WWE Wrestlers Surprise Bride and Groom

A man and a woman were recently married in Syracuse hotel over the weekend. Everything about the wedding was normal, and many people were extremely happy with the reception. However, the bride and groom were in for one of the biggest surprises of their lives.

WWE wrestlers were also staying in the Syracuse hotel. Apparently, a recent WWE event was held in the area, and the wrestlers decided to stay at the same hotel that was hosting the wedding. WWE superstars R-Truth, Roman reigns, and Jimmy Uso were hanging around the bar when they heard a loud commotion coming from the wedding reception. After a while, the three wrestlers decided to make their way into the wedding reception according to Jim Dondero.

The bride and groom instantly recognized the WWE Superstars, and several pictures were posted on TMZ. To make things even better, the bride and groom had sent an email to the WWE with the hopes of successfully inviting some of the superstars to their wedding. However, nobody responded to the email from the bride and groom. Nonetheless, the WWE Superstars decided to make their way into the wedding anyways. The bride and groom are huge WWE fans, and they were pleasantly surprised with the WWE Superstars that made their wedding day even more special.

The Simpsons May Lose Several Main Characters

Harry Shearer, who is the voice behind several characters on The Simpsons, he is now leaving the show. The Simpsons is currently in its 26th season, and they have signed contracts for two more seasons, which will go through the 28th season. The Simpsons. Everyone sign the contract, except for Harry, and negotiations recently broke down. Every cast member was given the same deal, but for some reason, Harry decided not to take the deal.

It’s very sad if Harry does not come back to the show, as he plays several popular characters according to STX Entertainment. Principal Skinner, Mr. burns, and Ned Flanders are all played by Harry Shearer. It’s unknown if the characters will be recast with a different voice-over, or if they’ll retire all the characters. All three characters as well as Mr Smithers and other characters, they are all played by Harry Shearer, and it may be necessary to hire several voice overs to fill the spots.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to negotiate and bring Harry back as these characters have been in the show since the show started over 25 years ago. Homer Simpson is the highest paid character in the show, so it’s difficult to understand why Harry feels he should get more than the main character of the show. The voice-over who plays Homer Simpson, he also does several other voices in the show too. Maybe Harry will come to his senses and rejoin the show.

Courtney Stodden Releases Sex Tape?

My buddy Flavio Maluf sent me this article with concerns of our society in mind. Courtney Stodden is an American reality TV star. However, many people have never heard of her, but her recent Internet video has taken the world over by storm. Courtney Stodden released a private video that shows the star like never before.

Apparently, Courtney Stodden is following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Courtney is looking for fame, and she may have just found it. Courtney’s new video is a bit strange, but internet perverts will definitely be satisfied by it. In the video, Courtney Stodden appears completely nude, and she then melts an ice cream cone in between her breasts. Many people are extremely confused with her sex tape, but some people are suddenly craving ice cream.

Courtney Stodden was recently interviewed about the video leak, and she said that she’s happy to pleasure people around the world. She also said that her one video is now being appreciated by thousands of men. However, Courtney Stodden is not the most beautiful woman in the world, and her sex tape may not sell as well as Kim Kardashian’s. Either way, this is a strange time that we live in, and sex tapes seem to be the new way to fame. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

Rob Lowe tweets about 25 years of sobriety

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe took to Twitter to reveal to his fans that he was celebrating 25 years of sobriety in 2015 and gave a message of hope to those who are struggling to come to terms with any form of addiction. The Fix reports 51 year old Lowe has been one of the comeback stories of Hollywood since his career was almost ended by his substance abuse and a notable scandal. The former star of The West Wing tweeted “25 years ago today, I found recovery; and a life of promise. #Grateful.”

Lowe has spoken publicly a number of times about his struggles with addiction according to Keith Mann (His Wikipedia), and credits the change in his life to his wife, Sheryl Berkoff who has helped him overcome his addictions. After entering rehab in 1991 Lowe has remained sober and stated he was ready to change his life when he made the decision to get sober and did not find the process a struggle. Instead, Lowe finds himself a sought after TV and movie actor who has been nominated for a number of TV awards, including the Golden Globes.

Avoiding the Dreaded Americanitis

Does the everyday hustle and bustle have you stressed out? Are you constantly straining to regain control over your life? Do you daily activities borderline OCD? If you’re feeling the stress of balancing out your life, you could be suffering from Americanitis.

This old school reference comes back from the 19th century and was thought to be caused by nervous exhaustion from the hustle and bustle of everyday American life. In comparison to Europe and other countries, we as Americans like Brad Reifler work longer days, have less vacation time, and force ourselves to work later into our lives for shorter retirement as seen here. Since the global recession, most people consider themselves lucky to even have a job and have been expected to work harder and take on more responsibility to make up for unfilled positions due to cutbacks.So how can you forget your anxieties? Luckily, there are a number of relaxing activities that can help the average American forget their worries. The main point to stress is that you take some time out of your day to use these techniques, even if you have to force it. Meditation is a great relaxation technique that can take just a few short minutes to help you clear your head and ease that anxiety your feeling. Taking time every day to meditate is proven to help make participants more resilient to stress.

If that sounds too strange, simply take a few minutes away from your desk to concentrate on your breathing. By doing this you can counter that stress by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. For other stress solutions, click here. By taking some time away from your busy world, you’re sure to be feeling better in no time!

Retired Engineer Left Generous Inheritance to Seven Friends

Upon his passing due to cancer in 2013, it was discovered that retired engineer, Roger Brown had willed 3,500 Euros between his seven buddies. Along with the generous amount, he also left a request that they travel together immediately following the event. Brown had been known among his friends as an outdoorsman and especially enjoyed travelling to Vivian Arms in Swansea. He was also an athlete who participated in numerous bicycling road races and played Rugby for the Dunvant Rugby Football Club. Brown’s seven friends decided to use the money on a group trip to Berlin. The friends reported that they had a very enjoyable time of it and that Brown was in their thoughts throughout the duration of the trip.

The friends figured that Brown probably got the idea from their numerous stays in hostels and travels to areas local to Swansea. That’s what Ivan Ong is assuming. Each had known Brown for over a total of four decades, and that includes through Facebook.

Panera Goes Clean

One of my favorite games to play in the grocery store is simply asking a question. Just what is in my food? Some of the ingredients I’ve found aren’t too savory. BHA, aspartame,and propylene glycol are just a few of the ingredients that show up in many of the foods the average American will buy and eat today.

Luckily for the consumers that enjoy catching a quick bite for lunch, one chain is taking action to remove many of these ingredients. Panera is sifting through and weeding out their list of ingredients, becoming one of the first companies to give full disclosure to consumers on what is being taken out of their food. The self-titled “No No List” (found here) shows everything from acesulfame K (which is not in their food today), to vanillin (which is in the process of being removed).

According to Daniel Amen Chipotle happens to be another chain that is paying more attention to what is in their food, announcing that they are removing all GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from their already locally sourced food.

That’s great if you like eating out, but I still say that the best way of knowing what goes in your food is to make it yourself. Even so, it’s about time that companies are telling consumers, at the very least, what they are taking out of their food.