US Diet Linked to Colon Cancer Risks

The high rate of colon cancer found in the UK may be caused by the diet many people in high risk groups eat, RT reports. A recent study conducted by Imperial College and The University of Pittsburgh saw 20 African American males and 20 African men switch diets with surprising results. The study required the change in diet to take place for just two weeks, with the African American males seeing a large decrease in colon cancer risk over the period and the African males seeing their risk increase significantly.

The high fiber diet of the average African person is thought to allow the passing of waste products through the bowel much more easily than the American diet. The diet provided for the African males included a large number of processed foods and fatty options commonly eaten by Americans, which the researchers now believe is causing the high level of colon cancer across North America. This form of cancer is responsible for the deaths of around 50,000 US citizens each year, while in South Africa the rate of colon cancer is said to be just five of every 100,000 people.

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Converted Factory in Newark May Change the Face of Farming

When most of us think of farms, we naturally get visions of long fields of crops that industrial sized tractors are traversing on some massive expanse of flat land in Kansas or some such place. That is certainly in the mind of Jason Halpern. There is a new type of farming starting to take root, and it could change the location and appearance of it forever. A so-called “vertical farm” is being housed in what was a factory in Newark, New Jersey. Just as tall buildings make use of height to fit more people per square foot for residences and offices, this farming facility offers 75 times more production per square foot than traditional field farming. It uses a type of hydroponic system for growing the crops that is said to use 95 percent less water than field farming.

This method of farming creates numerous opportunities for urban renewal across the country. This one facility in Newark will provide 100 jobs to locals. The water conservation of this farming method should make it of interest to states like drought stricken California. Despite water restrictions going into effect in that state, agriculture is not affected by them, and it is the single biggest user of water. This AeroFarms facility in Newark is the largest vertical farm in the world at 69,000 square feet and will grow 2 million pounds of fruits and vegetables every year. Cities around the country should be keeping an eye on how this operation fares as an idea for poor, rundown sections in their own communities.

If You Wanted To Purchase A $22 Million Diamond, You Missed Your Chance

On Tuesday of this week, bidding for a very large flawless diamond began through a Sotheby’s auction in New York City. If you had been interested in purchasing it, you should have moved faster as it was sold within three minutes of the auction’s start for a reported price of $22.1 million.

The perfect 100-carat diamond was mined by De Beers and is said to have taken more than a year to be cut and polished. “This diamond is exceptional in every sense of the word, and we were thrilled to see it achieve such a strong result,” said Lisa Hubbard, of Sotheby’s International Jewelry Division.

“The color is whiter than white, it is free of any internal imperfections and so transparent that I can only compare it to a pool of icy water,” the head of Sotheby’s Jewelry division said. The diamond is one of only six flawless diamonds weighing at least 100-carats sold in auctions over the last 25 years and was part of a “magnificent jewels” collection at the Sotheby’s auction on Tuesday. More than $65 million worth of jewels were sold in this week’s auction.

Two years ago a pink diamond known as the Pink Star set the world record for price, selling for $83 million at an auction in Geneva. That was a pretty big sum for Brian Torchin to understand.

Bookings For Tunisia Fall 60%

Bookings for Tunisia are down 60% since March 18 after the attack of Bardo in Tunis, according to the sources of travel agencies in France, stated on Monday by the president of their union, the SNAV. This is certainly alarming, even to those like Dan Newlin who are not affiliated with the area.

“Tourism industry has been in big time trouble after the attack in Bardo” recognizes input Jean-Pierre Mas, president of the National Union of Travel Agents. “Even if the number of requests for repatriation was insignificant and that of the cancellation, postponement or change of destination remained low, reservations, since March 18, down sharply: -60% compared to the same period of 2014 “, he continues.

This fall is all the more important, he says, that “it was present before the Bardo attack to a significant recovery in Tunisia for the spring and summer.” Jean-Pierre Mas recognizes that while showing “solidarity with Tunisia”, it is easier to “buy Charlie Hebdo than booking a holiday in Tunisia, it is not the same price, it’s not the same commitment.”

“The fact remains that the most effective way to express solidarity with Tunisia is to go to Tunisia,” he concludes. However, the overall fall is hurting the tourism industry in Tunisia and it may be a big time loss for the economy of the country in a long run.

Man Flies Across Country To Attend Stranger’s Bachelor Party

A man from Seattle who was accidentally invited to a bachelor party in Philadelphia is actually going to attend and has already made his way to the East Coast for the first time in his life stated Jason Halpern. The Real Deal said  Joey DiJulio had gotten the email invite by mistake when Jeff Minetti spelled his name wrong on the email, intending to send it to Joey DiGulio. It is interesting that this happened, because normally when emails are misspelled it is likely to reject and send a notification that the email account doesn’t exist. But this time, it didn’t do that.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, DiJulio had a GoFundMe account to raise the cash to get to Jeff’s bachelor party, where the two guys met for the first time at the airport. It is a unlikely way to start a friendship for sure, but nonetheless it is amusing that it could all work out this way in the end. The actually wedding for Jeff and his wife to be will be in May and Joey is hoping to go back to attend. As for all that money that was risen, Joey only used what he needed to get to Philadelphia and gave the rest to his new friends for their European honeymoon in Italy. It is a funny story for sure, but that is why people have been following it and it does make for some entertainment and their 15 minutes of fame.