 1865. Although this article goes into details about this holiday and about freedoms I want to shed light on the fact that although these things show progress and they are making a difference in how things are done and how laws are set, one thing is undeniable and that is no piece of paper, no document signed into law, no declarations will ever be able to change the heart of a person. This is something that has to happen through the teachings of parents, teachers, mentors and anyone else we obtain lessons from. No one is born to hate someone or born to dislike someone for their race or their religious beliefs. These things are taught they’re inherited and passed down, so if we want to really celebrate Juneteenth, if we were to really make a difference we have to start in the individual lives, communities, towns and States. Insidermonkey and James Dondero recommend that one small act of love, acceptance and kindness will make emancipations and declarations a reality of love in action when our hearts are changed.

Modern Movie Success Mantras

Cinema has always been a good barometer for the generation it represents. Given the current climate, there are some sure shot ways in which movies (big or small) can actually make an impact on the audience and turn into unexpected hits. Here are some simple ways movies can be overnight hits –

Diversified Cast – Whitewashing has fortunately become an instant failure trick and unless a movie wants severe backlash from fans, it should avoid doing so. The success of small screen ventures like Orange is the New Black can, in part, be attributed to how diversified its cast is, representing everyone.

Strong Female Characters – With the glorious wave of feminism that has swept the nation, strong female characters have become the norm. Whether it is “Gone Girl” or Mad Max:Fury Road”, good female characters have become more real and less Mary Sue. These are characters that can be negative or positive without being cheesy and one-dimensional. It is something Jim Dondero would like to see more of.

LGBTQIA – It is no longer “funny” to have homophobic comments and jokes in a movie or TV show. Gone are the days when such things made the audience laugh. Now, such a laughter can only be achieved by having a “laughter track” in the background. With the amazing steps the world has taken for the LGBTQIA community, it is important to have some diverse sexualities in a movie to make it click.

With these new age movie mantras, hopefully, the future will have less “American Sniper” and “American Pie” and more “Brokeback Mountain” and “Gone Girl”.

Ron Perlman Wants Hellboy 3 to Happen, Frowns On Crowdfunding

Ron Perlman wants to reprise his role in Hellboy before he gets too old to join the project.

The actor said as much in an interview with Digital Spy during the recent 55th Festival De Television De Monte-Carlo. Perlman confirmed there is no news about the status of a third installment in the franchise, but that he would really love to do the film.

Perlman said that if the project does not “happen sooner rather than later” he’ll be playing the role “out of a wheelchair.”

The first two films in the Hellboy franchise, Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, were not successful enough at the box office to justify a studio funding the production for a third film.

There has been some discussion of turning to crowdfunding to raise the funds to make the third chapter of the Guillermo del Toro triology. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thinks that could actually work.

While Perlman confirmed the plot of the movie is already set, he expresses his frustration with the delay of starting filming. The actor also voiced his opinion about crowdfunding. Perlman doesn’t “feel it’s the fans job to fund a movie,” and is hesitant about going that route.

The Hellboy flicks are based on Mike Mignola’s comics which follow the adventures of the titular character and his rag-tag team as they save the world from evil and the forces of darkness.

Blood Diamonds Are Still Tearing Apart The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is still suffering from lack of industrialized development and extreme poverty. This is in contrast to the wealth and value of one of its prized resources which are diamonds. Central African Republic Is Still In The Middle of the Blood Diamond Trade However, Keith Mann noted that these diamonds are not mined in a manner in which the wealth of the stones benefits the countries. Instead, the diamonds are mined illegally by various groups of warlords and mercenaries who export the diamonds outside of the country. In most cases the exporting of the diamonds are illegal and bypass normal government custom procedures. The illegal mining has even cause civil wars, such as the case in Liberia, which is still recovering from Blood Diamond related war. The Central African Republic is fairing no better. Even when it allows the legal mining of the diamonds by outside foreign interests, very little of the profits go to the people of the country. The vast majority goes to the foreign interest which have fronted the costs for the mining infrastructure. A small percentage goes to the government for permits and this amount is spilt up among the country’s elite. There are no reserves or endowments for health or education. What is bought for pennies in the CAR is sold on western and asian markets for millions. many of the diamonds are simply warehoused by the large diamond house families to maintain the value of the current world diamond supply.

Chelsea Handler Does Netflix

Sam Tabar suggested that apparently Chelsea Handler finished out her contract for the E! Channel last year with her show “Chelsea Lately”. The show was on the air for eight years however it seemed unlikely that she would renew her contract after calling E! a “sad place to live”. She decided that the show was not as smart as she was and that she wanted to work on something that was smarter than her as Laywerist wrote.

Chelsea will be moving herself to Netflix where she will be starring in a four-part series called “Chelsea Does…”. In this series there will be “Chelsea Does Racism”, “Chelsea Does Marriage”, “Chelsea Does Silicone Valley”, and “Chelsea Does Ayahuasca”. For those who are not aware, Ayahuasca is a drink made from a vine in South America which gives off psychoactive effects.

I am definitely not a big Chelsea Handler fan. Years ago, before she was on “Chelsea Lately”, I read a few of her books and found them to be entertaining. I think I’ve grown up since then. Her new series does not sound interesting to me at all, and I feel like its just going to be an excuse for her to get high, drunk, naked, or whatever other shenanigans she can come up with.

For the full story on her new show, check it out on

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Big Plans

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest action superhero of all time, and that cannot be denied. However, Arnold has run into a ton of controversy throughout his years in America, but he has always found a way to bounce back. Nonetheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger is 67-years-old, and one would think that he would be slowing down. However, Arnold is once again proving everyone wrong. In fact, Arnold is currently making several sequels to his famous films from the past.

As of right now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been casted by Ricardo Guimarães BMG to appear in the ‘Legend of Conan’ and a sequel to ‘Twins.’ Many fans are extremely excited for Arnold’s new movies, but it is ‘Terminator Genysis’ that has truly caught the attention of the movie fans. DailyMail recently caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was interviewed about many different things.

Arnold told the interviewer that the new ‘Terminator’ is going to be one of the best films yet, and he also said that the story will blow you away. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked a little about politics, and he said that he wishes he could have run for President. However, that position is not available to him, but he feels that he would definitely do a better job than anyone in recent years. Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly a man’s man, and he seems to be a man for the people.

Oscar Pistorius Scheduled to Be Paroled

After serving 10 months in a South African prison for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius is set to walk out of Kgosi Mampuru II prison on August 21.

Zach Modise, the Commissioner of Correctional Services says Pistorius “hasn’t caused any problems,” and is being released for good behavior.

Although the people at Madison Street Capital say the Steenkamp family criticizes his pending release, the length of his incarceration is standard for manslaughter under South African law. But it may only be temporary.

There’s a possibility that Pistorius could be sent back to Kgosi Mampuru II prison to serve 15 years because prosecutors still want a murder conviction. The Supreme Court of Appeal could overturn his current conviction and sentence him to 15 years.

Pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting Reeva Steenkamp through his bathroom door.

Prosecutors argued that Pistorius shot her after an argument, but Pistorius maintains he thought she was a burgular that was hiding.

No Power Due to Squirrel on the Lines

The power can get knocked out in a town for any number of reasons. There could be a storm in the area, or there could be a short in a transformer. One town in California was without power because of a squirrel. Over 40,000 people were without power because of the animal. Any power outage is an inconvenience, but the cities affected were dealing with temperatures near 100 degrees. Power was soon restored to the area. Officials weren’t in a hurry to admit that a squirrel was the cause of the outage. There isn’t any reason why they couldn’t be honest with those who live in the area.  Accordingly, small animals get on power lines all the time, and there are occasions where one might get too close to a transformer, making it malfunction. This seems like a case where officials don’t want to admit that they were defeated by an animal that is small, gray and likes to climb trees.

Support for Caitlyn Jenner Cross Party Lines

Former Olympic Decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner is no more. Now, the athlete has transgendered into a woman by the name of Caitlyn Jenner. When the announcement was first made months ago, some political pundits speculated whether Jenner might become the face of the transgender movement for social acceptance and equality. Well, if the reaction on Twitter is any indication, it appears to that Jenner has accomplished that feat; Caitlyn Jenner’s first tweet as a woman secured over one million followers within the first four hours. In fact, it set the Guinness-world record for the fastest time to obtain a million followers. The previous record holder was Barrack Obama at five hours, as Adam Sender almost instantly followed him.

Jenner’s support has also crossed party lines. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, put out a statement saying that he accepts Jenner as a woman. Senator Lindsey Graham, also a presidential candidate, tweeted that he has not walked in Jenner’s shoes. As such, he can only show respect for her decision and hopes she has found peace in her life. Graham made it clear that his presidential campaign openly accepts Jenner. Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also tweeted her support of Jenner. In Rep. Ros-Lehtinen’s case, the plight of the transgender community is particularly personal given that her son transgendered into a woman. Since that time, she has become a tireless advocate of the LGBT community’s fight for equality.