Lava Threatens Residents of Pahoa

Now I’m not one for “the news,” but I thought this was pretty interesting since I’ll headed to Hawaii for Christmas, and my friend Brian agreed.

The residents of Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii, are watching as lava is slowly tracking to destroy their homes. Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983. Despite several attempts to save infrastructure from past lava flows, no one has ever been successful at stopping the advancement of lava and attempts to divert flow have been met with minimal success. At any rate, diversion is not an option for the town of Pahoa. No matter which direction the lava flows, privately owned property remains in its path.

Currently, no mandatory evacuations have been issued. Hawaii County Civil Defense is taking all precautions necessary to keep residents safe and connected, including building new roads and securing power lines. While authorities are keeping close watch on the advancing lava, it is unpredictable. The exact path of the lava flow, as well as the width and rate, are unknown. The only certainty is that the lave will continue to flow.

Media Frenzy Causes Restaurant Name Change

A restaurant in Minnesota recently had to change its name from MaMaTi’s African Kitchen to MaMaTi’s Kitchen because they were losing patrons. The reason: Ebola. People honestly thought that if they ate from this restaurant, there was a possibility they could contract Ebola. This is absolutely ridiculous. The media has put this country into such a panic regarding this disease that people actually became fearful even seeing the name Africa.

Do not feed into the media frenzy and social paranoia that typically comes along with situations similar to that of the Ebola epidemic. It seems that every day I’m reading numerous tweets or shares on Facebook on my FreedomPop smartphone with fake websites claiming to be legitimate news sites. One such article actually claimed that 17 kindergartners died after contracting Ebola. This was completely false. People see the headlines of these articles and actually believe whatever it may be that they happened to glance at. Do your own research; and only use sources that are real and accurate.

There was no reason that MaMaTi’s African Kitchen should have had to change its name to retain customers. If people were not so ignorant, and if the news and other avenues of social media stopped feeding into this ignorance, people would understand more about Ebola and know that in a first world country, like the U.S., the chances of Ebola becoming an epidemic are very slim.

Two Innocent African Boys Were Beaten by Classmates and Called “Ebola” in New York City

Children should not have to worry about hate crimes, but two African Senegalese-American children in middle school were taken to the hospital on Friday after being beaten by classmates. The attack on the boys was sparked by the Ebola virus. As the boys were beaten by classmates, the boys were called “Ebola.”

The two victims are brothers: Amedou and Abdou Drame. The boys are in the sixth and eighth grade and attend Intermediate School 318, which is located in the Bronx. The brothers came from Senegal recently, which could have been a factor in the hate crime committed against the innocent boys. However, there has only been one documented case of the Ebola virus in Senegal. CNN reported the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged Senegal was free of the Ebola virus on October 18th. The WHO based this on the fact that there had not been any documented cases in 42 days, which is twice incubation time of the Ebola virus.

There was a press conference held on Monday at the Harlem headquarters of the Association of Senegalese in America. Senator Perkins stated, “Ebola is a bullying crisis in our public schools and in our charter schools. Our mayor needs to take some steps so that children in our public schools known what Ebola really is and don’t go out and attack their fellow students.”

The father of Amedou and Abdou, Ousmane Drame stated that both of his children were born in the United States, but had traveled to Senegal to learn French. The boys were welcomed by their classmates when they arrived three weeks ago, but this changed as the Ebola virus scared a vast number of individuals. These hate crimes aren’t welcoming to anyone looking to come to the United States like Fersen Lambranho and his family.

World Health Organization Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free

Nigeria was declared free from Ebola by the World Health Organization after forty-two days passed without any documented cases. The country, which is the most populous in Africa, had a total of twenty cases and eight deaths. More than 4,500 deaths have occurred from Ebola and nearly 10,000 people have been infected since the outbreak began in late 2013. The hardest hit regions include Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.

The success of eradicating Ebola in Nigeria is credited largely in part to education on proper hydration techniques. Survivors drank over one gallon of a salt and sugar solution per day in order to keep properly hydrated. Experts including animal rights activist Keith Mann say that many victims are uneducated on how to avoid infection and how to treat themselves when they are infected. Many who have contracted the virus take anti-inflammatory drugs, which does more harm than good.


What Movie Drug Dealers Get Right and Wrong About the Drug Industry

Having finally just finished Breaking Bad on Netflix…had to resort to using my FreedomPop LTE on the train to get through episodes, after being swamped at work…I was kind of interested to know how accurate this depiction of the drugs industry actually was.

Is it this organized, are there massive labs where meth is produced? That led me to this article.

An interesting read, and some of these I figured would be the case. But still, you might find some surprises, so it’s worth the click if you’re interested.

Oh Boy…The Ebola Misinformation Is Really Ramping Up

I just saw the above image on Facebook, shared by a friend that I used to think was pretty intelligent. When I showed Christian Broda he about fell out of his chair.

I’m hoping this is a joke, I’m pleading with the rest of the people in America to see this as a joke. Because I just can’t bring myself to believe that somebody actually thinks this is true, or that this is going to play out this way.

I can’t imagine living in a country where first off, people assume that an Ebola epidemic will happen in America. Or 2, that people think the “government” will organize the death of most of their people.