Ebola Doctor Ignores Real Issues

Dr. Craig Spencer, who became infected with Ebola and received life-saving treatment in November 2014, has blasted the media this month in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Spencer claims media hype likely killed people because it caused unnecessary fear that lead to overreactions and patients not receiving adequate care said Marc Sparks.

According to the interview with Dr. Spencer, it is correct in that the media did focus a great deal on conjecture, he has ignored the fact that news outlets always hype up news stories and that there are much bigger issues than how the media presented information:

The United States government and other world governments, as well as medical officials, failed to properly educate citizens about Ebola preceding last year’s events and continue to do so through today. A little over two months ago the CDC still had incorrect information online about Ebola transmission. It is true that the public relies on the media for honest, scientific information but ultimately it is the responsibility of the government and medical officials to appropriately educate the public.

Worse yet, Dr. Spencer’s focus should be on the poor initial response by government and medical officials that resulted in two nurses in Texas being exposed to the virus that then resulted in the fearful event of an infected nurse traveling by airplane, and another nurse who was suspected of being exposed turning the situation into her own personal citizen’s rights campaign.

BRL Trust the Brazilian Investment Firm

BRL Trust is an investment firm based in the beautiful country of Brazil. The company has services for individuals, small and large companies and various types of organizations.

Fund Administration
They will manage any investment and offer suggestions to the investors on how to increase their holdings and secure healthy returns on a regular basis.
BRL has access to the accounts and will invest the assets that will benefit their clients’, by increasing the value of the fund and prevent losses. They currently have ninety-nine various entities utilizing their fund control management services.

Asset Management
BRL has an investment team that will study the portfolio of the individual’s, organizations’ or company assets.
Then the decisions are made on where the investments are deployed, and how the operation of the company or organization is handled. Investing for others involves making the best choice from the given resources and to select the most prosperous opportunities that will multiply the profits and strengthen their portfolios. The risks have been calculated against the assets, balancing the costs of the operations and this is done by a timetable. The team will schedule a meeting with the client and explain the plan of action.

Asset Underwriting
This segment of the investment firm will discuss with the client, on an amount of the financial risk they are willing to take to make the investment. This action will give the client the funds to invest in selected business ventures, from real estate to agriculture. BRL will determine the company’s worth and the amount the business would generate through investments or being sold for profit, and go from there.

Trustee Services
The twenty thousand customers, five hundred thousand transfers of receivables in collectibles and with more than three hundred companies under the guidance of BRL’s trustee service, is more than an ample testament of their expertise in the field.
BRL houses a Service Component Architecture program known as SCA. This program allows the investment firm to track the sales, monitor the other financial operations of the companies including when particular loans are collected.

The BRL Trust investment firm will discuss with their client’s, the when, how and why, that particular option is the best route to follow, before they invest their assets.
The BRL Trust investment firm will continue to be successful, due to the personalized service of their client’s needs and expectations.

Jon Stewart Leaves The Daily Show


The Daily Show on Comedy Central has been a staple for the better part of the last two decades. The show has been in existence for some time now, but Jon Stewart has sat at the helm of the show for the last 16 years. This truly marks a remarkable run for any individual to remain at this position for such an extended period of time. In a recent live broadcast, Stewart announced he would step down from the position later on in 2015.

While John Stewart and The Daily Show remains to be a comedy show, it also pushed the very limits of news coverage, by giving it a voice of both humor and seriousness. It became a mainstream method of pointing out some of the major flaws in issues throughout the world, and while the program would pick fun on certain individuals or ideologies, the main premise of the show remained to cover the news in a humorous way. It got to the point where a younger generation was turning to Jon Stewart for their own nightly news coverage.

Jon was not afraid of bringing on politicians and grilling them to no end. He didn’t do it based on their political background but he simply wanted to reach the bottom of an important topic, and so his departure is not only going to affect the Daily Show but also overall news coverage in general and will be missed by many including Paul Mathieson.

New England Patriots Defeat Seattle 28-24


For many people the super bowl is the biggest event of the year, and it is certainly the biggest sporting event for many others. This year the Superbowl was just as big as years past, with spectacular commercials, a huge half time show that featured Katy Perry and shark back up dancers, food, parties, plenty of beer, and of course the big game itself.

The game itself featured plenty of action for fans of the game. Whether you are a long time fan of one, either the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, or you are a bandwagon fan, Sunday’s Big Game featured plenty of highs and lows for everyone watching and on the field. The patriots Tom Brady broke five different records during the game, including most wins by a starting quarterback, career record for touchdown passes during the Super Bowl, and longest span of time between first and last Super Bowl win.

The Seahawks were ahead until the final two minute warning, when Brady scored a final touchdown that put the Patriots ahead of the Seahawks and left the final score at 28-24.

No matter what your reason for watching the game, it is clear that Super Bowl XLIX was one for the record books, and was definitely a game to remember thought Sultan Alhokair.