Lynch on the Media


Marshawn Lynch has gotten a ton of flak around the National Football League for refusing to conduct interviews in regards to anything associated with talking to literally anyone in the league that can write something about him. He flat out does not like opening his mouth to the media if he doesn’t have to and it says a lot about where he is from. He grew up on the tough streets of Oakland, where people flat out don’t play around. He has stated in a rare interview that in Oakland, people turn on their friends and their family in the blink of an eye because of how dangerous the streets are and he is absolutely correct in his opinion that he has formulated that it is better to keep your mouth shut. He has learned that at a young age, because in the streets in the toughest areas, you keep your mouth shut no matter what went down. That is what he was brought up in and that is what has carried him to the position that he is in today. It doesn’t change the fact that he is an outstanding player on the field, but it shows the fact that he is someone who doesn’t need to open his mouth up about anything that has happened. He is a great running back in professional football, but his mentality truly might have made him a better gangster thinks slow ventures. We all know where that would have led, however.

North American Spine Makes Medical Breakthroughs

Named one of the leading minimally invasive centers for care of the spine, North American Spine located in Dallas, Texas is known for treatment with operative and non-operative methods for patients who are suffering from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, as well as other conditions of the neck and back. The physicians at North American Spine sincerely want their patients to be able to make an informed decision in regards to their own treatment plans, as well as give them the knowledge to want to try conservative treatment methods as well such as massage, physical therapy, chiropractic care and epidural injections prior to an operative intervention. If it comes to the point that operative intervention is indicated, the dedicated physicians at North American Spine offer the newest and most innovative minimally invasive technologies such as Accurascope. This specific procedure involves using a laser to treat a variety of problems with the spine. The physicians at North American Spine are contiually updating their medical training to give patients only the best medical treatment possible. Many of the physicians also have a background in pain managment that exceeds 10 years.

There are many different types of medical conditions that can affect the spine, as well as the legs to include:

Trauma to the spine.

Cervical disc disease.


Disc herniation.

Facet joint disease.

Lumbar spine disease.

Bulging discs.

Numbness of the hands and feet.

With the conditions listed above, there can be many other symptoms that accompany these conditions, which include numbness in the hands, feet and legs. the well-trained physicians use different methodology to determine the exact cause of the problem. As every patient is unique, so is their specific medical problem. the physicians are well versed in alternative medicine, chiropractic care, injection or epidural steroids and massage therapy. These methods of pain control and management have excellent results for many patients. In the unfortunate event that these conservative methods fail to alleviate the patient’s symptoms, the physicians at North American Spine have specialized training to address each and every patient’s problem and plan the best course of operative action such as minimally invasive interventions for microdiskectomy, as well as anterior and posterior lumbar fusions.

First and foremost, the patient’s well being is thought of at North American Spine, and focusing on minimally invasive care and treatment of spinal conditions is the main goal of the physicians and staff.